Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3799 - 873 - Number One Expert?
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Chapter 873 – Number One Expert?

Though Heiser’s voice was neutral, the Holy Knights felt the icy hand of death grip their hearts when they saw Red Frost approach. Their breaths grew ragged, and cold sweat covered their backs. They wanted nothing more than to turn around and run away.

Never had anyone managed to slaughter the 10,000-plus elite experts from the White Dragon Nation and put them to flight.

Had someone told them of Red Frost’s achievement before, they would have laughed it off as a joke. Now, though, they couldn’t laugh at all. This was especially so for Dawn Forest, who had come here looking to take advantage of the situation.

Naturally, Dawn Forest understood the meaning behind Heiser’s words. However, he also knew that he mustn’t offend the other party.

The Holy Knights and the White Dragon Nation were age-old adversaries, so one could say that the two Guilds were evenly matched. Since Red Frost could single-handedly suppress the White Dragon Nation’s elites, she could naturally do the same to the Holy Knights’ elites.

Thus, when faced with Heiser’s playful smile, Dawn Forest’s expression turned indescribably ugly.

Had he known this would happen, he would have never stuck his nose where it didn’t belong.

“Friends, I believe there must be some misunderstanding. I only invited you to join the Holy Knights because I couldn’t stand the White Dragon Nation’s tyranny. Had I known you were so strong, I wouldn’t have been such a busybody. As an apology for the offense, the Holy Knights is willing to pay five million Undying Souls as compensation,” Dawn Forest hurriedly said to Shi Feng, no longer putting on airs.

How generous! Whirlwind Bulwark gasped when he overheard Dawn Forest’s words.

Although anyone with a discerning eye could see that Dawn Forest was here to take advantage of the situation, the Holy Knights had more or less contributed to wearing out the White Dragon Nation’s experts. Yet, he offered to pay a whopping five million Undying Souls as compensation.

For context, although Pale Horn was a relatively famous adventurer team in Nightmare Holy City, its stockpile of Undying Souls hadn’t even reached 100,000. Even if Pale Horn saved up Undying Souls for the next decade, it still couldn’t come up with five million Undying Souls.

This was because Undying Souls were indispensable in Nightmare Holy City. They could be used to increase the production success rate of weapons and equipment. They could also be used to learn various Gold Combat Techniques. Each attempt at learning a Gold Combat Technique cost 10,000 Undying Souls, and players typically required three to five attempts before they succeeded. Thus, expert players’ consumption of Undying Souls in Nightmare Holy City was incredibly high.

While the drop rate of Undying Souls in the Nightmare Holy City Region was quite high, a sum of five million Undying Souls was by no means a small amount, even for the Holy Knights. Such a loss would significantly affect the Guild’s development.

However, as Whirlwind Bulwark wasn’t the leader of a large Guild, he didn’t know about Dawn Forest’s considerations.

For Guilds like the Holy Knights, it was their worst nightmare to make an enemy out of experts like Shi Feng’s party. If Shi Feng’s party decided to ambush the Holy Knights’ elite experts out in the fields, a few bouts would be more than enough to make the Guild suffer. Moreover, the Holy Knights could do nothing about Shi Feng’s party. Should such a situation persist over a long period, the damage to the Guild would be tremendous.

Not to mention, besides apologizing for his mistake, Dawn Forest intended to use the five million Undying Souls to establish a connection with Shi Feng’s party.

“Five million Undying Souls?” Shi Feng was a little surprised.

Nightmare Holy City was far wealthier than he imagined. He never expected a Guild to be able to take out five million Undying Souls. This was already equivalent to a World’s Scar.

When Dawn Forest saw Shi Feng frowning slightly, he mistook it for dissatisfaction with his compensation. After hesitating briefly, he gritted his teeth and said, “If that’s not enough, what if I add this ancient magic tome?”

After saying so, Dawn Forest retrieved an ancient tome made from dragon skin from his bag. Printed on the tome’s cover were lines of divine runes in constant motion. Although nobody present could understand the divine runes, the ancient tome radiated a Divine Might that instilled an indescribable sense of fear in them.

Isn’t this the Flame Dragon God’s Divine Might? Shi Feng couldn’t help his surprise when he saw the ancient tome in Dawn Forest’s hands.

The Flame Dragon God, also known as the Primordial Flame Dragon, was a Primordial God-ranked existence. Since this ancient tome recorded the Flame Dragon God’s Divine Might, it had to be closely related to the Flame Dragon God.

In terms of value, an item closely related to a Primordial Dragon was worth no less than a Divine Artifact. Apex powers would even fight to exchange their Divine Artifacts for such an item. After all, Primordial God-ranked items were unique and much rarer than Divine Artifacts.

“Brother Black Flame, what do you think?” Dawn Forest hurriedly asked when he noticed Shi Feng’s interest in the ancient tome.

Dawn Forest obtained this ancient tome many years ago. Although its Divine Might indicated its preciousness, he hadn’t even managed to open it thus far, much less uncover its secrets. Thus, rather than let it collect dust in his bag, he might as well use it as a gift. It would be a good outcome if he could win Shi Feng’s favor with it. After all, the status of Shi Feng’s party in Nightmare Holy City would definitely surpass that of the White Dragon Nation and the Holy Knights after today.

