Reincarnated With A Badluck System

Chapter 10 Vampire Vs Necromancer(1)
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The old man had a happy face when he saw that Amelina respected him despite being above him in status.

The old man nodded his head and began to lead Amelina and her children towards the stairs that were built with gold and silver, making Vincent wonder how much resources were wasted for the stairs.

While Amelina was climbing the extensive stairs, Vincent was wondering why the stairs were so lengthy, making him ponder about the type of event that was about to take place.

After what seemed to be like 10 minutes, they arrived at the podium district. Vincent suddenly realized that the old man took them through a diverse route that was different from the one normal civilians passed.

"Mmm, now it makes sense, that's why we only met a few people on our way, they are all nobles," Vincent thought inwardly as he stared at the thousands of people that were sitting on the chairs. Some were even standing as the chairs weren't enough to contain them, causing swears and curses to reverberate throughout the podium.

Beast men, elves, dwarves, vampires, dragons, and many other demi-humans were also present.

"Marquis Amelina, please carefully follow me, we are sorry for the inconvenience. if you had come earlier, then this situation wouldn't have been horrendous" The old man named Noman said as he stopped the crowd from coming closer to Amelina and her children, as he was worried that thieves may try to snatch valuables from them, like the jewelry on Hilda and Amelina's neck, and might result to fatal injury if the thieves suddenly ripped it off their necks.

Amelina nodded her head and wiped off the beads of sweat that were rolling down her forehead while she sheathed Vincent and Savina from the fierce mob.

After a couple of minutes, passing through the midst of angry mobs, Noman passed through a place that was tagged with an OFF-LIMIT sign board and also guarded by wolfmen that were about 2 meters tall with large dual axes strapped to their backs.

When the wolfmen saw Noman, they bowed their heads and made way for Amelina and her children.

The moment Amelina passed through the midst of the wolfmen, an alluring scent assaulted Vincent's nose, the scent originated from several incenses that were burned around the platform.

Vincent raised his head and saw several nobles that were enjoying their life with different types of drinks, fruits, and foods that were stockpiled in front of them, while they cracked jokes and caressed the body of the whores that were sitting on their laps.

Amelina covered Savina's eyes and hurriedly walked away from the scene. Abruptly, Noman stopped in front of a place that was established with rows of chairs and tables, with different types of delicacies on the table.

Noman glanced at Amelina and said, "These are the seats that were reserved for you and your children, Marquis Amelina" Noman said with a slight bow.

Amelina nodded her head and replied, "Please drop the formality, Noman" Amelina also bowed and sat on the largest seat which was meant for her, while her children sat on the smaller seats.

When Noman saw that she was already sitting, he bowed once again and walked towards a large compartment that was shielded by a huge canopy.

Vincent's eyes followed Noman's movements and realized that the shielded compartment was the king's temporary chamber.

"As expected of nobles, they are just exactly like those wuxia and cultivation novels I read on earth, coupled with the ones I have also written, they don't seem to care for the poor, who don't have chairs to sit on" Vincent shook his head inwardly.

Suddenly, Vincent heard a loud voice from the side of the platform.

"Hehehe, Amelina, I didn't notice that you have arrived, as expected of you, you are even looking good despite nursing a baby. Did you see the message that I sent to you?" A man that was sitting a meter away from Amelina shouted.

He was a man who seemed to be in his early forties, with a potbelly and overgrown beards that hadn't been shaved for decades. By his sides were two scrawny men that were also nobles like him. The man stared at Amelina with lust shown on his face as he used his eyes to scan Amelina's body proportions.

Amelina squinted her eyes when she heard the man's words, and she felt disgusted by his piercing gaze on her chest, then she replied.

"Yohan! Don't you ever in your life, send me such a message again, you shameless man. My husband just died recently and you are taking advantage of me. If he was alive, you would have had your head rolling, for looking at me like that" Amelina replied in anger and clenched her fists on the chair, causing everyone's attention to be diverted towards her and Yohan.

Vincent was annoyed and surprised at the same time, as he heard his mother call the annoying man a Chinese name, making him more interested in exploring his new world.

Yohan's face turned pale when he realized that people's eyes were piercing through his soul for asking out a widow whose husband had recently died.

Yohan suddenly laughed loudly and replied, "Hahahaha, you bitch! I want to even pity your life and marry you with four children. This is your second husband that died, you are a cursed woman! Who knows if I will also die if I marry you, this public meat hole!" Yohan laughed loudly, causing the other nobles to gossip among themselves.

Amelina's eyes watered when she heard Yohan's reply, and she brought out a towel and began wiping the tears that were streaming down her face.

"Mommy it's okay, stop crying. Don't feel bad about his words," Savina patted her mother with her little hands while Hilda wiped Amelina's tears.

? However, Zadicus had a grin on his face as he saw his mother crying, then he mumbled, "She is indeed a meat hole for marrying that bastard and giving birth to that leech! He should just die like his father so that I can take over the wealth of his father. I'm the firstborn, I can't let anyone control me just because we became affluent due to his father's influence. If worse comes to worst, I will finish him" Zadicus grinned internally and rubbed his palms in evil motion.

Vincent also got angry at the man's sarcastic reply. If he had grown older like Zadicus, he would have ripped off Yohan's head without hesitation, for making his mother cry.

Suddenly, a loud voice reverberated through the whole stadium, and an elven man could be seen floating in the mid-section of the stadium.

"Hear me out, people of Graven! My name is Tesodous. We all know that...'' Before Tesodous could complete his speech, the chatters of people arose at the stadium as the people ignored him.

Tesodous eyes turned red as the people ignored him, then he waved his hands in the air, and cast a tier-three spell.

The sand on the floor began to form into tiny spikes and millions of spikes began levitating in the air.

"Anyone who utters a word will be killed by these spikes, you can go ahead and talk if you underestimate my spikes. I bet you wouldn't one to be pierced by them" Tesodous shouted, the crowd could hear him clearly as he amplified his voice with mana.


Gulping sounds could be heard as the people stared at the spikes that were levitating in the air.

"Ahem... As I was saying, Today is one of the most joyous days in the kingdom of Graven! Today is the day we pay homage to our great

heroes who have fought with their lives to protect our kingdom and died with honor. Apart from the celebration, we will also watch our greatest enemies fight themselves to their last breath till none is left. This year is going to be special, we have the ex-king of Slocota kingdom that is now a subject to us, and the leader of the Evil blood vampire clan. We are going to witness the two terrorists fight themself to a standstill. For Graven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Tesodous roared and the soldiers also followed suit, coupled with the inhabitants of Graven.

The stadium began to shake as thousands of soldiers began to hit their heavy weapons on the floor coupled with the wails of the people.

Vincent was watching everything from the embrace of his mother who seemed to be lost in her thoughts as Yohan's words were still lingering in his mind. Vincent decided not to disturb her and silently watch the scene from above.

Suddenly, two gates that were adjacent to each other Opened, and two bulky men walked out of the gates with huge collars on their necks.

When Vincent's eyes landed on the men, he felt a shiver down his spine, as they were the scariest men he had ever seen.


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