Remarry, No Way!

Chapter 18: Its a PG-13 scene. Beware.
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Chapter 18: It's a PG-13 scene. Beware.

There's a way, do you want to try it?

Su Ran held tight to her collar: "Song Ting Yu"

Song Ting Yu moved her hand away: "Don't move, what part of your body I haven't see?"

His bluntness, let Su Ran blushed, but she didn't have way to stop him, so she just looked helplessly toward his action. He opened her top, and for convenience, he simply put the clothes on the washing stand.

Song Ting Yu let her to lean over the washing stand, he opened the medicine ointment, used a cotton bud and applied it on her back.

It looked as if he was intentionally applied it slowly, time was passed a little bit, Su Ran more and more felt unbearable, but she also didn't dare to turn her head to look at her, she even didn't look at the mirror: "Are you done?"

"How can it be that fast?" Song Ting Yu used his hand to poke at the back of her head.

Su Ran pursed her lips: "Then you be quick."

Song Ting Yu stopped for a moment, laughed: "Su Ran, what are you nervous about?"

"I don't."

"You don't?" Song Ting Yu was clearly didn't believe it.

Su Ran felt the atmosphere around them could let everyone to stifled, so when he stopped his hand, she pulled her clothes, and without looking at his face, she just hurriedly said: "Thank you"

When she about to exit the bathroom, her hand was suddenly dragged back by Song Ting Yu.

Song Ting Yu's dark eyes fixed on her face, and he extended his hand to clutch lightly at her delicate chin, with his half-narrowed eyes, he said: "Su Ran, why is your face look so red?"

Then he used another hand to touch her cheeks: "Moreover how can it be so hot?"

Because he leaned more and more closer, when he spoke, his breaths was sprayed around the skin of her face. She was surrounded by his breath, a strong male scent.

"The The weather is too hot." Su Ran wished she can break her tongue, because she realized when she speak, she suddenly stammered.

"The weather is hot?" Song Ting Yu looked as if he was hearing some funny jokes, his eyes was completely bright up, his corner of mouth raised up wickedly, reminded her: "It is winter now, the temperature is below zero in the outside."

This man was unreasonable and hard to deal with!

Su Ran felt a little dizzy: "What I mean is heating equipment inside the room."

"Even if there is heater in the room, it will most unlikely it could make your face this hot?" Song Ting Yu didn't release her cheeks,

Su Ran turned her head to hide, didn't want to waste any more time with him, because she realized herself cannot win the argument with him.

"Song Ting Yu, I."

This moment, her few words was swallowed by Song Ting Yu's lips. His action was too sudden, to the extent it let her completely rigid.

She caught of a sight where herself as kissed by a handsome man in the mirror, both lips were kissing passionately, when she was regained her senses, she used her hand to push his chest, wanted to push him away from her: "Don't"

Song Ting Yu clutched her lower jaw, forced her to open her lips, lowered his lips near her lips and said: "Yesterday we already waste one night."

Su Ran slightly blushed, knew what did he mean, he was indicated to her stays at the hospital.

But, when did he start to care about Song Wei Xi's illness?

Recalling what happened that night of his intense action, Su Ran had some lingering fears, she forced to swallow her saliva, and her eyebrows shivered: "But now I was injured"

Now only a slightly movement will hurt the wound, how can she bear to do that intense movement?

She worried that the wound just got better, if she did it, will tear open the wound.

Song Ting Yu kissed lightly her earlobe, he replied near her earlobe: "There's a way, do you want to try it for a while?"

This moment Song Ting Yu's voice undoubtedly deep, low and sexy, and brought a bit hoarse.

This voice was seducing Su Ran.

She clearly knew that this was a pitfall, but she couldn't come out of it, she followed along and asked him: "What way?"

In his lips appeared a dangerous smile, even though it looked beautiful. She immediately realized what did he mean with "way".

Su Ran's face was hot just like a cooked prawn.

"Don't." She was still afraid.

But Song Ting Yu bit her earlobe, with a hoarse sound: "It's too late."

It was the most sensitive part of Su Ran, moreover, Song Ting Yu was undoubtedly was an expert in this area, she immediately felt her whole body was helpless.

She continually closed her eyes: "Song Ting Yu, you are lying!"

"When did I lie?" Song Ting Yu felt this women's expression looked like a person who die a martyr, there was a feeling that she was facing a death punishment. He intentionally made his movement very slow.

He knew that her breath was more and more hurried, stubbornly she still bit her lips, didn't want to let out any sound.

He turned her body, raised her head to look at the mirror, and said: "Open you eyes, look the one in the mirror is you, so beautiful."

She didn't say anything, but only shook her head.

In the end, Su Ran didn't say anything, she was almost fainted.

Because of Su Ran's wound, so she was not able to shower, Song TIng Yu could only help her to clean up with towel.

Then Song Ting Yu brought her weak body to the bed.

The next day, Su Ran who was still muddled- head felt her back was somewhat itchy, there was like someone helped her applied the medicine. She wanted to open her eyes to look for a while, however she couldn't because she was really tired.

When Su Ran once again woke up, Song Ting Yu already not in the room. She looked at her phone it was almost 9 o'clock, he supposed to be go to work already.

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