Reincarnated as the Villainess's attendant

Chapter 12 - 3 - The First Step (part 2)
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After the handshake, it looked like the prince was going to leave but before he was gone, Zoemi came up with a great idea.

"My prince, this time it was lady Espine who visited you, how about you will come to visit her next?"

"Huh? Um... V-visiting her?"

Just as Zoemi thought, the first prince was surprised and a little bit embarrassed at the suggestion. Zoemi's knowledge of the game came into play here.

In one of the scripted events, in which Miriette would do something nasty and lose in the prince's eyes, tragic villainess would cry out in anger that Horeo visited heroine during the holiday period but he never once came to see her on his own accord even while they were children.

When Zoemi past self had read that sentence, his certainty of the injustice of the villaness fate solidified.

But now, the black-haired boy could change everything!


The prince looked away.

"She can already use very strong magic and I..."

Horeo fidgeted, looking away shame.

|Ah! So that's the reason!|

Who would have known! The prince just didn't want to look uncool!

"But my prince! Even someone like me can see that your magic will be super powerful!"

Normally no one could say such a thing with absolute certainty, but Zoemi had the knowledge of the game stored in his young mind.

Prince Horeo specialty was a long-ranged light beam attack.

It was terrifying and almost impossible to block, even on the TV screen it looked awesome so Zoemi decided to butter him up with flattery.

"And my prince, don't forget that lady Espine was abducted even though she had magic at her disposal! If you'll visit her she will be overjoyed that she has someone so reliable protecting her!"

Was Zoemi blowing everything he said out of proportion?

Yes, of course!

But the first prince was still a naive six-year-old and his eyes became round as if the words of another six-year-old opened a new world for him.

Well, he was a prince, the bedtime stories that his maids read him would always be those of a chivalrous knight fearlessly protecting the lady of their heart.

For him, it sounded like Zoemi said that the prince could be like the hero from one of such stories.

"I... I will ask father!"

The gold-haired prince blushed from excitement and exited the room.

"Goodbye, my prince! It was an honor!"

Zoemi called at his disappearing back, the black-haired boy was satisfied - could it be that helping Miriette would actually go that smoothly?

He smiled and relaxed throwing himself on the fluffy bed one last time before the departure.

...but half an hour later, he was completely stiff from nervousness once again...

On the way back to the Espinces territory, Miriette for some reason demanded that Zoemi would ride in the carriage together with her!

The black-haired boy did not foresee such a turn of events and was completely unprepared for it!

After all, he was going to oversee Miriette having a happily ever after from a distance, he never planned - or prepared - to be so close!

|Wh-what if she'll hate me!?|

Zoemi could feel the cold sweat drenching the expensive clothes given to him by the king.


And little lady Espine was sitting with her maid exactly in front of him and was watching black-haired boy attentively.

|Should I say something? Am I even allowed to speak!?|

Time was passing in awkward silence and Zoemi could only stare at his fists firmly clenched on his knees.

The stress was killing him...

Soon, he found his throat completely dried and didn't even have any spit to swallow but was far too nervous to reach or even ask for the drink that was in the basket that the maid brought with her especially for such a turn of events.

A ride that was relatively short and should take only a couple of hours, for Zoemi extended into eternity.


He dared to look at the sky since he could swear that the sun had completely stopped in its way towards the west, but instead he met Miriette's eyes and he looked back down as fast as he could. His face was burning.

To tell the truth, even in his previous life he was rather poor at communicating with others and would come off as rude even if he didn't mean to - and he honestly felt better about dying than to act in such a way towards the girl he wanted to save.

They were halfway there when the carriage stopped and the door opened.


And surprised Zoemi saw his salvation.

"Is something wrong?"

The worried maid asked when the pale-blue-knight Mizoe opened the carriage's door and peeked on the inside, checking on the passenger.

"No, it's nothing – everything is fine. I just wanted to ask how's the little lady was feeling. Do you wish for some refreshments, little lady?"

Zoemi's father asked with a serious face.


"Lady Miriette! A duke's daughter should speak clearly!"


Miriette shook her head and let out a noise of refusal, but was reprimanded by the maid and pouted grumpily.

"Then we will continue our ride. Son, would you like to try riding on a horse with me?"

Only after confirming that everything was fine, Mizoe turn to Zoemi like it was just an afterthought and not his main objective...

Truly a move of a seasoned guard.


Zoemi was so scared of messing up and making Miriette hate him that he barely held back the tears from bursting from his eyes.


He didn't even trust his voice so he just nodded and while his lower lip was trembling uncontrollably he reached towards his father with both hands, asking to be picked up.


Miriette fidgeted in her seat but didn't say anything.

"Now, now. It's okay."

It took a lot from Mizoe to not melt over his son's cuteness and he took him in his arms and after closing the carriage's door he put him up on his horse's saddle then he himself mounted the horse. f𝙧eeπ”€π‘’πš‹π§ΰ«¦Ρ΅π‘’Ζ–. π‘π˜°π’Ž


He made sure that his son is sitting safely and only then did he give a command to reassume the journey.

"Do you want some water?"

Mizoe offered his son a flask with water.

"Yes, please..."

Zoemi's voice was only a barely audible whisper - his throat dried up way too much!

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