Remarry, No Way!

Chapter 33: This word you tell it with grandma
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Chapter 33: This word you tell it with grandma

Su Ran looked at Lin Cheng Huan: "Hurry up go home, it almost time to rush to the airport, be careful."

"Em, if you have any problems, just give me a call." Lin Cheng Huan was still smiling warmly.


Su Ran was just nodded her head, then she was hardly opened her eyes because she was blinded by the car ahead. The car was advance from their side.

The window was half-opened, exposing Song Ting Yu's side face.

Lin Cheng Huan also saw it, but he didn't say anything: "Okay then, go inside."

Su Ran carried Song Wei Xi and went inside, passed through the patio. When she about to fished out her keys to opened the door, the entrance was opened from inside.

After she looked clearly at the one who opened the door, Su Ran was startled for a while.

Song Ting Yu also didn't say anything, his gaze as before so disaffectionate, he just extended his hand and carried Song Wei Xi from her embrace. Then went upstairs to Song Wei Xi's room.

When Su Ran was back to the bedroom from Song Wei Xi's room, Song Ting Yu already finished his shower, he was sitting down in the sofa and drank wine.

In any case, she and Song Ting Yu's interaction was always like this, so Su Ran didn't say anything. She just directly went to the bathroom to take a bath. When she was done, she went outside, she noticed a deep violet box on the bed.

She was silent, and moved forward to take the box. She originally wanted to put it on the bedside cabinet. This was not hers, so it must be Song Ting Yu. His things, she would not casually touched it.

Song Ting Yu's deep voice heard: "Open the case."

Su Ran hesitated for a while, but she opened the case.

Inside it was a perfectly tailor white formal dress.

Su Ran used her hand to touch it: "This is."

Song Ting Yu already put down his glass of wine then go toward her, he stood beside her: "Your dress, two more days it will be Song clan annual meeting. Grandma instructed that this year you and Song Wei Xi need to show up. This was custom made according to your size, it should be fit."

So it was the dress from Song Ting Yu for her..

Regarding the annual meeting, Su Ran knew nothing. Habitually in the past she never went to participate. It was not because Song family didn't let her to attend, but she didn't willing to go because she didn't think it was necessary.

Madame Song also never forced her to attend it, so these years just passed by that way.

Didn't expect that this year even her formal dress was already prepared, it seemed that she needed to attend it. Moreover, even Song Wei Xi also needed to go

Yet Su Ran still didn't fond of this kind of circumstances, also didn't like to have social niceties with others.

"I don't want to go."

"This word you just go and say it to grandma."

The next day, Su Ran went to the Madame Song to express her unwillingness to attend the Song Clan family meeting, yet Madame Song denied.

The reason is, she was Song Clan's solely heir's wife, she is the future hostess of this Song family. She should attend and made public appearance in this annual meeting to let every staffs to know her identity.

Madame Song showed resolute attitude, no matter what she said. Madame Song still insisted that she must be there in annual meeting.

At last Su Ran was only able to agree.

Actually she quite understood of Madame Song's intention, she wanted to use this opportunity to let her and Song Ting Yu, and moreover Song Wei Xi to be appear together publicly, to announce her status.

But Su Ran really felt it was unnecessary because her so-called status, will quickly transfer to another woman.

Even though her heart want to rejected Madame Song's idea, she also knew that she need to attend it.

Because this was her first time to appear publicly, Madame Song completely valued it, to the extent she let world famous Malaysia ethnic Chinese designer and designer from Jimmy Choo to designed her clothes and shoes.

It was very quick that is the day of the annual meeting, usually every year Madame Song will attend the annual party. But this year, yet she against it that she didn't want to appear. She wanted to give the responsibility to the younger generations.

Song Clan annual party was held in the most famous five-star hotel, tonight this hotel was fully booked by Song clan.

"Mister, do you want to let people to rush Miss?"

The butler inquired Song Ting Yu, who was sitting down on the sofa.

Song Ting Yu was looking at the finance magazine, then he raised his hand to see the watch, then said: "Not need to be too rush, take it easy, it still have time."

Actually Su Ran who was upstairs, knew that she had wasted a lot of time. But she never attended this kind of party, she didn't know there will be so many things to attend. She wasted a lot of time to change the clothes, at the start she want to draped her hair on her shoulder. But Madame Song was not satisfy with it, she instructed the stylist to put her in the updo.

It took a lot of time to do the make up. Even though it was a light make-up, but it was really exquisite.

With great difficulty, Su Ran was ready with her dress and make up. Madame Song inspected it for a while, then caught a sight of Su Ran's butterfly necklace. She used her hand to examine it, her face appeared to be happy: "This is?"

"Birthday present."

Madame Song smiled slightly: "Is it from Ting Yu?"

Su Ran's face was slightly blushed, then she nodded.

Madame Song laughed, and put down the necklace. She didn't anything else. She knew Su Ran was always fond of simpleness, so certainly will not wear and buy anything too expensive of jewelry. Originally she let someone to prepare a necklace, but now realizing that the necklace given from Song Ting Yu.

This was more important than any jewelry, so she thought it was enough.

Madame Song came from a distinguished family, her ancestors were government official, her mother was still republic of China famous beauty. So from her young age, she already attended various of occasion, her esthetic also was good.

Su Ran's dress up today, basically was according to her opinion, even the stylist felt it was really perfect.

All along Song Wei Xi was on the side, he calmly read his book to wait. Madame Song said: "Okay, Wei Xi. Go down with Mama, your Papa are waiting for you guys."

Madame Song was impatient to see Song Ting Yu's expression when he looked at Su Ran's makeover; what expression will he have.

Su Ran's appearance, always not that kind of entice by flattery, bright and colorful. Her appearance was exquisite and fine features. Every part of her is just perfect and right. Her beauty is like orchid in the middl of grain, gorgeous like the tree peony, yet it let penetrate deeply into people's eyes.

Jimmy Choo's shoes design was completely in different kind of colors under the darkness, when was wore by Su Ran, it made her white snowy skin completely glowing, it very suitable for her.

Su Ran felt herself to be excessive, she dragged her skirt, and a little bit uneasy said: "Grandma" She very rarely dressed up this way.

Madame Song ignored her: "Go down."

"Mama, let's go." Song Wei Xi wore a checkered little suit, little leather shoes, and a bowtie, just like english gentlemen.

Note: The next chapters, Su Ran and our beloved Wei Xi will undergo several difficult situations as someone is back. So please be ready I may post 2-3 chapters for tomorrow.

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