Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 2973 - 2973 Nearly All the Knowledge
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2973 Nearly All the Knowledge

Chu Jiayu and Jiang Yihan weren’t in the same class as Leng Yuqi. They were in Class 2, because they weren’t as good at studying as Leng Yuqi.

Honestly, they were unwilling to accept the fact that Leng Xiaoyao was totally different now, but they could do nothing about it.

“Yuqi, Leng Xiaoyao has already ended her engagement with my older brother, so you can be with my older brother openly now. Anyway, you’re the only sister-in-law I will accept,” Chu Jiayu said to please Leng Yuqi.

It was true that Chu Jiayu tried to please Leng Yuqi, who wasn’t born in a family as rich as hers and hadn’t married into the Chu family yet. 𝗳re𝐞𝓌e𝚋n૦ѵ𝗲l. co𝐦

Why did Chu Jiayu do that? She obviously did it for a reason.

The Chu family valued boys above girls, so Chu Jianan would take over the Chu family’s wealth. Therefore, Chu Jiayu wanted to form a good relationship with Chu Jianan’s future wife in order to have a good life in the Chu family.

Chu Jiayu was aware that Leng Xiaoyao ended her engagement with Chu Jianan, but she didn’t know that the Leng family and the Chu family didn’t allow Leng Yuqi and Chu Jianan to be together publicly. They even hoped that Chu Jianan would fall in love with another girl and separated him from Leng Yuqi.

If Chu Jianan still liked Leng Yuqi after a few years and was reluctant to give up on her, the Chu family would accept Leng Yuqi. Nevertheless, they wouldn’t allow them to be together publicly right now.

Hearing Chu Jiayu’s words, Leng Yuqi was unhappy, but she still acted considerate. “Leng Xiaoyao just ended her engagement with Jianan. It isn’t right for me to be together with Jianan publicly right away. The Leng family and the Chu family might be affected if we do that. We can only meet secretly for the time being. We’ll see what we can do in the future.”

“Why are you so afraid? It’s Leng Xiaoyao who ended the engagement with my older brother. It wasn’t my older brother’s idea.” Chu Jiayu didn’t think it was a big deal.

Hearing that, Jiang Yihan blinked and had an absent look on her face. It seemed she was thinking about something.

“But it’s because of me that Leng Xiaoyao had to end the engagement with Jianan. Therefore, if my relationship with Jianan goes public right now, we can be criticized. My grandfather and Chu Jianan’s parents have the same opinion. So, stop talking about Jianan and I from now on. Just leave it to us,” said Leng Yuqi. She was a little mad at Chu Jiayu since she seemed very careless.

In fact, she was unwilling to keep their relationship a secret at the beginning, but she agreed to do that after hearing Chu Jianan’s explanation. After all, she cared about her reputation, even though she had done shameless things.

“Fine!” Since Leng Yuqi said that, Chu JIayu wouldn’t bring it up again, but she still felt it wasn’t a big deal.

However, if it was her parents’ idea, she wouldn’t dare to go against it.

As senior students in the high school, they had a very tight schedule. Normally, before the evening class began, students would start reviewing in the classroom. Only a few still hung around outside. They wouldn’t go back to the classroom until it was time for the evening class.

After Leng Xiaoyao and her friends finished the meal, they didn’t go back to the classroom right away. Instead, they went for a walk on the football field.

“Boss, when will you begin to help us with our studies?” asked Gao Lele.

“From tomorrow. We can do that during the break at noon and in the afternoon. After eating, we can start reviewing in the classroom,” Leng Xiaoyao said.

“Great!” they exclaimed.

When it was time for the evening class, they returned to the classroom.

Because Leng Xiaoyao rarely came to the evening class, her classmates were surprised to see her in the classroom, this included the head teacher who was supervising them.

However, Leng Xiaoyao said that she would focus on studying and she obviously performed better in the classes, so it wasn’t strange.

“Leng Xiaoyao, come out with me,” Wang Yiming said.

Hearing that, Leng Xiaoyao turned around halfway and walked out with Wang Yiming.

Everyone guessed that it must have something to do with what had happened at noon.

After Leng Xiaoyao walked out, Wang Yiming directly asked about what had happened today.

Although Leng Xiaoyao had a fight today, Wang Yiming wasn’t mad. It wasn’t the first time that Leng Xiaoyao had done that, and An Chenmeng and the other girls were only defeated. They weren’t injured, and had no intention of blaming Leng Xiaoyao. On the contrary, they even wanted Leng Xiaoyao to be their boss. As a result, it wasn’t important.

In addition, he cared more about Leng Xiaoyao’s score which suddenly improved.

Facing Wang Yiming’s shock and confusion, Leng Xiaoyao explained. “I spent too much time fooling around. And I was distracted by a romantic relationship. I didn’t focus on studying, but I ended my engagement with my fiancé because of something that happened to me recently. I suddenly realized what’s really important in my life. I realized that I can’t fool around any longer, because I won’t have a bright future like that. I’ve decided to dedicate all my attention to studying. After I did that, I realized that I have a very good memory and comprehension. Once I do some questions, I can remember them. I can even easily answer other questions of the same kind.”

Wang Yiming was stunned.

Leng Xiaoyao had a very good memory and comprehension? She could remember questions after doing them? She could even easily answer other questions of the same kind?

It sounded as if she was a genius!

“You didn’t happen to know the answers to the question today?” Wang Yiming asked.

“Of course not!” Leng Xiaoyao answered.

“Have you acquired knowledge of other subjects as well?” Wang Yiming asked. Although he wasn’t sure yet, he was already shocked.

If so, Leng Xiaoyao must have completely changed!

“Yes. Actually, I’ve obtained nearly all the knowledge of the three years in high school. I just challenged An Chenmeng in the monthly test, and I have confidence that I will do better than her. Mr. Wang, I understand that I seem totally different right now. It must be hard for you to believe, but I’ll prove my abilities to you after the monthly test,” Leng Xiaoyao said. She understood that Wang Yiming wouldn’t believe it before she proved herself. Therefore, she decided to talk about it again after the monthly test.

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