Remarry, No Way!

Chapter 22: She must not think too much.
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Chapter 22: She must not think too much.

"You should go to work."

"You control me."

Su Ran nodded her head, yes, his business indeed unrelated to her, she also couldn't control him.

Seeing she was quiet, Song Ting Yu continued said: "Take off your clothes, it's time to change the bandage."

"No need to trouble yourself, I can do it by myself."

Su Ran's voice was gentle as before, but Song Ting Yu already lost his patience: "Okay, do as you wish."

He turned his body to take his coat, and left the room.

She didn't have free time to care about Song Ting Yu's attitude, because she had a lot of things to be managed.

After a Song Ting Yu left, Su Ran changed her clothes at once and went to the studio. It had been a long time for her to come here, recently all the businesses were managed by Tian Mi.

Tian Mi caught a sight of Su Ran, and was surprised, she said: "Ran Ran, how come you have free time to come here?"

"It's been a long time for me not to come here, so I just want to look around." Su Ran faintly replied, then she took her dancing suit and changed to it. She bundled up her long hair, and went to her and Tian Mi's private dancing room to dance for a while.

Tian Mi was watching her on the side, she couldn't help herself but to be fascinated with her dance. Su Ran this time was looking like a quick-witted butterfly, floating and floating.

Although Su Ran didn't innate any of Qiao Qing's music talent, yet she had unique and special dancing talent.

She was an expert in a lot of kinds of dancing: modern dancing, peacock dance, jazz, Latin, etc.

Every types of dance was easily learnt by her.

Su Ran danced for quite a long time, until she had no more strength then she stopped. Tian Mi passed a bottle of water to her and said with her laughter: "Song Ting Yu was really a stupid blind man to not treasured you."

Mentioning Song Ting Yu, Su Ran's expression changed. She unscrewed the bottle and took a sip, but stayed silent.

Tian Mi suddenly remembered something: "You still have a back wound, doesn't it hurt to move?"

Su Ran shook her head and lightly said: "I'm okay."

Tian Mi finally noticed she was somewhat in bad condition: "Ran Ran, what happened to you? Did something happened? Did Song Ting Yu bully you again?"


"Then it's your father then, what does he want this time?" To speak of Su Hao, she felt angry, didn't know how can in this world there is a father like him. He loved a daughter and valued her as a precious stone, yet another one was completely thought as a pion that can be used as he wished.

Su Ran knew she couldn't hide it from Tian Mi, so she simply told him the brief story for a while, Tian Mi immediately got really angry: "One hundred million? He dared to ask! Has he ever think of you as his daughter?!"

Daughter? Su Ran was laughing coldly in her heart, and unscrewed the bottle and drunk for a few gulps.

"Then what's now? Song Ting Yu also didn't willingly lend it, where will you ask to borrow one hundred million?" Tian Mi knew that Su Ran was worried about Qiao Qing, if not, she would not care about Su Hao.

"I still have around tens hundred thousand, do you want to borrow it?" Actually these years, their joint business had earned quite a lot of money, however, Tian Mi's spending didn't really being administered, so she also didn't have a lot at the moment.

"Tian Min, no need. You just keep your money. I will think of other ways." Su Ran came here today because she wanted to see working conditions and gave vent to her feeling for a while: "I still have something to do I will leave first."

Su Ran drove herself to the bank, to check her money in bank account. She was different with Tian Mi who didn't really control her spending. These years she still had a few moneys, but still when compared to one hundred million, these money that she had was too little.

When she was fidgety, Su Hao called her, only to ask her whether she had asked Song Ting Yu about the money.

"I have said it, but he didn't willing to lend."

Su Hao immediately reacted intensely, with loud voice said: "Then what will happened? Don't tell me you will just watch our Su Family to be bankrupt? When I go to prison, your mother will be a madman for me?"

"Enough!" Su Ran didn't like how he repeatedly this thing: "This money, I will look for a way."

"Look for a way?" Su Hao laughed coldly: "This is one hundred million, it's not one thousand or hundred thousand, what way will be able to solve this problem? It's better to you to listen to me, ask Song Ting Yu again, and chat."

He didn't even finished his sentence, Su Ran just hung up the phone.

She really didn't want to listen to his word again.

The more she listen it will only let herself to be more edgy.

After getting out the bank, she sat down inside her car. She didn't immediately started her car, but she opened her drawer. From it, she took out a folder with house property right certificate inside.

This house was her grandpa and grandma inherited to her, even Qiao Qing didn't know the existence of this house. That time her grandpa and grandma didn't let Qiao Qing know because they knew that Qiao Qing was dead set on Su Hao, they were afraid that when they handed the house to her. Then, without the slightest hesitation she will transfer the ownership to Su Hao.

Su Ran leaned forward and rested her upper body on the steering wheel, her heart was really sad. Now she unexpectedly also needed to use this house.

But she didn't want to sell this house, just wanted to use it as collateral for a loan, she wanted to see how much money she could borrow with this house.

Today Su Ran was busy for a whole day, just for put up the house as collateral. The administrations of this kind of thing were not easy, she ran around, and now she still needed to wait for the evaluation from the bank.

The time she went back to the Song house, the sky was already dark.

Every member of Song Family was having their dinner, even Song Ting Yu for the first time went home on time for dinner.

"Where did you go? How could you just go home this late? Don't you know that everyone is waiting for you? You didn't have any manner!" Chen Jing said.

"I went to the studio for a while." Su Ran couldn't said it was related to Su Hao's matter.

"With this condition now, you still have mood to go to work?!"

"Enough!" Madame Song said to Chen Jing, immediately said to Su Ran: "Okay, Ran Ran, you come here and eat your dinner. Next time, don't go home this late, okay?"

"Okay, grandma." In this Song family, it's only Madame Song that sincerely good to her.

She sat beside Song Ting Yu, this moment this man only casted a cold glance to her.

Su Ran ignored her, lowered her head and ate her dinner. But his eyes set fixed on her body made her body to became more and more scorching hot, that it let her to unable ignore it.

So she didn't really enjoy the dinner because she didn't really have good appetite.

With a difficulty, she finally finished her dinner. However, as Su Ran didn't want to be that fast to go back to her room and faced Song Ting Yu. So as usual she went to the Song Wei Xi's room first.

When he was asleep, she went back to the room. When she went back to the room, she accidentally Song Ting Yu in the call with Bai Zhi Rui.

They seemed to be in a fight, because Song Ting Yu's face and tone were not really good at all, despite his attempt to remain calm.

Su Ran took her pajamas and directly avoid him to go to the bathroom. She filled in the bathtub and laid inside.

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