Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 2738 - Kong Lixuan Is Taken away
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Chapter 2738: Kong Lixuan Is Taken away

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“Great, great.” Once Gu Ning agreed, Zhou Kequan was extremely happy. “I’ll arrange for a doctor to remove their casts right now. Then I’ll call Governor Xiao. Oh, Miss Gu, is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Remove their casts at about 8 pm please,” said Gu Ning.

“Sure, I’ll make the arrangement.” Zhou Kequan walked away.

After Zhou Kequan’s appearance, the other people looked at Gu Ning with respect.

“Chairman Gu, I should apologize for my family members’ rude behavior to you earlier. I’m sorry. Please treat me in your way.” The fourth injured worker finally opened his mouth. Since he understood the situation, he couldn’t hesitate any longer.

Although he agreed with his family members to blackmail Gu Ning, he had to change his attitude after knowing about Gu Ning’s connections.

His family members were surprised, but said nothing, because it was the best choice. However, they weren’t happy about the result.

“Fine!” Gu Ning didn’t bother to argue with them. She directly took out a power crystal and bottle of magical power liquid, then gave them to him.

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After taking the power crystal the fourth injured worker had the same amazing feeling as the other three injured workers. He was very surprised by its effectiveness.

A few minutes later, the pain at the back of his head and arms reduced by a lot.

It was really unbelievable! No wonder even Director Zhou wanted to buy it.

However, if Director Zhou couldn’t afford it, it should be very expensive.

Anyway, it was understandable that effective medicines cost a lot.

As soon as Zhou Kequan walked out of the ward, he called Xiao Changchun and told him that he just met Gu Ning in the hospital. He asked Xiao Changchun whether he had time that afternoon so that they could have a meal together.

Xiao Changchun had time and was more than willing to see Gu Ning again.

Ten minutes later, Zhou Kequan returned to the ward and told Gu Ning that the arrangements were made. Xiao Changchun had received the news and said that he had time to see them.

In addition, he also booked a table at a restaurant.

In order to thank Gu Ning for giving him such an expensive gift, Zhou Kequan chose a five-star hotel.

It was still early, about 4 pm, so they didn’t rush to have the meal. Gu Ning and the others left first and would go to dinner when it was the appointed time.

Normally, they had dinner at about 6 pm, because Zhou Kequan and Xiao Changchun got off work at 5:30 pm.

As senior leaders, they could leave earlier, but they wouldn’t do that unless there was an emergency.

After Gu Ning and the others walked out, Gu Ning said to An Guangyao. “Uncle An, why don’t you call An Yi out for a meal?”

An Yi was studying in City D now, but An Guangyao seldom came to City D. He spent most of his time in City F because the headquarters was located in City F.

Although Shenghua Real Estate would move to the capital in the future, it took time and they needed a good opportunity.

They were waiting for a good chance to join the market.

They were building a hotel, but it wasn’t large and didn’t attract much attention. Therefore, Gu Ning planned to join the market in the capital when they built a large-scale building.

Currently they lacked a piece of good land, so they were looking for one.

Given the abilities of Shenghua Real Estate, they couldn’t have a very profitable deal for the time being. They were investing and didn’t get much money back, so they needed to be slow and steady.

For example, in the clothing business, a large amount of stock was purchased and a lot of money had been invested, but not all the clothes could be sold. If the businessmen continued to purchase goods, it would cause financial difficulties and adverse development.

Even though their houses were very popular, Shenghua Real Estate developed too fast. They needed to have a stable foundation, otherwise they would make mistakes.

“Is it appropriate? Governor Xiao will be there,” said An Guangyao worriedly. He didn’t think it was a good idea.

“Of course, An Yi will take over the business if nothing bad happens. It’s good for him if he can have chances to learn about the industry. An Yi is a little shy, so he needs practice. As long as it’s possible, take him to some business meals,” said Gu Ning.

Although Gu Ning hoped that An Yi could take over An Guangyao’s job, An Yi had to be a capable manager.

She cared about friendship, but she wouldn’t joke around with her business.

An Yi was still young, and he had a lot of time to learn and practice, but he needed to be more extroverted.

“Right, he should be in class right now, but I’ll send him a message.” Since Gu Ning said that, An Guangyao accepted her idea. It was true that An Yi needed to learn how to socialize.

Although An Yi would learn skills in the company during his vacations, it was not enough.

At this time, An Yi had just finished a class, so he read An Guangyao’s message once he received it.

An Yi was very excited to know that Gu Ning had come and wanted to dine with him. He immediately replied and accepted the invitation.

Afterwards, Gu Ning and the others went to a shopping mall to check their stores. A supervisor would do that, so it wasn’t her job, but she decided to have a look since she was already there.

Anyway, they were free right now.

Meng Fan went to arrest Kong Lixuan at Chengfeng Real Estate after taking Lin Shiwei and the other two workers to the police station.

When the police came, Kong Lixuan realized that their dirty secret had been exposed, so he blamed Lin Shiwei for betraying him.

Kong Lixuan was taken away because he was related to the accident that happened at the construction site of Shenghua Real Estate. Once he was taken away, the news went abroad in the company.

Most of the staff had heard about the accident, but didn’t expect it to have something to do with Kong Lixuan.

They knew the boss of their company had to be the mastermind if Kong Lixuan was really guilty.

However, even though they knew that, they didn’t dare to talk about it, or they might be fired.

It was indeed the boss of Chengfeng Real Estate’s order to bribe Lin Shiwei, but only the boss and his secretary were aware of the scheme.

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