Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 1028 - 1028 Second Phase Testing
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1028 Second Phase Testing

Zi Yi saw Guoguo eating her finger and looking at her the moment she woke up. She pulled her finger from Guoguo’s mouth and said, “Don’t suck your finger. Otherwise, you’re going to ruin it.”

Guoguo thought Zi Yi was playing with her, so she gave Zi Yi a toothless smile.

Zi Yi also smiled. She turned to look at Tangtang sleeping quietly on the other side. She raised her hand to touch his face and said, “You two can continue sleeping first. I will get your father to help you wash up.”

She got off the bed, took the phone and shamelessly called Lu Jingye to come upstairs.

As Lu Jingye helped to get the twins changed, Zi Yi went to the bathroom. She told him while she brushed her teeth, “Guoguo was chewing her finger.”

Lu Jingye was helping Guoguo to wash her face. When he heard this, he smiled at Guoguo. He paused and said, “Her gums are probably irritating her. You can get her some teething sticks.”

“Got it.”

Lu Jingye stayed home to look after the twins, while Zi Yi went to Metropolis University on her own.

The students who had passed the first phase of testing had already gathered at the entrance of the Futuristic School of Technology. They were talking about the test they did yesterday and wondering what to expect today.

When noise could be heard coming from up above, they automatically raised their heads and looked up.

In a split second, everyone darted away looking startled.

Zi Yi parked her sports car on the very spot they were once standing.

A lot of people were startled.

“What’s she doing? Why did she have to park where we were standing?!”

“If we did not run away quickly enough, she would have run us over.”

People got very annoyed.

Zi Yi stepped out of the car with her hair in a high ponytail and wearing a casual red outfit.

Her sports car was red and she was dressed in a casual red outfit making her exquisite features appear even more vibrant. She was so beautiful that she was show-stopping.

“She’s really beautiful.”

After getting out of the car, the corners of Zi Yi’s lips went up slightly as she walked toward the faculty entrance.

She spoke as she walked, “I’m here to personally give you the second round of testing. Get ready. This time, at least half of you here will be eliminated.”

Someone immediately felt insulted. “Zi Yi, don’t you dare look down on us. I think all of us will pass the test just fine.”

“Exactly. You haven’t even tested us yet. What makes you think so many people will be eliminated?”

Zi Yi turned her head and narrowed her eyes, looking at the people who spoke up. She did not care about their feelings and said confidently, “I told you. Half of you will be eliminated and nothing’s going to change.”


Despite their annoyance, they could not argue with her.

Zi Yi continued striding toward the main entrance.

Today, there was no invisible barrier at the entrance, so everyone quickly walked inside.

The Futuristic School of Technology buildings looked similar to any other buildings in Metropolis University, but the moment they entered the compound, they noticed the greenery inside was different from the rest of the campus. They had failed to see any of this yesterday.

When some medical students saw the rare plants, they exclaimed in excitement.

Zi Yi did not stop them. She simply said, “All these herbs will be used for medical research in the future. You have to work hard to pass the testing if you want to stay.”

Some medical students were beside themselves with joy hearing this.

Everyone quickly followed Zi Yi to the closest building.

The building entrance was tightly shut. Even though it had a glass door, it was impossible to see anything inside.

After everyone followed Zi Yi into the building’s main hall, the scene before them changed. In a split second, the environment changed and they surprisingly found themselves in a spacious multipurpose classroom.

All the students took a seat as Zi Yi stood on the podium.

“How did she do this?”

“This is simply incredible.”

“Is this due to some kind of steric effect?”

“This must have something to do with magnetic fields, right?”

“Aren’t we getting tested? Why did she bring us into a classroom?”

“Does Zi Yi want to talk to us or something?”

Everyone kept talking for a few seconds. After they quietened down, they turned to look at Zi Yi on the stage.

Zi Yi finally said, “During the second phase of testing, you can use all your skills to fight me. You can challenge me alone or in teams. As long as you can win against me by even a slight margin, you will pass the second phase of testing.”

Zi Yi’s words were simply humiliating. The people present were the best in the world in their industry. Zi Yi might be good, but it was impossible for her to fight every single one of them.

“Who’s going first? Whoever wants to go first can stand up now.”

“I’ll go first.”

A silver-haired man wearing glasses stood up and said, “I study ionic structures…”

A one against 100 battle was about to begin. The school leaders sitting in the office were excited by the prospect.

The Dean of the School of Science and Technology said, “I have never seen a more confident student. Hahaha! Little Zi wants to challenge all the other students on her own. I’m looking forward to the second phase of testing.”

“Can she really fight all the students?”

“Don’t look down on her. She took over ten subjects in one go and got scholarships for every single subject. I’m sure she can beat them.”

“Let’s not forget which school Little Zi is from. Hahaha…”



All the school leaders were certain that Zi Yi could defeat all the other students. 𝐟𝒓𝚎𝘦we𝐛𝐧𝐨vℯ𝚕. c𝘰m

Everyone watched the live telecast from the office confidently.

As they watched the entire affair, everyone remained stunned by Zi Yi’s knowledge.

They were not alone. The elites from around the world were equally astonished. They used to be very confident about themselves, but Zi Yi had completely obliterated their pride.

Zi Yi was surprisingly able to overthrow a lot of argued studies using strong evidence.

The debate went on from nine in the morning to three o’clock in the afternoon.

As Zi Yi looked at the defeated students, she asked, “Do you still think highly of yourselves?”

Everyone lowered their heads. She had defeated them overwhelmingly, so they were incapable of saying anything.

Zi Yi smiled as she said, “I’m sure you know which ones of you have passed or failed the test. The ones who have passed can come tomorrow for the third phase of testing. That’s all for today.”

She stood up to leave the moment she finished her sentence.

“Zi Yi!” a young man shouted for her.


Zi Yi stopped and turned to look over at him.

The young man stood up and asked loudly, “Can the eliminated people join the next round of testing? I don’t like losing.”

The moment he finished his sentence, the other eliminated people stood up in unison.

“We don’t like losing either.”

Zi Yi looked at them and said coolly, “The department accepts students once a year. Ex-participants can only join the testing in three years.”


“I refuse to accept this.”

“This is because…” Zi Yi smiled. “… I want to give the chance to better candidates.”

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