Reincarnated As A Demonic Dragon, I Formed A Pact With A Beautiful Female Lord

Chapter 108 - 108 Master Demon Dragon Is Very Weak
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108 Master Demon Dragon Is Very Weak

Baili Yun had terminated the contract with Plague Messenger in exchange for the emerald-green bow and arrow that could bypass the Overlord Plane’s rules.

If Xu Yuan had blocked the arrow and gotten hit by it instead, he would have paid a great price. He could have been annihilated and sent back to the Hero Plane. However, he couldn’t dodge it because it would hit Su Wan. She would die permanently.

Therefore, he made up his mind and chose another way. He had caught the arrow and prevented it from hitting both him and Su Wan. This hadn’t been easy to do in his dragon form. His dragon form was too big. There was a possibility of getting pierced by the arrow.

So, he turned into a human and grabbed the arrow in his hands. Xu Yuan’s hands were covered in boils and pustules from the poison.

“Since you’re so eager to die, I will fulfill your wish,” said Xu Yuan.


The enemy had made the first move to kill, so Xu Yuan didn’t hold back either. He intended to use the Demonic Dragon’s Breath through the Dimensional Portal to destroy the Territory Core of the enemy.

“No!” cried Baili Yun.

He realized that Xu Yuan wanted to destroy his Territory Core! The dark flames would turn his troops against him. They would march in and destroy his territory! Baili Yun would die!

Su Wan should have been the one facing death, not him! However, the tables had turned.

“Plague Messenger, kill those skeletons!” said Baili Yun in desperation. He instinctively called out to his hero.

However, the Plague Messenger did not appear. Baili Yun remembered that he had terminated his contract with his hero just moments ago. His hero was gone!

Xu Yuan transformed into a dragon and flew toward the Dimensional Portal.

“No!” cried Baili Yun. “What are you doing?”

He was powerless. Baili Yun could do nothing but watch as the dragon flew through the Dimensional Portal and destroyed his Territory Core with one slash of his claw.

The Elemental Heart of the Territory Core was absorbed into one of the twelve dark energy balls floating at his back. It turned green. Xu Yuan had collected another element!

He flew back to the arena. Xu Yuan looked down at Baili Yun as he flew above.

In his last moments, Baili Yun wanted to surrender. If he forfeited, he would be teleported out of the arena.

Even if the Territory Core was destroyed, he could still live his life as the heir of the Baili family.


Before Baili Yun could finish his words, the Dark Dragon burned him. The crackling of the flames was loud. The enemy was obliterated.

Su Wan watched everything. Her heart was filled with sorrow. “Everything is over?”

Su Wan had recovered some of her strength. She could stand up with some difficulty. She looked around at the battlefield.

This place had been full of lust and towering trees before the fight. She felt sad looking at the ruin it had become.

Xu Yuan had changed back to his small dragon form. He sprawled on the ground, fast asleep.

The White Dragon Saint glared at Su Wan. “He blocked the arrow to save you!” he said. “Now, my master is injured!”

Su Wan’s heart felt heavy when she heard this. She staggered to Xu Yuan’s side. She picked him up in her arms and inspected his injuries carefully.

She didn’t find any wounds or scars on his body. Even his claws, with which he had stopped the arrow, were fine.

“He used all his energy to stop that arrow and fight,” said the White Dragon Saint. “Although his wounds have healed, the master is still very weak.”

Su Wan heaved a sigh of relief. “I am glad he is alright.”

She stroked Xu Yuan’s sleeping head. Su Wan’s gentleness left the White Dragon Saint speechless.

The White Dragon Saint didn’t know if he should tell her what Xu Yuan planned. He knew a little bit about his master’s plan.

Xu Yuan intended to sit back and let Su Wan fight. His goal was to make sure Su Wan didn’t rely on his strength too much. He wanted her to face the enemies herself in the future.

Although the White Dragon Saint understood this, he could not guess why Xu Yuan wanted to make Su Wan strong enough to fight the enemies herself.


What he didn’t know was that Su Wan was Xu Yuan’s symbiont. If Su Wan fought and killed the enemies, Xu Yuan would get X100 more attributes and experience points. Hence, Xu Yuan deliberately pretended to be weak in front of her.

This way, he could command his underlings to pretend to help her while he watched from afar. In the end, Su Wan would have to personally kill the enemy and clean her mess. It was the perfect plan!

Su Wan didn’t know any of this. She only remembered Xu Yuan rushing to defend her. She believed that he was injured and exhausted. He had saved her, after all. She couldn’t doubt him after all he had done for her.

“If you encounter enemies again, you might have to fight them alone after this,” said the White Dragon Saint.

His words made sense, but Su Wan was confused. Xu Yuan was out of the picture for now. But she still had her troops and the White Dragon Saint for the remaining fights. Why would she need to fight?

At this time, she felt that something was wrong. “White, are you leaving?” she asked.

Su Wan thought that he was leaving them for good.

The White Dragon Saint shook his head. “Why would you think that? I am not leaving. I will forever follow my master! I will help you if you encounter a problem.”

He would definitely make a move to help her. However, whether he would go easy on her or not was another matter entirely.

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