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Chapter 8 – Painting of Astronomical Value.
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Chapter 8 – Painting of Astronomical Value.

Everybody was momentarily dazed the moment that the painting appeared.

The owner of the painting clearly didn’t want other people to know of its existence, since he had stuck the painting to the inside of the vase.

Ye Zichen also smiled, the purple aura was coming from this painting.

He took the painting out and unrolled it...


Liu Yong and Xiao Hai pretty much said it at the same time.

“Young Master Xiao, let’s go and admire the painting together within the store?”

Liu Yong invited Xiao Hai inside.

Guo Qiang’s face nearly turned purple. He stayed in the antique street through most of the year, so he could naturally tell that the painting was real.

A real work by Bada Shanren[1] cost at least five million based on current market prices.

Damn, that was really bullshit luck.

“Qiang-ge, that painting...”

“What painting, let’s go!”

Guo Qiang replied angrily and left the antique street with Yao Yue.

“I really didn’t think that there was actually one of Bada Shanren’s real works within this fake blue and white porcelain.”

Liu Yong couldn’t help but exclaim, yet, his face also revealed a wry smile.

The young man had gone to him to sell the blue and white porcelain first, if he had bought it, then the painting would naturally be his.

However, Liu Yong was someone that could accept things, what is meant to come will arrive, what is not meant to be should not be forced. This was something that he understood.

While Xiao Hai and Liu Yong, the two art lovers admired the painting within the store, Su Yiyun and Ye Zichen smoked outside as they chuckled.

“Ye-zi, you’re rich.”


“Did you see Hai-ge’s expression? I’m telling you, Hai-ge is a lover of paintings, if he wants to buy it, he would definitely give you an astronomical price.”

“Is that so...”

Ye Zichen replied absentmindedly. Of course he could tell that Xiao Hai was someone who loved paintings, but at the same time, he could tell that the pawn shop owner was the same.

If both of them wanted to buy it, what should he do...

Just at that moment, Xiao Hai and Liu Yong walked out of the shop.

Liu Yong carefully placed the painting back in Ye Zichen’s hands, then looked towards him with something to say, before stopping himself.

Xiao Hai also did the same.

“Little bro, can I talk about something with you?”

Liu Yong was the first to be unable to resist speaking up.

“Please speak.”

Ye Zichen sighed in his heart, it really happened....

“Are you selling this painting? I want to buy your painting at the market price. However, I promise you that I definitely will not sell this painting, I just like it that much!”

“I actually let you say it first,” Xiao Hai shook his head and smiled. “Actually, I also want to buy this painting. The market price for this painting is about five million, I can give you seven million!”

Hearing Xiao Hai’s price, Ye Zichen suddenly raised his eyebrows.

Damn, seven million!

On the other hand, Su Yiyun was much calmer, he clearly understood Xiao Hai’s ability after knowing him for so long.

“Boss, how much can you give me?”

“What can I say when Young Master Xiao already said seven million. I’m not afraid of you making fun of me, but the most I can give is five million to buy it at market price.”

Liu Yong had a troubled expression. He was someone that loved calligraphies and paintings, when he saw the real work of Bada Shanren, he naturally thirsted for it.

Unfortunately, his opponent was Young Master Xiao...

“Sure, then I’ll sell this painting to the shop owner for five million.”

Ye Zichen hesitated momentarily, then placed the painting in the shop owner’s hands. At the same time, he also tried to explain his choice to Xiao Hai with a wry smile.

“Hai-ge, just now...”

“No need to explain to me, Boss Liu is someone that is famous for loving paintings like his own life within the circle. Selling it to him is the same as giving the painting a good home. I merely collect them, I don’t mind whether I have it or not.”

Xiao Hai waved his hands with a light smile.

After leaving the antique street, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but exclaim in his heart, while sitting in Su Yiyun’s car.

He had easily earned five million just by going to the antique street once.

However, he clearly understood that this was only brought to him by that miraculous WeChat group.

Yet, he still felt a bit troubled. That Xiao Hai was clearly an impressive person. Someone that could pay seven million to buy a painting wasn’t someone that he could just mess with.

