Remarry, No Way!

Chapter 10: Of Course I Want to Help Him
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Chapter 10: Of Course I Want to Help Him

Su Ran's clenched her hand tightly for a while, her appearance drooped. If it was possible, she hoped this time can be successful so she didn't need to be together with Song Ting Yu again.

Song Ting Yu left the room, Su Ran just realized that she was naked, hurriedly she tore open the blanket on the bed, and wrapped herself. Then lowered her head to inspect the injury on her ankle.

She pressed the injury for a while, it was painful that she groaned, and thought her leg was so unfortunate. First just a few days ago, it was injured because of rescuing Song Wei Xi, now it was sprained.

It was swollen that seriously, how can she walk tomorrow?

When she was indulging in her mind, the bedroom's door was opened.

Carrying a first-aid kit on his hands, Song Ting Yu got inside.

Su Ran was startled, she originally thought he was unwilling to help her to go out. She didn't hope that he will help her to look for first-aid kit, moreover, he will bring it up.

He sat down on the edge of the bed, he unfolded her ankle, and massaged it for a while. It was painful that once again she bit her lips, and stretched out her had to take the first-aid kit: "Let me do it by myself."

Song Ting Yu moved her hand: "Do you want to show off your strength?"

He started to help her handle the injury, and said: "Listen, Su Ran. Both of us are not willing, moreover Song Wei Xi was not the my expected son. The matter of test-tube being discovered, I can avoid the problem by walking away, but I still want to help him" he said and raised his head: "You also want to help him."

Su Ran bit her lips: "He was the one who I carried in my womb for 10 months, of course I want to help him."

After treating Su Ran's ankle, he closed the first-aid kit: "This is you and I both collaborative aim, only for saving Song Wei Xi then be together. Once you are pregnant, and deliver the child, Song Wei Xi recover well, there will be no connection between us again."

This time he was reminded her that she needed to be clearly understand why they need to be together, he worried when all was done, she will still not willing to let him go.

Su Ran looked at him: "Mr Song, I was clearer than you about our aim of being together. Your level of unwillingness was not even a slight lower than mine, don't worry. I just need to save Wei Xi, as long as he can continue to live, I will get a divorce with you and bring Song Wei Xi to leave this home.

Actually she had a doubt, regarding Madame Song's affection to Song Wei Xi, at that time will she let Song Wei Xi to leave with her. But that was in the future, and her most important thing now was to let Song Wei Xi have a chance to continue live. Then everything sacrifice she made was worthed.

"It's good, you know what is your future plan." Song Ting Yu glanced at her for a while, and crooked the corner of his lip.

He took the first-aid kit down, and at that moment, Su Ran hadn't eat anything for almost a whole day, but still she didn't have any appetite.

The maid wanted to bring the food up, but just told by Song Ting Yu to just put it on the dining table. Now the weather was so cold, surely it was cold by now.

Su Ran felt dizzy, she used her hand to massage her temple, didn't eat anything, and also didn't want to think about anything, and simply just laid down on the bed.

Song Ting Yu probably was having a phone call outside, for along time, then got inside the room.

The time Su Ran realized he laid down on the bed, she shifted to the edge of the bed to make a distance between them.

Apparently Song Ting Yu looked at her for a while, but didn't really mind her, turned his back from her and sleep.

The next day, when Su Ran just about to leave the room, she suddenly was called by Madame Song.

Madame Song looked better today after her black out yesterday: "Grandma, how's your body?"

"It's okay now." Madame Song laughed, suddenly patted her shoulder: " Ran Ran, I know these years, I had let you received grievance. It was Song Ting Yu's fault. Now for Wei Xi's recovery, you need to"

Madame Song didn't finish her sentences, but Su Ran understood what was her meaning, nodded her head: "Grandma, as long as Wei Xi can live, I will do anything."

It didn't matter that she was treated wrongly, Song Ting Yu loathed and disliked to her. If only Wei Xi can recover, she will endure it.

After having a breakfast, she went outside. Today she took Song Wei Xi to the hospital to get his medicines. When they were done, Su Ran's best friend, Tian Mi, called her, asked her to meet.

Coffee shop.

Tian Mi helped them both to order pipping hot cappuccino, looked at Su Ran: "How was the progress of test-tube bay?" She and Su Ran has been a best friend for a long time, there was no secret between them, she knew clearly about Su Ran's problem.

Yesterday's matter was happened so suddenly, so Su Ran hadn't told her anything.

"That thing was discovered by Madame Song, Song Ting Yu thought it was my doing." Su Ran laughed bitterly.

"Then?" Tian Mi opened her eyes wide: "What did he do to you?" No wonder, she felt that today Su Ran was limping, could it be Song Ting Yu hit her.

Su Ran pursed her lips, didn't say anything, she didn't want to remember what happened and pain from that night. The most unhappy thing for her was that matter need to be done again, until she was pregnant.

Although the weather outside was cold, but inside the coffee shop heating equipment was sufficient, most of people will take off their scarf and jacket. But Su Ran didn't, on her neck was a thick shawl.

Tian Mi sensed there was something wrong, she stretched her hand to pull open her shawl. Her beautiful eyes were full of surprised, because Su Ran's neck, collar bone, unexpectedly full of light purple kiss mark.

Su Ran's face became pale, and hurriedly put on the shawl and arrange it again.

"This was his punishment toward you?" Tian Mi's voice sounded furious.

Su Ran's long eyelashes shivered: "Test-tube being discovered, sooner or later, I and he need to go this way." But her matter of handling her in the bed, let her fearful.

"Speaking of the truth, Song Ting Yu still considered that what happened four years ago was your plan right? That matter was throughly unrelated to you, it was your father"

Not yet finished her sentence, Su Ran laughed: "In his eyes, what is the difference between my father's action and me?"

After a moment, her phone rang, she looked at it: "Talk of the devil now he come."

Su Ran answered the phone: "Is there any problem?"

Su Hao laughed, his mood sounded good: "Ran Ran a, I heard that Ting Yu has come back, why don't you bring him home to have a dinner?"

The situation where Song Ting Yu was fully hate Su family, dislike Su Hao, how dare she asked him to go have dinner at his house.

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