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"So, What were you saying ? I am vulnerable ?" Anon asked with a psychopathic smile as he started walking towards the Seven Royal Ministers.

"S-Stop... Right there human." One of the Royal Minister spoke as he swinged his tail towards Anon with full force.


Anon stopped the minister's tail with one hand and looked at him with a smile.

"Fuck..." The Royal Minister spoke as he realised what was going to happen next.

Anon used the Auric Energy and teared the Royal Minister's tail apart from his body at once.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...." The Royal Minister shouted as blue blood gushed out of his back.

Anon tossed his long tail aside and kept walking towards Gerald with the same psychopathic smile on his face.

"Stop him from reaching near the king." One of the Royal ministers ordered the gurads.

Every Single Dragon guard standing in the room, Rushed towards Anon and tried to stop him from reaching near Gerald, but no matter how many of the guards tried to stop him... Anon didn't stop, instead he killed anyone who came in his way.

In the next 5 minutes.... Only screams and Blue Blood appeared in the room.

After killing every single guard in the room, Anon finally reached in front of Gerald.

"What do you want ?" Gerald asked with a straight face.

"What do you think ?" Anon asked with a smile as he jumped and landed over Gerald's nose.

"H-How dare he-" One of the ministers was about to say something but he was immediately interrupted by Another Royal Minister.

"Shut the fuck up, do you want to die or something ?"

"B-But, Gerald is our king... Now."

"Yeah ? I saw the your loyalty when he was enslaving our Queen, Don't fake it anymore. Just shut that mouth of your and watch.

He is our king, But he is not above our own lifes is he ?" The Royal Minister asked with a straight face.

"N-No." The another Minister replied with an ashamed expression.


"You don't want to kill me. If you wanted to kill me, you would've done it already. So, what is it that you want ?" Gerald asked with a straight face.

"You are right... I don't want to kill you. This is my first and last warning to you, 'The Fallen One'. If your kin tried to kill one of my kin, i will erase the existence of your kin from the face of this planet.

You want to reproduce these shitty dragon soldiers of yours ? I don't have any problems, but if they mess with the Humans... You are dead.

If I see a single dragon in the human kingdom that has hostile motives against us, you are dead.

You or your soldiers or any dragon from this kingdom tried to do something that I don't like, you are dead.

Do you understand ?" Anon asked.

"I understand, but-"

"Uh-Uh... There is no space for 'But' in this. You only have two options, Yes or Yes. It's upto you, which one do you choose ?" Anon asked again.

"Yes." Gerald replied.

"Good... I will take my leave now." Anon spoke as he jumped off of Gerald's nose and started walking towards the exit of the Mountain.


Suddenly Anon felt something, that caused him to halt his steps.

"Hmm...?" Anon wondered as he looked back.


'What is this ? It's like something is calling to me.' Anon thought as he started walking towards Gerald once again.

"What now, Human ?" Gerald asked as he noticed at Anon coming back once again.


As Anon walked closer to Gerald's throne he felt the thumping sound get louder and louder.

"Get aside..." Anon Commanded.

"There is nothing here.... Why would you- ?" Gerald tried to stop Anon but before he could've said anything else Anon was standing in front of his throne.


"Hmmm... Here." Anon spoke as he touched the Throne that was carved out of stones and used his Auric Energy to blast it away.


As soon as the Throne got destroyed, Anon noticed a red coloured dragon sleeping beneath the throne, she was injured and had iron shackles in her hands and legs.

'Left wing is injured, Heartbeats aren't going well and skin has too many scars.' Anon thought as he looked at the sleeping dragon.

"I will be taking her with me..." Anon spoke as he started walking towards the Red dragon.

Suddenly Gerald came in between and stopped Anon.

"I am sorry but you can't take her. She is my wife, you can take any other girl from our kingdom but she is off limits." Gerald spoke with a straight face.

"Oh, yeah ? Well, guess what ? I need her even more now. So, get out of my way or you are dead." Anon replied with a smile as he summoned his Sickles.

"Y-You can... Have her." Gerald replied as he immediately stepped away from his wife.

'This human, I have to do something about him, fast. How can a human be so powerful that he made an original dragon like me, look so powerless in front of him ?' Gerald thought as he looked at Anon with a neutral expression. π‘“π“‡π˜¦π˜¦π“Œπ˜¦π‘π˜―π˜°π‘£π˜¦π˜­.π‘π˜°π‘š

"Hup..." Anon grabbed the iron shackles and broke them with his bare hands.





"Come here, Luv." Anon spoke as he picked up the whole dragon over his head and exited the cave after that.

"I-I can use my magic again..." One of the dragon spoke as he looked at his friend.

"Me too..." His friend spoke.

Everyone transformed back into their Human form and started exiting the Royal Court one by one.

"My king, What should we do ?" A Royal Minister asked as he walked upto Gerald.

"We should go behind him right now." Another Royal Minister spoke.

"No, we should give it some time and attack him at an unexpected moment." The third Royal Minister spoke.

"We should speak to his other enemies and join hands with them in order to kill him." The fourth Royal Minister spoke.

"I should go and kill him right now." The fifth Royal Minister added.

"I say we observe him for sometime, figure out more about him and attack him when we are ready to kill him." The sixth Royal Minister spoke.

All the six ministers started suggesting different things but the seventh one was just standing there without speaking anything.

"What are you thinking ?" Gerald asked as he looked at his seventh minister.

"My King, we should wake up our ancestors now. The prophecy is coming true." What seventh minister spoke, made everyone fell silent.

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