“Ol’ Three, Hai-ge isn’t going to get mad over this, right?”

“You’re thinking too much,” Su Yiyun snickered. “Hai-ge isn’t someone that petty. I’m telling you, when you sold the painting to Liu Yong, Hai-ge even told me that you were an interesting person.”

“Interesting person? It’s not a derogatory term, right?

“Yes, it is. Just wait for death. Hai-ge is someone with a reputation in Bingcheng, you actually sold it to Liu Yong instead of him. He is very angry, hurry up and let me safeguard your phone, bank card and stuff. If you die, then at least I can still hand it to auntie.”

Su Yiyun swore in annoyance. Hearing that, Ye Zichen actually smiled happily in his heart.



Ye Zichen’s phone rang. When he picked up his phone, he raised his eyebrows. The person calling him was actually Commissioner Liu.

“Liu-ge, is your body fine?”

“Haha, it is,” Commissioner Liu smiled happily. “Lil’ Ye, thank you so much for yesterday.”

“Liu-ge is too courteous.”

“Haha, Lil’ Ye, the reason Liu-ge called you this time is to beg something of you. Do you have time to come over to Liu-ge’s?”

Ye Zichen was very nervous.

Commissioner Liu was the commissioner of the city’s police department. He was merely a poor university student, Commissioner Liu begging him to do something didn’t seem right.

However, since he said that, Ye Zichen couldn’t very well refuse.

“Sure, then tell me the address Liu-ge, I’ll come over now.”

Su Yiyun asked after Ye Zichen hung up the call.

“A call from Commissioner Liu?”

Ye Zichen nodded without denying anything and thought about the contents of the call just now.

“Commissioner Liu told me to go over to his place, so take me over there.”

They decided to meet at a high-class business club. The moment he arrived, Ye Zichen saw Commissioner Liu and Officer Zhang standing outside the club, as if they were waiting for him.

“Lil’ Ye.”

“Commissioner-Commissioner Liu?”

If it wasn’t for him hearing Commissioner Liu’s voice, Ye Zichen really wouldn’t be able to recognize him.

Commissioner Liu was a normal middle-aged man over forty years old the previous day. Yet, as of right now, Ye Zichen would have suspected him of having plastic surgery if they had not met the previous day.

“You don’t recognize me?”

Commissioner Liu chuckled. His chuckle was full of power, then he nodded when he saw Su Yiyun, who stood off to the side.

“Isn’t this Old Su’s child?”

“Commissioner Liu.”

Su Yiyun nodded with a smile, but was very shocked in his heart.

When everyone sat down, Ye Zichen was still drowning in the shock that Commissioner Liu had brought him.

How did a person change like this after a day!

“Lil’ Ye, Liu-ge waited here for you for so long.”

“Commissioner Liu...”

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen didn’t know how to reply. Making the city’s police department’s police commissioner wait in person for him was definitely something he could brag about for a year.

“Don’t be courteous with your Liu-ge,” Commissioner Liu patted Ye Zichen’s shoulders. Then, a light flashed in his eyes, “Lil’ Ye, your family should be from there, right?”


Ye Zichen was completely confused!

From there?

From where?

Seeing Ye Zichen’s reaction, Commissioner Liu shook his head and smiled lightly.

“You’re still playing dumb with Liu-ge, isn’t it all thanks to your pill that Liu-ge can be like this.”


Commissioner Liu’s heart disease could only be said to be a lifelong problem, yet, he found out his heart disease was completely cured after his checkup today. Even his metabolism had returned to what is was when he was thirty years old.

From Lil’ Zhang’s words, he was certain that Ye Zichen was definitely someone from there.


Ye Zichen continued to be confused.

“Never mind! Liu-ge is also someone that knows the rules, so I won’t ask too much.”

Commissioner Liu shook his head with a smile. Hearing that, Ye Zichen asked while he was completely confused.

“Commissioner Liu, what did you ask me to come here for?”

“I’m bringing you to see a friend.”

Commissioner Liu patted Ye Zichen’s shoulders and replied with a smile.

[1] Bada Shanren is a famous Chinese calligrapher and artist

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