“In that case, I won’t hold back,” Shi Feng said as he accepted the ancient tome with a smile.

His main goal in this remnant primordial world was to collect Undying Souls. Establishing a good relationship with the local powers would naturally speed up his collection of Undying Souls. He had also learned of an existence that was potentially similar to the Twenty-Two Taboos. If this Taboo Boss was the real deal, he would need far more than just a six-man party to defeat it.

Dawn Forest sighed in relief when Shi Feng accepted the ancient tome. Then, he promptly transferred five million Undying Souls to Shi Feng. As for the various Taboo Epic and Taboo Fragmented Legendary items scattered on the street, Shi Feng decided to sell them to Dawn Forest at a bargain.

The White Dragon Nation had left over 6,000 Taboo Epic Equipment and 400 Taboo Fragmented Legendary items behind. Although Dawn Forest had to fork out an additional 4.5 million Undying Souls for them, he was more than happy to do so.

All Level 230-plus Taboo Epic and Taboo Fragmented Legendary items were made by players. Due to the low production success rate, it was very difficult to produce many in a short time. Likewise, it was also difficult to buy them in bulk, even if one had the money to do so. Hence, it was a windfall for the Holy Knights to purchase over 6,400 of these items at once.

After Shi Feng made a large sum of Undying Souls, he happily went to Nightmare Holy City’s library to verify whether the Northern Badlands’ Taboo existence was similar to the Twenty-Two Taboos.

Meanwhile, news of Shi Feng’s party thrashing the White Dragon Nation quickly spread throughout Nightmare Holy City, shocking everyone.

“Incredible! This person single-handedly suppressed the White Dragon Nation’s elite experts and intimidated the Holy Knights! I’d be set for life if I had half her strength!”

“I’m guessing Nightmare Holy City will have a new number-one expert. I doubt Kowloon Demon can match this female Berserker.”

“Goddess! She’s my goddess from now on!”

For a time, everyone in Nightmare Holy City discussed Shi Feng’s party, particularly Red Frost’s terrifying display of strength. The appearance of the party relegated the city’s two former overlords to second place.

In the Nightmare Holy City Region’s Northern Badlands, a young man in platinum armor was contending with the Putrid Dragon, a Level 237 Divine Regional Boss. The young man stood six meters tall, with four horns growing out of his head and two sets of arms.

On the other hand, the Putrid Dragon had a frame exceeding a thousand meters in height and a fearsome corrosive power. Usually, it could easily wipe out a Tier 6 team of the same level, but at this time, it could do nothing against the young man with the glacial expression. The two were evenly matched, which allowed the 19 players behind the young man to chip away at the Putrid Dragon’s HP.

After nearly two hours into the battle, the Putrid Dragon’s HP fell to zero, and several players behind the young man leveled up, reaching Level 237.

While the team rested, a blonde female Elf appeared before the 20-man team. The Elf was a Level 239 Swordsman, a top-tier existence even in Nightmare Holy City. Yet, when she faced the young man in platinum armor, she had a respectful expression. “Kowloon, a new expert has appeared in Nightmare Holy City. From what I heard, she may be your match.”

“My match?” Kowloon Demon’s resting eyes opened slightly at this word. Then, he shook his head and said, “There are no experts in Nightmare Holy City, only frogs stuck at the bottom of the well. Only the fellows outside can match me.”

“I’m not talking about those people,” Leia, the Elven Swordsman, said with a serious look. “She’s a new expert. She single-handedly defeated over ten thousand of the White Dragon Nation’s elites.”

“The White Dragon Nation’s elites? How is that possible?” Kowloon Demon was skeptical of Leia’s words. “Besides having superior weapons and equipment, this person’s combat standard would need to reach the sixth-floor standard to accomplish this.” freewebnove(l)

“I can’t tell myself; have a look for yourself,” Leia said as she shared a battle video with Kowloon Demon.

The battle video showed Red Frost transforming into a hundred copies of herself without suffering any reduction in her combat power. It also showed her mowing down the White Dragon Nation’s army with an unstoppable force. In only three minutes, she had traumatized the White Dragon Nation’s elite experts into fleeing in a panic.

“Impossible…” Kowloon Demon’s eyes widened as he watched the battle video. “How could there be a sixth-floor expert here?”

“So she’s really at the sixth-floor standard?” When Leia got her answer from Kowloon Demon’s shock, she was stunned despite herself. After all, this was the legendary standard she had been pursuing until now.

“Incredible! Incredible!” Kowloon Demon’s eyes lit up as he stared at Red Frost’s figure in the battle video. “I never expected to find a qualified opponent in this backwater place!”

Before Leia could say anything more, Kowloon Demon stood up and took out a Magic Scroll from his bag.

“What are you doing?” Leia exclaimed when she saw the Magic Scroll in Kowloon Demon’s hands.

The Tier 6 Divine Runic Teleportation Scroll. Only a few such scrolls existed in the entire Nightmare Holy City, each a lifesaving treasure that could be used to escape even Ancient Gods. freewebnovel.c(o)m

“What do you think? Of course, I am going to meet her!” Kowloon Demon said excitedly. “She might have the qualifications to join us.”

After saying so, Kowloon Demon disappeared from the Northern Badlands, leaving Leia behind, kicking the ground in exasperation.

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