Remarry, No Way!

Chapter 23: If Not You Just Took Your Mother to Leave
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Chapter 23: If Not You Just Took Your Mother to Leave

Inside her head, she was calculated the amount of many could be collected from the house that she inherited from her grandpa and grandma's and her own bank savings.

She kept on thinking, and unconsciously she closed her eyes.

She didn't how long had she been sleeping, but at last she was waken by a noise.

"Su Ran."

Song Ting Yu called her while knocked at the door at the same time, Su Ran suddenly sobered up, and realized that her unexpectedly slept on the bathtub. Moreover, her whole body was cold.

She actually slept for that long!

When she got up from the cold water, she raised up her body and kept on shivering.

She hurriedly took the bathrobe that she hung up before.

Song Ting Yu still kept on knocking the door.

After she was done sorted herself out, she went out. Song Ting Yu was somewhat gloomy and somewhat paled, with his slight hoarse voice said: "What are you doing inside?"

"Taking a bath."

Song Ting Yu laughed coldly for a while: "It took you an hour to take a bath."

Su Ran was startled, although she knew she was inside for a long time, but didn't expect it will be for one hour.

So, Song Ting Yu was worried about her, that he knocked on the door?

But this moment facing the angry Song Ting Yu, she also didn't know what to say, moreover, she felt the atmosphere was somehow awkward.

Song Ting Yu looked at her for a while, and ignored her. He turned her body to the bedroom, and laid down on the bed.

Su Ran released a breath, and wiped herself dry, changed the clothes. She also went inside the bedroom, and turned off the light.

In the dark, they both stayed silent. It was so quiet and calm that they even could heard each other breathing.

These several days, Su Ran was trying her best to get a loan with the house that she was inherited, she ran here and there, and was so busy, hence she always went early and backed late at night.

Seeing her actions, Chen Jing couldn't help but felt more unsatisfied.

But Su Ran couldn't do anything, because Su Hao kept on pressuring by calling her over and over. He kept on enquiring her for the money matter, and said if she still couldn't get the money, Su Family will have a problem.

The evaluation about the house finally out, it turned out to be valued six to seven millions, in addition to her several millions, it only be a ten millions.

It was one tenth of the money of Su Hao's requested.

This was already Su Ran's best effort.

She took the evaluation result, went out of the bank, then gave a call to Su Hao. Being busy for these several days, Su Ran felt her body was somewhat unwell, but didn't have time to care. After the phone was connected, she coughed but Su Hao completely ignored her. He just cared about the money. This was the first time that Su Ran initiatively gave him a call after several days, so he thought the money was ready.

"Ran Ran, how is it? Is the money ready yet? When it can be transferred to my account?"

"I only have ten million"

Not waiting until Su Ran finished her sentence, Su Hao's stern voice cut her off: "Only ten million? I want a hundred million, what ten million can do"

Su Hao kept on talking, Su Ran felt his sound so ear-piercing, her brain was become more and more heavy, that she used her hand to massage it.

Moreover Su Hao also said, "I don't care, you need to collect a hundred million for me, if not you can just take your mother to leave, no need to stay at Su family again"


Su Ran wanted to the unwell feeling suppressed, but it seemed the effect was not clear, even her line of sight started to be vague, before she lost consciousness, she felt like someone beside her anxiously called her.

"Ran Ran"

When she woke up, Su Ran felt so in pain, her head was dizzy, her throat was scorching hot that it hurt. In short, her whole body was really sick.

She coughed for a few times, raised her had and just realized her hand was on intravenous drip.

"Ran Ran, don't move."

Su Ran tried her best to look head, finally she could see clearly someone in front of her. She smiled and said: "Tian Mi, is it you who sent me to the hospital?"

"No, it was Lin Cheng Huan, he saw you in front of the bank door."

"Did you know that you had a high fever?" Tian Mi was a little bit mad: "Explain your self, what are you doing, why you were that hard working for your cruel and unscrupulous father, that you made yourself to suffer like this. Your family even didn't be grateful and still resented you for not having the money."

"I'm not doing this for him" Su Ran struggled to raise her body from the bed, she did all these not for Su Hao.

"I know, it's for your mom right!" Tian Mi was still panted with rage, but she carefully placed a pillow at Su Ran's back head.

Su Ran tried hard to shift Tian Mi's attention, by asking question: "Cheng Huan?"

"He is in the doctor's office." Tian Mi paused, at look toward her: "Ran Ran, I've told your problem to him"

"Tian Mi, you" Su Ran felt helpless, finally knew how could Lin Cheng Huan that coincidentally met him at the front door, it looked like he was looking for her.

"I also don't have any way, I looked that these few days you were so busy, yet still didn't have the money, so I can only asked him"

Suddenly the sickroom's door was opened, Ling Cheng Huan's tall figure came inside: "Ran Ran, you are awake, how do you feel now?"

Su Ran shook her head, and said softly: "I'm okay."

Lin Cheng Huan stood at the bedside, looked at her and said: "You got this big problem, how can you don't say it to me."

Su Ran knew he was talking about the Su Hao's ridiculous request, but from her early age, Lin Cheng Huan already help her a lot of matter, in addition, this hundred million money was not a small money and she didn't know when Su Hao will return the money. Furthermore, Lin company recently had expanded it business abroad so it also needed a quite a lot of investment. Hence, how could she borrow the money from Lin Cheng Huan in this time being?

Tian Mi gave them some space to chat: "You guys slowly chat about it, I will go out first to buy some food for Ran Ran." When she was in the door away, she remembered something: "Oh right, I already called Madame Song. I didn't you are sick, just say that you have some problems that you will stay at my house."

"Thank you." Su Ran smiled, and immediately slowly raised her eyes to look at Lin Cheng Huan: "Cheng Huan, now your company still need money to expand."

Song Ting Yu half-leaned on the sofa, his legs were slightly bed, he used his hand to undo his shirt button while his eyes were looking at the clock.

It almost eleven o'clock.

His face became more and more cold, finally he took his coat. He fished out his phone from the pocket, and dialed Su Ran's phone.

But the phone unexpectedly off.

From Song Ting Yu's impression, when Su Ran goes out, she never goes out until late at night, even though these days she was going out early and back late at night, but always go home before dinner time.

But today for the first time it was eleven o'clock, and she still not yet home.

This moment Song Ting Yu's phone rang, he originally thought it was Su Ran's call, but he didn't expect the name appeared on his phone was Lu Zhan.

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