Remarry, No Way!

Chapter 14: Take Your Hands Off
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Chapter 14: Take Your Hands Off

With his cold eyes, Song Ting Yu said: "Open the door."

"Ting Yu" Of course, Su Hao knew what happened inside, but he didn't really want Song Ting Yu to see it, it will be unfavorable for him.

"Will you open it or not?"

Song Ting Yu asked a last question, soon afterwards, he gave Song Wei Xi to the maid who stood beside him, then powerfully kicked the door.

"Ting Yu, don't be like this, I opened the door, okay"

Su Hao let someone to open the door, at a glance, Song Ting Yu could looked at the kneeling Su Ran on the ground, and Qiao Qing who was holding a rod.

If he didn't look with his own eyes, Song Ting Yu will not believe this kind of this will happen.

The woman Su Ran addressed as mother, the time she was waving a rod and smashing to her back, she used a great strength, it looked like she was fighting her personal enemy.


Song Wei Xi's cry was stopping Song Ting Yu's train of thought, he immediately drew back Qiao Qing backward, and assisted Su Ran to stand up: "How are you?"

With her pale face, messy hair, and white lip, when she hadn't said anything, once again Qiao Qing took the stick forward, and wanted to hit her once again. Fortunately, Song Ting Yu turned his body, and blocked off a hit.

Upon seeing this, Su Hao hurriedly pulled Qiao Qing to stop, the moment Qiao Qing realized it Su Hao, immediately she hugged him: "A Hao, they want to stop us of being together, they are all bad people"

Su Hao casually comforted her a few words: "Okay okay, there's nobody who can separate us." Soon after that he commanded maid: "Take Madame to get a rest."

Su Ran's body didn't have anymore strength, so when she was about to stand straight, she was about to fall down. Fortunately, Song Ting Yu stretched his hand to support her.

Su Hao also realized this, then he wanted to stretch out his hand to support her too: "Ran Ran."

But Song Ting Yu coldly shot a glance at him: "Take your hands off."

Song Ting Yu carried an almost Su Ran from the ground, and commanded the maid: "Carry Wei Xi, and follow me."

Su Hao chased after them, he looked at how cautiously Song Ting Yu laid down Su Ran at the backseat, he opened his mouth: "Looking at this condition of Ran Ran, it's better to send her to hospital."

Song Ting Yu didn't mind him, stretched his hand to take Song Wei Xi from the maid, and put him on the back seat too. He then got into the driver seat, and drove the car off.

"Ting Yu"

"Dad, don't call again, they are gone already."

Su Cai went out from her room, and stood by his side: "Song Ting Yu looked very mad, what will be happened to your investment matter?"

Su Hao was not having a slightest worry, his face was showing a smiling expression: "It was beyond my expectation, Song Ting Yu looked very care about Su Ran. This mean I can pursue Su Ran to ask for money. Don't worry that we will not have money."

Because of her injury on her back, she couldn't lean on the car, she just able to lie on her stomach on the car.

This moment her back was full of burning pain, and her head was also somewhat dazed.

A pair soft little hand gripped her hand, Song Wei Xi with his red eyes: "Mama, are you okay?"

Su Ran didn't have any slight of strength to reply.

Through the mirror, Song Ting Yu looked at what happened at the back, he turned his head to talk to Wei Xi: "Wei Xi, we are going to the hospital now, don't worry, Mama will be okay."

Song Wei Xi nodded his head.

Before they went inside the hospital, Song Ting Yu took off his suit coat and wrapped Su Ran's back, and carried her toward the emergency room.

Song Wei Xi also followed them close at the back.

Song Ting Yu worried that he couldn't followed them, so he repeatedly turned his head to look at him.

Song Wei Xi's little face with a hundred percent determination: "Papa, I can."

Finally, Su Ran was sent to the operation room, the injury on her back have to be handle immediately.

Both father and son was standing outside to wait.

Because Song Wei Xi was very worried of her, so his both eyes were fixed on the big door of operation's room. Although he didn't mention it, but Song Ting Yu knew that this little boy was really anxious.

"Wei Xi, come here."Song Ting Yu waved toward Song Wei Xi.

Song Wei Xi hesitated for a moment, slowly shifted his little feet and come to him, at last he stood beside him, but as before maintained a little bit of distance: "Papa."

Song Ting Yu took him toward the chair in front of the operation room: "Your mama will be okay."

Song Wei Xi nodded, his big eyes looked at him. Song Ting Yu just realized Song Wei Xi's eyes looked very similar to Su Ran's.

It was not really early anymore, Song Wei Xi had to go home to rest, it was impossible to let him wait here.

Song Ting Yu called home, told about Su Ran's condition, and conveniently let somebody to pick Song Wei Xi up.

Madame Song asked one of driver to take Su Ran's things, and commanded him to bring Song Wei Xi home. At first, Song Wei Xi didn't want to go home, but Song Ting Yu promised that tomorrow early in the morning will pick him home to visit Su Ran, it made him agree to go home.

Not long after Song Wei Xi's leave, the operations room's door was opened, Su Ran finally went out, and she was delivered into a sickroom.

Although it was a outer wound, but it was quite serious. If she didn't wear winter suit that time, it was predicted her injury would be worst.

Su Ran hadn't be conscious yet, her delicate eyebrow continuously wrinkled, it looked like she was dreaming something bad.

She was changed into the patient's cloth, her former clothes was full of blood mark.

Song TIng Yu used his hand to slightly pull her patient's cloth, the injury on her back was appeared in front of his eyes.

What is originally a smooth and glossy back was now turned into somewhat full of scars.

He wrinkled his eyebrow, and released his hand.

At this moment, Su Ran started to stir, slowly to regain her conscious. In a daze, she opened her eyes, and without seeing clearly who is in front of her, she called: "Wei Xi"

"Grandma has asked someone to pick him home."

No need to look at who was talking, from the tone of voice, Su Ran could already recognize who is it. She started to recall what happened earlier.

Song Ting Yu came over and pulled her mother away.

Unexpectedly, he had rescued her.

Su Ran felt somewhat amusing, she pulled her lips, but the effect anesthetic drug gradually disappear, so no matter how she moved, it was hurt.

Song Ting Yu's eyes set on her body, Su Ran could see his expression, he pulled the chair to his side: "Your mom was this close to beat to death, why you don't try to avoid it?"

He really felt this woman was stupid, for being helplessly knelt down and allowed someone hit his body. During that kind of situation, she obviously could avoid it, but she just stayed silent.

"She will not beat me until death" Su Ran's light voice. Before every time, as long as she knelt down obediently, not resisting, she will just be beaten until she fainted. Then, Qiao Qing just will slowly regained her awareness.

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