Reincarnated as the Demon King's Son

Chapter 650 650 Set Off
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Chapter 650 Chapter 650 Set Off

With the Eye of Clairvoyance in Aldred's possession, the crew of the Stardust Voyager returned to their ship, the hum of its engines filling the air as they stood before the colossal vessel known for its interstellar journeys. The Ark, a mysterious artifact of immense power, loomed in the background, a constant reminder of the grandeur and dangers they faced.

As they gathered on the deck of the Stardust Voyager, the crew exchanged glances, a mixture of thrill and anticipation in their eyes. Aldred, holding the Eye of Clairvoyance, took a deep breath before addressing his team.

"Alright, everyone. We have the means to navigate the Veil and reach Ascendria. Lord Malgorth is our target, and this," he raised the enchanted orb, "is our guide. Let's not forget the challenges the Elder warned us about. Illusions, fears, and reflections of unresolved conflicts—we need to be ready for anything."

Salamander, ever the pragmatic one, spoke up, "I still don't like the idea of delving into the Veil. Seems like a whole lot of unnecessary complications. But if this is what it takes to get to Malgorth, I'm in."

Aldred knew Salamander would be in as long as it involved killing anything that threaten the Imperium.

Shuzib adjusted his glasses and added, "The Veil's properties, as described by the Elder, are fascinating. It's an intersection of psychic energies and quantum entanglements. I wonder what kind of scientific data we might gather from this experience."

Elralya, the Elven member of the crew, looked at the Eye of Clairvoyance with a mix of reverence and curiosity. "My people rarely speak of the Veil, but knowing that we are connected to its history, I feel a responsibility to explore it. Our ancestors guide us, and we carry their legacy."

Cellaeth, concerned for Elralya's safety, spoke softly, "Just be careful, Elralya. The Veil is unpredictable. We don't know what awaits us there."

Aldred nodded, acknowledging Cellaeth's concern. "We'll stick together and watch each other's backs. Now, let's get this show on the road."

Aldred, the orb in hand, studied the Eye of Clairvoyance intently. Its surface shimmered with a soft glow, reacting to the subtle energies of the Veil that surrounded them. Aldred could feel a resonance building between himself and the mystical device. The crew, gathered around him on the deck, watched with a mix of curiosity and anticipation.

Taking a moment to center himself, Aldred closed his eyes and focused on the task at hand. He felt a strange connection with the orb, as if it responded to the depths of his thoughts. With a deliberate motion, he raised the Eye of Clairvoyance to eye level.

Shuzib noticed a strange whisper.

"By the cosmic currents that bind the Veil," he began, his voice carrying a resonance that seemed to harmonize with the energy around them, "I invoke the guidance of this enchanted Eye. May it unveil the hidden paths and shield us from the turbulence within."

As Shuzib spoke the incantation, the Eye of Clairvoyance responded. The gentle glow intensified, and intricate patterns of light began to dance across its surface. A soft hum filled the air, resonating with the hum of the Stardust Voyager's engines.

The crew observed in awe as the magical effects of the Eye of Clairvoyance extended beyond the physical realm. The ship's surroundings took on an otherworldly hue, as if the fabric of reality itself was bending to the will of the enchanted device. Waves of energy emanated from the Eye, creating a protective barrier around the crew.

Each member felt a subtle shift in perception. It was as if the Eye of Clairvoyance allowed them to see beyond the veil of mundane reality. The crew could now sense the subtle currents of the Veil, and illusions that might have fooled them before became apparent.

Elralya, with her Elven senses, felt a connection to the ancestral energies resonating from the Eye. She could almost hear whispers of guidance from her forebears, guiding her through the challenges that lay ahead.

As the Eye of Clairvoyance completed its activation, the hum and glow reached a crescendo before settling into a steady resonance. Aldred opened his eyes, a newfound clarity in his gaze. The magical effects of the Eye extended beyond Aldred, enveloping the entire crew.

"We're ready," Aldred declared, his voice carrying a newfound confidence. "Let the Eye guide us through the Veil."

