Reincarnated With A Badluck System

Chapter 23 A Degenerate Master(1)
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Edgar urged Vincent to walk towards him, to which Vincent willingly complied. Edgar suddenly grabbed Vincent's hands and hopped into the green portal.


A soothing sensation engulfed Vincent as he and his master hopped into the teleporter. At the exact time, he was trying to recollect where he had heard the name "Edgar Frost" since his mother had constantly told him some anecdotes and big incidents that transpired in history, even now that he was already a grown-up.

"Edgar Frost..... Wait a minute~ isn't it the man who my mom said he fought with a Magus primordial demon and lived to tell the tale. J-Just how strong is he, to be able to flee from the claws of a magus? To top it off, a primordial demon." Vincent thought and he gulped hard.

At the same time, the green blinding light that disrupted his vision as he and his master entered the portal, began to dim down, and Vincent found himself in a place that seems to be a green wilderness. His eyes turned blurry for a few seconds, due to the effect of the teleporter but his vision became clear shortly after.

Vincent glanced at his side to look at his master but he was nowhere to be found. He began gazing at his surroundings for his master but he couldn't be seen around. Vincent began to panic, however, he decided to keep calm as he thought of the possibility that his master was probably testing him. Nonetheless, his heart was beating rapidly, as he could hear the deep roars and howls of beasts, and he guessed that he was on a beast planet called "Ovis". He was able to get the name of the planet at first glance due to his massive knowledge about beast planets and familiars worlds.

He glanced at a big slab of stone that was situated near a small running lake and sat down on it. He wanted to check around for his master but he didn't want to risk being caught by a high-level beast.

In his thoughts, he dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a brown token, it was the token given to him by Versys. Vincent knew about the effect of the token, as it could teleport Versys to his side if activated. It was a summoning card and only rich people could afford it as the amount it cost could feed an average family for the rest of their lives, making Vincent's heart melt that his mother was willing to use such a precious treasure on him. He sighed and held the token in his hand, ready to use it if he was in danger or he couldn't find his master after waiting for a long period.

Abruptly, Vincent suddenly saw the blur figure of a silhouette that ran past him. He became startled and decided to activate the token. However, before he could do that, he felt a sharp pain in his hands, causing him to drop the token to the floor.

"Arrhhhhhhh!!!!!" Vincent clutched his hand in pain as he could see blood oozing from his right palm. At the same time, his wounds began to heal at a rapid rate.


[The host has sustained a deep cut]

[Regeneration ability has been activated, -2 mana points]

Vincent ignored the system stats and decided to pick up his fallen token and run away from whatever wounded him.

"Activate Sprint!" Vincent gritted his teeth as he muttered.


[Sprint had been activated, the host agility has been doubled]

At the notification displayed, Vincent could feel a new and alien surge of energy in his body. He spun his body around, cautiously checking out for the silhouette, then, he picked up the token and began running away from the lake, towards a pathway that seemed to be made by a beast, using his borrowed agility.

However, Vincent's speed wasn't enough, and he was instantly whacked by a hard material from behind before falling to the floor.

Vincent gritted his teeth and tried to stand back on the floor, regardless, he was gripped by a strong hand. When Vincent saw the face of the silhouette gripping onto him, his face widened with shock.

"Master....." Vincent mumbled as he could see a 1.8 meter tall, beardless man, who looked like he was in his late 40s but was much older due to the slow aging in Manov. The man had only one eye working and a huge scar could also be seen running down his left cheek. On his head; were two enormous horns and two large wings sprouting from his back. Nonetheless, Vincent knew that he was his master since he was still wearing the same clothes.

"WHO ARE YOU? WHAT DID YOU DO TO VINCENT?!!!" Edgar asked with his eyes glowing crimson.

Vincent's face twitched from confusion to despair, as the aura his master was emitting was rendering him weak and he was unable to activate the token in his hands, he looked at the man in front of him in horror as he could feel his breath slipping away from his life due to his grip on his neck.

"P-Please don't kill me, I'm Vincent." Vincent stammered while his face turned purple due to loss of breath and blood.

Edgar opened his mouth wide with two huge fangs in his mouth and replied; "You pathetic demon, what have you done to Vincent! His father and mother are humans! I guess there's only one way to find out." Edgar shouted and placed his right hand on Vincent's head.

At the same time, Vincent could see a barrage of information as unknown energy began to enter his body.


[An unknown energy is trying to enter the host body but it has been intercepted by the system]


[Will the host allow the energy to enter his body? YES | NO]

At the message displayed, Vincent didn't bother to think twice and he uttered; "Yes."

Immediately the words left Vincent's mouth, he could feel the energy surging through his body, tendons, and bloodstreams. At the same time, Edgar had an expression of 'unbelief' on his face as he used the check if Vincent was possessed.

Suddenly, he dropped Vincent to the floor and began to revert to his human form with a bewildered expression on his face.

"B-but his parents are humans. I checked him when he was a kid and he was also a human, but now he's an incubus. A lesser one, and he doesn't seem to be possessed." Edgar mumbled with confusion shown on his face.

Vincent, on the other hand, was on the floor, trying to catch his breath and at the same time, staring at his master in confusion and fear at what Mimi told him.

"H-He's also an incubus, furthermore, a Nightwalker. The combination of the two!!" Vincent thought inwardly and dragged his body away from his master who was still confused.


Note: Mmm, a perverted master won't be bad after all.

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