Reincarnated With A Badluck System

Chapter 78 Sandworms [Part 2]
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Before Abby can finish her words, a sandworm suddenly shoots into the sky and begins to descend with its mouth wide open, while aiming for Russell's head.

"Watch out!! Russell!" Laura suddenly yells to her brother.

Then before the sandworm can reach him. Russell suddenly leaps into the sky, throwing his fist forward.


A loud sound explodes as Russell's fist comes into contact with the sandworm. At the same time, he kicks it while in midair, causing the dead body of the sandworm to crash a few meters away from us.

The other greedy adventurers run towards the sandworm to extract its crystal and claim our kill. However, they are somewhat disappointed…when they see a gaping hole in the center of the sandworm.


In a flash, Russell lands on the floor and opens his fist which was tightly balled before, revealing a small orange crystal. This is the crystal of a basic-tier beast.

"Good job, Russell! But we don't have time, they are approaching us in large numbers… they should be around twenty sand worms, and I can feel the presence of at least three intermediate-tier worms… don't let your guard down," Abby announces and glances at me before biting her lips and clutching her sword tightly.

Then suddenly, I begin to see something moving under the sand. Tracing their shapes, they are quite plentiful in numbers and some are even bigger than the others. I have a keen sense for them because of my Incubus bloodline, and the same goes for Abby who is a Neko.

"Aiiieeeee!!!" Abby suddenly lets out a battle cry as she dashes forward at an insane speed that my eyes can barely follow. With this speed, I am pretty sure that she is using some kind of speed magic or maybe the active skill of her sword.

"Ice spears!!" Abby shouts as she leaps into the air and her eyes glow with a small white light… as she descends with her sword.


"Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!" A loud shriek ensues as Abby thrusts her sword deep into the ground. It's obvious that she killed a sandworm because I can see black blood oozing out of the ground.

At the same time, hundreds of ice spears begin to levitate in the air. Abby simply controls the spears with her hand and launches them toward the horde of sand worms approaching us.

*Swoosh* *Swoosh* *Swoosh*

"Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!" "Skreeeeeee!!"

The cries of the sandworms can be heard throughout the whole desert area as Abby's ice spears kills most of them.

After her barrage of attacks, there are only about two sandworms left which managed to survive the attack, most probably because they are intermediate-tier beasts. Right now, they seem to be angry about the loss of their minions, so they ignore Abby and begin to charge towards us, burrowing their bodies deep into the floor.


"It's up to you guys! I'm currently exhausted, I have almost used up my mana." Abby informs us with sweat dripping down her forehead as she collapses to the ground and passes out.

"Abby!!!!!!" I shout in a panic.

Suddenly, Kurt holds me back, stopping me from running towards her.

"If you move out of this formation, you'll be killed, man…. Don't worry about the team leader. I'll pick her up and run a check-up on her to see the reason why she fainted. Although she exhausted her mana using that mass barrage of spells, that doesn't explain why she fainted…"

Kurt says and stabs his staff into the floor. "Don't worry, I'll protect your woman," Kurt tells me with an assuring smile. Then almost immediately, a burst of light erupts from his staff and envelopes Abby, who is lying on the ground motionless.

Right now, only Russell, Laura, Kim, and I are left to fight the two intermediate sandworms that are approaching us because Kurt is using all his concentration to shield Abby and prevent her from attracting other sand worms and getting attacked while she's immobile.

Suddenly, a large brown and very long sandworm that is about 3 meters, shoots into the sky in anger with a loud shriek, showing its full set of large shark-like teeth.

Russell simply smirks and dashes towards the sandworm, while Laura follows him. The second sandworm also approaches me and Kim with its body buried inside the ground.

"Vincent, I'll protect you," Kim says as she readies her bow.

*Twoosh* *Twoosh*

Kim suddenly starts to fire at the sandworms, using the arrows that I gave her. She's shooting two arrows at once which shows her skills in archery. Each of the arrows she shoots lands a blow on the sandworm before it disintegrates, and appears inside her quiver again. This is the active skill of the basic-tier arrows.

However, the arrows are not dealing a fatal blow to the sandworm because it buried itself deep into the sand.


Kim is having a hard time against this sandworm because her puny bow can't deliver enough power to the arrow. I can't watch her struggle, this worm keeps pushing us backwards. It won't be long before it catches up with us.

In the next moment, I wave my hand and bring out my mana gun. Even Kim is surprised by the strange weapon in my hand. I could have used the crossbow, but I'll have to fill it up with mana, which is something I wouldn't want to do now, in case there ends up being an emergency.

With this gun in my hand, I feel my strength double. And at the same time, I feel like I have become one with my weapon.

The next moment, I point the gun at the moving sandworm that has almost closed the distance between us. Then anger begins to swell inside me, these fucking worms made my woman faint and also gave the naive Kim a hard time. How will I look at her brother's face if something happens to her?

"Mass destruction," I mutter. In a flash, a sudden burst of mana in the form of a bullet, explodes from my gun and hits the sandworm, then it detonates its body into uncountable tiny pieces. Even the recoil of the gun pushes me back a little and causes a striking pain in my arms…

I glance at the mana gauge of the gun and realize that I have used up all the mana. I wonder if I will be able to use the skill twice if the gun upgrades. Then I store the gun back.

Right now, I see Kim looking at me with a bewildered expression on her face. In a flash, she runs towards me and hugs me.

"Ahh, Vincent…. I was worried about you…. I am sorry that I couldn't protect you as a newbie. I feel so ashamed…." Kim hugs me tightly as she mutters. However, she doesn't pry about the gun I used, which shows how mannered she is in situations like these.

I separate myself from her and glance at the other two who have also finished killing the second sandworm. They probably had a hard time, because they are both drenched in black blood.

"What the hell was that man….? That was so cool… I saw that thing you used, it even destroyed the crystal of the beast along with it! Just how powerful is that weapon?" Russell asks as he runs towards me with his eyes shining like stars.


However, before he can reach me, Laura stops him and nudges him in the stomach.

"Argh!!!" Russell lets out a groan.

"I am sorry for my brother's rashness, he doesn't like weapons but I guess that yours piqued his interest that is why he is behaving like this" Laura apologizes on behalf of her brother.

Russell also apologizes….Although they have done nothing to apologize for. The more I get to know them, the more I open up to them.

"It's okay, guys…. You have done nothing wrong. That was just a weapon given to me by mom as a present…" I lie through my teeth…..and they all nod their heads.

The next moment, our gaze falls on Kurt and Abby. Kurt is currently attending to Abby and placing his hands on her stomach while he feeds her some potions. Seeing this scene, I dash towards them along with the others.

"Kurt… what happened to her?" I ask as I crouch down and sweep my hands through Abby's hair.

Kurt simply raises his head and glances at everyone before his gaze finally stops on me.

"I ran a checkup on the team leader and realized that she fainted because of tension. When Nekos are pregnant they often limit or avoid doing tiring activities. The same goes for the team leader, because she's pregnant, she should rest more often and stop doing any strenuous jobs or engaging in long sexual intercourse…." Kurt tells me without averting his gaze. "And congratulations, Vincent. I guess we should celebrate later in the day." He adds with a grin on his face.

"What!! The team leader is pregnant?!!" The rest of the team also looks at me with their mouths hanging open.

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