Reincarnated With The Strongest System

Chapter 1444 The Start Of Ragnarok [Part 1]
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The Ainsworth Empire...

The Empire that belonged to William was now in ruins after the Giants fell from the sky.

Its citizens had already been moved to safety, so there were no casualties, aside from the countless dead soldiers who had perished after the God of Pestilence and Disease made his appearance.

Because he couldn't vent his frustration on their enemies, Nergal went on a rampage and destroyed the Ainsworth Capital City where the Royal Palace was located.

Two hours later, the entire Army of Destruction had all arrived, with Surtr and Owuo being the last ones to descend from the Void.

"Where are they?" Owuo asked as soon as he descended from the sky.

"Do you even need to ask?" Nergal replied in a grumpy mood. "Of course to the place where you can feel the souls of billions of people."

"Hah! I'm just messing with you." Owuo chuckled. "To think that you would be unable to deal with them alone, you're losing your touch, Nergal."

Nergal scoffed. "You wouldn't have done any better. In fact, you might have even gotten beaten one-sidedly when they all ganged up on you."

"Hah! Is that bitterness I hear in your voice?" Owuo asked in a teasing tone. "It seems that getting your ass handed to you has made you bitter."

"Shut up, Owuo!"

"Fine. I'll shut up. Hahaha!"

Owuo was a God of Death, but he was different from Thanatos, who was also a God of Death.

Ouwo took great pleasure in killing mortals, hence he was called the God of Death, and sometimes Destroyer God, because of his destructive tendencies.

Nergal, Owuo, and Surtr, all three of them were the Gods of Destruction, responsible for destroying many worlds together.

Although they would argue, and fight at times, their goals remained the same, and that was to destroy the Worlds that were fated to be destroyed by their hands.

"Let's go," Surtr said as he walked past the two Gods who were bickering with each other. "Let's get this over with."

Nergal and Owuo exchanged a glance before following behind Surtr who still hadn't unsheathed his flaming sword.

Both of them knew that the moment their colleague took out his burning blade, the Fire Giant would gain incredible strength, allowing Surtr to surpass both of them.

Surtr had only drawn his sword once, and that was during the battle of Ragnarok, allowing him to destroy the World of Asgard, as well as the other realms connected to Yggdrasil.

Ahriman followed behind the three Gods, and behind him, the entire Army of Destruction moved to follow their Commanders.

This was the battle that they were waiting for, and they would enjoy it to the fullest.

The Army of Destruction wasn't only composed of Giants.

There were Trolls, Ogres, Fomorians, and other creatures whose main purpose for living was to kill and destroy any forms of life. Some of these creatures were taken from the worlds that they had destroyed, allowing them to replenish, and increase their numbers, from the battles that they had waged with its defenders.

All of their eyes started to glow red, as the Gods of Destruction empowered their destructive tendencies, further increasing their strength.

Earlier, Audrey had been able to increase the morale of their troops and demoralize the Giants. Now, the demoralization effect would no longer work on the Giants due to the bloodthirst that the Gods of Destruction had cast upon their army.

As soon as the cracks started to appear, William decided to teleport the Human armies a few miles away from the cracks in the sky. But, after careful consideration, he decided to take them farther away, allowing them to regroup and give them time to recover from the frightful sight that they had seen.

According to Optimus' calculation, it would take the Giants two hours to arrive at the Alliance's new location, if they continued to march at their current pace.

"Form ranks!" Eldon ordered as he supervised the formation of his troops. "Deploy the Magic Cannons!"

Although the Dwarves could use magic, they specialized more in crafting things. With the Alliance's combined technologies, the Dwarves created magical cannons whose might could injure Demigods and Pseudo-Gods alike, as long as they had enough magic cores to use as energy sources.

"Prepare the second, Wide-Area spell," a Gnome, who belonged to the geniuses of the world, ordered. "We were unable to use it fully earlier because we were waiting for their main army to arrive, but now they are finally here, there's no need to hold back!"

The altars that had been planted on the ley lines all over Hestia once again glowed brightly, sending beams of light towards the Heavens, empowering the 11th-Circle Spell that they had prepared for the Main Army of Destruction.

An hour later, William, as well as the armies of the world finally saw them.

At the very edge of their vision, red dots could be seen. Soon, this red tide loomed ever closer, making the Soldiers' breathing grow ragged.

They could feel the great presence of the Giants even from a great distance, lowering their morale.

However, before everyone started to feel despair, particles of golden light rained upon their heads, as the Flagship of the Holy Order of Light hovered above them.

Audrey, with her hands clasped together, prayed, allowing the power of Fortitude to spread among her allies, boosting their morale, and chasing away the fear and anxiety in their hearts.

"They're here," Malacai said. "Nuckelavee, you will be the Vanguard."

The Devil of the Sea laughed as he raised his spear, uttering a frenzied war cry.

The Five Generals serving under Malacai also disembarked from the floating Fortress as it momentarily landed on the ground, allowing the Undead to join the battle.

The Arcane Spectral Lich, The Diabolical Death Knight, and the Grim Nightmare Revenant all mounted their Bone Dragons and soared towards the sky.

The three Goliaths, Nuckelavee, Monstrous Skeleton Sovereign, and Giant Slaying Draugr also jumped off Avalon, joining the ranks of the Mortal Armies, allowing them to witness that it was not only the living who wished to protect their world.

Even the Dead, who should be having their eternal rest, also took up arms to protect the world, allowing it to have a chance to give birth to the future generations.

Malacai didn't only collect Divine Relics in his travels.

He also collected the souls of the dead from various battlefields, allowing them to fight one last battle that would decide the fate of the world.

"It's time," William stated as countless portals appeared around him.


Corrupted Giants, Undead Giants, and Monsters of all shapes and sizes emerged from the portal, covering the land, and the sky, with their numbers.

They stood at the frontline of the battlefield, alongside their Master, William, facing off against the Army of Destruction.

Now that the Last Bosses had made their appearance, it was now time to fight with everything he had, without holding anything back.

"Back then, everyone hated the Dungeon Conqueror because he was an unreasonable fellow," Empress Andraste said with a smile.

"It's a good thing that this era's Dungeon Conqueror is more sensible," Emperor Leonidas commented. "Your daughter, and my granddaughter, nabbed a really good husband."

Empress Andraste opened her fan and covered her lips as he gazed at the approaching Giants in the distance. "I still want to hold my grandchildren, so it is best that we deal with these annoying pests first."

Emperor Leonidas nodded. "Right. I guess both of us no longer needed to hold back either."

The Rulers of the different Nations of the world took out their own Sacred Relics, which were the national treasures of their nations. They would only use these relics as a last resort when their Countries were in peril because of the great destructive powers they possessed.

William had forbidden them to use these trump cards at the beginning because these relics could only be used once, maybe twice, before becoming useless.

However, now that the Half-Elf had given the signal to go all out in battle, they all answered his call, as they prepared to show the Army and Gods of Destruction that even though they were ants in their eyes, they were the type of ants that knew how to bite their enemies, and make them feel a world of pain.

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