With the Eye of Clairvoyance leading the way, the Stardust Voyager's engines roared to life. The ship, now attuned to the mystical currents of the Veil, began its journey into the unknown.

As the Stardust Voyager sailed through the cosmic currents of the Veil, the crew braced themselves for the challenges the Elder had forewarned. The ethereal boundary between realms seemed to ripple and shift, reflecting the crew's own thoughts and fears.

The crew's journey through the Veil was far from uneventful. The Eye of Clairvoyance guided them through surreal landscapes where reality itself seemed to twist and contort. Strange apparitions appeared on the periphery of their vision, manifestations of the illusions born from the crew's minds.

"We haven't even entered the Veil and yet its power already affected space time!" Salamander frowned.

Aldred, Salamander, Shuzib, Elralya, and Cellaeth faced these illusions head-on, their resolve tested with each passing moment. Salamander, ever the warrior, confronted spectral enemies from his past battles, each strike met with an echoing clash of ethereal swords. Shuzib, the scientist, encountered ghostly equations that challenged the very foundations of his understanding, forcing him to question the nature of reality.

Elralya found herself surrounded by fleeting visions of her Elven ancestors, urging her to stay true to her purpose. Cellaeth, driven by a protective instinct, faced illusions of danger befalling the crew, testing her ability to discern reality from fiction.

Aldred slapped the enemies of his past with ease, however, he was then shocked when he heard a very familiar voice.


Aldred looked towards the source of that voice and his eyes widened. It was a woman with tight armor, short black hair, and sky blue eyes.


Mary sprinted towards Aldred, both arms spread wide, and then she hugged him, causing Aldred to take a step back.

Aldred was still in shock. "Her warmth. Her smell. It feels like you truly are here with me."

"What are you talking about? Of course, I am real. I will accompany you in your journey, just like how I always did."

Aldred's eyes faltered as Mary held both of his hands.

Suddenly, another woman materialized. She had kissable cheeks, slender fingers, soft blue eyes, and long blue hair.

She ran towards Aldred with a stick of a roasted fish in her hand. "Aldred!"

Just like Mary, she hugged him tight. "Where have you been? I've been waiting for you for so long! Here, I cooked this for you."

Mareona smiled. "I cooked it the way you liked. With the flowers I always kept with me."

And then, more woman materialized out of thin air. Rosy cheeks, straight black hair, big-chested and voluptuous body, staring at Aldred with shining hazel eyes.


Sophia rushed at him and hugged him tight as well with tears in her eyes. She was sobbing. "You. You left without a word!"

Aldred was increasingly overwhelmed at the sight of his wives appearing out of thin air.

"Hold it, Aldred! This isn't real!" he told himself. freewebnov(e)l

A short girl with tanned skin appeared with revealing gold and white robe. A golden crown atop her head with wavy, long, deep shaded taupe hair.

She glared and pouted at Aldred. "You! Where have you been all these time? Did you know how worried I am for you? Didn't you promise to always take me with you on every adventure!?"

"I… I am sorry. It's not within my control."

Stella Altum suddenly leaped on him and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Stupid! You make me worried sick!"

Aldred looked to the side and saw a woman with deep green eyes, graceful wavy blonde hair with well-endowed breast standing in a revealing nun dress.

She was staring at him with quietly with tears welled up in her eyes.

Aldred smiled at her and beckoned her to come. "Mira, come here."

Mira did not paused any longer and embraced him whole.

Soon after, Ivette, Rachel, Zafrina, Kiara, and Mally all appeared and began hugging him.

Aldred was overwhelmed with happiness. He smiled and laughed. "I finally find you guys. I will never leave you ever again. I promise!"

As Aldred said that, the space around him vibrated.



"ALDRED! Wake up!"

Aldred opened his eyes and saw Salamander shaking his shoulder back and forth.

"Get yourself together! We are under attack! We aren't the only one coming for the Veil!"

Aldred looked at the screen and saw numerous spacecraft battling each other outside.

"Go to your station and avoid getting us killed!" Salamander shouted before he returned to his seat and steered the spacecraft to dodge all the attacks.

Meanwhile, Aldred was still in disbelief.

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