Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 1787 - The Student Union President, Rong Zechen
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Chapter 1787: The Student Union President, Rong Zechen

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In that case, everyone learned the truth at once, and their looks at Yuan Shuyan became different.

Was the deputy minister of the Department of Arts deliberately finding fault with them because of their grudge yesterday?

However, even though they had a grudge against each other, onlookers didn’t know who was wrong first, so they couldn’t judge whether Yuan Shuyan’s behavior today was right or wrong.

If it was the new students’ fault yesterday, then onlookers thought it was understandable that Yuan Shuyan made things difficult for them today.

“You...” Yuan Shuyan was angry after hearing that. She didn’t expect them to be so bold. After knowing her identity, they even dared to refute her so arrogantly. “Bullshit! I didn’t have the argument with you yesterday. I wouldn’t help others for no reason. It’s you who ignored the busy work of the seniors of the student union and wasted time chatting here. Can’t I criticize you for that? Moreover, this is what I should do as a leader in the student union.”

If it was like what she said, it would be fine, but the problem was that it wasn’t the same thing as she said!

“If you weren’t free, would you come and argue with us until now?” Gu Ning said mockingly. This kind of trick of deceiving herself could only be done by people with problems in their brains.

“You...” Yuan Shuyan was furious, because not many people dared to annoy her like that! Gu Ning and her friends, however, dared to repeatedly offend her.

Yuan Shuyan immediately looked at the two seniors and asked, “Tell me, have I blamed them?”

When Yuan Shuyan asked them, her look at them clearly seemed threatening.

Because the two seniors were afraid of Yuan Shuyan, they could only deny it with no conscience.

“See? They denied that I’ve accused you. It’s clear that you were the one who caused the trouble.” Yuan Shuyan said. She didn’t believe that they could defeat her.

Seeing that, most of the people were naturally inclined to Yuan Shuyan’s side, because they hadn’t witnessed what had happened before. They could only jump to conclusions from insignificant evidence.


Hearing that the two seniors were ignorant of their conscience and helped Yuan Shuyan, Mu Ke couldn’t stand it anymore. In his eyes, men shouldn’t be like cowards.

If Gu Ning hadn’t stopped him, he would have beaten them.

Gu Ning coldly looked at Yuan Shuyan. When she was about to say something, a girl interrupted her.

“It’s obvious a lie. I just witnessed it and heard it. Their dialog was only six sentences, and it didn’t exceed a minute. Can’t they talk with each other for a few seconds? Aren’t seniors here to answer freshmen’s questions? How can you blame them for doing that? It’s strange!” the girl said angrily.

She had hair to her shoulder and a round face, but she wasn’t fat. Instead, she looked very lovable and cute.

Seeing her speaking for them, Gu Ning showed her a friendly smile.

When Gu Ning smiled like that, she was like a blooming flower and was so attractive that many people showed obsession.

Yuan Shuyan was angrier when someone stood out to defend them. “Nonsense!”

“You’re the one who’s talking nonsense here!” the girl retorted.

“What’s happening here? What are you arguing about?”

At this time, a few seniors with a badge came over and asked them.


Seeing the person coming, Yuan Shuyan immediately opened her mouth because she wanted to take the initiative.

However, Yuan Shuyan was interrupted before she could finish her sentence.

“Gu Ning, you must be Gu Ning, right?” Once the president saw Gu Ning, he was excited and directly ignored Yuan Shuyan.

Although he was sure that the girl was Gu Ning, he still wanted to confirm it. He was afraid that he might be wrong. If he was wrong, it would be embarrassing.

Seeing that the president knew this freshman, Yuan Shuyan was displeased, because it seemed that the president wouldn’t side with her. And she somehow felt like the name of Gu Ning sounded very familiar. She must have heard it somewhere before.

Yuan Shuyan wasn’t the only one who was familiar with the name, many other people felt it was familiar as well.

Some people, including the girl who spoke for Gu Ning, recognized her at once and they got super excited, but it was just not appropriate for them to say anything at this moment.

Gu Ning was the top scorer of the National College Entrance Examination this year.

Gu Ning was the national goddess.

Gu Ning was...

Not everyone knew all of Gu Ning’s deeds, and some only know that she was the top scorer in the National College Entrance Examination. Some might also know that she was a very popular national goddess on the Internet, while some were aware that she was a genius businesswoman and so forth.

“I am, and you are?” asked Gu Ning. She wasn’t surprised that he knew her.

“I’m the president of the student union, and my name is Rong Zechen,” Rong Zechen said.

Rong Zechen was more than 1.8m tall, and he was strong and handsome. He might not be the most handsome boy in their school, but he should be close to that.

“Hi, Senior Rong, nice to meet you.” Hearing that, Gu Ning politely greeted him.

His surname was Rong, which made Gu Ning think of the Rong family that was one of the four dominant families in the capital. She just thought about that, but didn’t firmly believe that he was indeed a member of the Rong family.

Although there were people who had the surname Rong, there weren’t a lot, because it was a rare surname.

Most importantly, since he was the president of the student union, he couldn’t be ordinary.

It was impossible for ordinary students to become the president. In fact, the cadre of the student union wasn’t ordinary either, and it must be outstanding too.

The student union was one of the current organizational structures in the school. It was the students’ own mass organization and the bridge and link between the school and the students. It played an important role in the operation of the campus.

The president of the student union needed to have the ability to convince and manage people. Normally, people with a powerful family background could easily convince people. If one was only from an ordinary family, no matter how outstanding he or she was, many people wouldn’t listen to him or her.

Even if one had a powerful family background, sometimes it wasn’t influential enough, let alone those without any background.

The student union of the Capital University was slightly different from that of other universities. The selection and inspection were extremely strict, because the student union of the Capital University was related to the government. The government preferred to hire elite cadres who had served in the student union of the Capital University. Therefore, the student union of the Capital University had also become a place to cultivate talents for the government.

One could only win the government’s approval by holding a position in the student union.

Precisely because of that, it was also a small society which was full of competition for power.

Some people might think it was unfair. Since it was a place to train talents for the government, why were its members’ family backgrounds so important?

However, it was an unfair world. Actually, one’s family background was only one of the important factors, and one’s abilities mattered a lot too.

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