Reincarnated as a Dog with System

Chapter 31 - Twin Trouble Part2
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Chapter 31 - Twin Trouble Part2

Ding. Strength [21 -] 36]

Qin Hua did not hesitate and quickly added all of her remaining stat points into her strength and chomped down on the little kid's frail legs.

Her canines gripped his leg and blood dripped down the bite mark, making the kid stumble. The boy immediately shifted his attention from Su Yan to the husky that was barking at him.

But Qin Hua had already dived into another shadow, and she once again launched at the kid from behind him, biting into the other leg.

The little boy fell down on his knees roaring like a wild animal and casting fireballs madly all around him, aiming at the floor of the long corridor, especially at the patches of dark shadows on it.

[Dash] Qin Hua wildly leaped around as fast as she could and dodged the fireballs coming at her, before she again pounced at the little kid, this time directly tearing at his throat.

Blood splattered from his carotid artery and as she bit down on him again, the boy finally fell down limp on the ground, his head separated from his body.

[Ding. 1 Level 11 Mana Zombie killed]

[6000 Experience points have been rewarded]

[Huff! Huff! Huff!] Qin Hua panted, thanking her lucky stars that the boy's defense was much weaker than his offense. If not… their lives could have truly ended right here and now…

But not all the danger had passed just yet. There was still the little girl who seemed to not care about her brother's death and continued to throw ice spears at Lu Chen.

Rings after rings of ice spears popped up around her and flew towards Lu Chen, each one of them sharp and capable of drawing blood.

But unlike Su Yan, Lu Chen had somehow managed to dodge all the spears, his body twisting and turning in various poses. This made Qin Hua think about his attributes and if he had gained a lot of agility just like her.

She suddenly realized that she could cast her Inspect skill on them as well and not just the zombies and mutated beasts around them.

But this was clearly not the time to be doing that.

Qin Hua saw Lu Chen miss dodging one of the ice spears, that directly hit him on his leg, slowing down his movements. She quickly leaped to chomp at the little girl's leg, breaking her momentum as well.

Just like the other kid, her defense was also pathetic.

Qin Hua only took 1 hit before finishing her off completely, with Lu Chen as well sending out two ice spears that stabbed the girl right in her heart, the pool of thick blood on the floor further increasing in size.

[Ding. 1 Level 10 Mana Zombie killed]

[5000 Experience points have been rewarded]

Ptui! Qin Hua spat out the flesh in her mouth and ignored the notifications which popped up. She quickly rushed to Su Yan's side to see how he was doing.

He looked to be in a lot of pain, only barely conscious. Even his face and neck had suffered a lot of burns, along with several parts of his body. He was clearly at his limit and was seriously injured.

"No. No. No." A few feet away, Lu Chen sobbed, as he dragged his wounded body towards Su Yan as well.

[Damn it! Damn it! What should I do now?] Tears leaked out of Qin Hua's eyes without her realizing it.

Her eyes darted here and there, before finally settling down on the torn apart corpse and quickly dragged the little boy's head near Su Yan.

[Wait. Wait. These cores helped me fill my stamina. They should also help him heal?]

At the bottom of the severed head, only lightly lodged in was a shining white orb, and this was bigger than all the others they had dug out until now.

The orb in fact also had a weird violet sheen to it, giving an ominous vibe.

[Inspect] Qin Hua muttered, not wanting to make things worse than they already were.

[Ding. Demonic Mana Core]

[Demonic? System, can I still absorb this?] She impatiently asked.

[Ding. Demonic cores have the ability to grant additional skills]

[Huh? No, I am asking if it is safe or not?]

However, Qin Hua did not receive any other answers and she had no other option but to try whatever was in her hand.

Su Yan's breathing was becoming more and more unsteady and she knew that she had to do something soon.

She quickly grabbed the severed head in her mouth as she didn't want to accidentally absorb the core herself and tilted it in an angle such that the white orb touched his injuries.

Shua! The demonic mana core immediately disappeared, its essence like always absorbed by the person who touched it.

And almost immediately, Qin Hua noticed the injuries on Su Yan's body slowly becoming better and better.

[Huff!] She was finally able to breathe.

As she turned around to haul the other head as well close to Su Yan in case this one wasn't sufficient to heal his injuries completely, a loud voice sounded behind her. The next second, a heavy kick landed on her, sending her body crashing to the wall.

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