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Chapter 28 – Deconstruction Incident
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Chapter 28 – Deconstruction Incident

Ten days later.

It could be said that Ye Zichen was completely immersed in his own little world due to studying that Unbreakable Body, even though he wished to stop, he couldn’t.

The secret scripture that Erlang Shen had sent him was Level 1 of Unbreakable Body. It could pretty much stop knives, lances and sticks.

However, it couldn’t really do much against hot weapons, such as firearms.

Basically, this Unbreakable Body was a layer of protective qi, and it could be released and retracted whenever he wanted to. You would release it when you wanted to use it, and retract it when you didn’t.

In one word.


“Ye-zi, what are you doing on the weekend? How about going out with me?”

Su Yiyun leaned on his expensive Ferrari and raised his eyebrows towards Ye Zichen.

“No time, I have to go home and bring my mom over here.”

Before he had even finished, Ye Zichen’s phone rang.

The caller ID was Auntie. Actually, this Auntie wasn’t his relative, it was a neighbor.

However, she has always helped out his home a lot.


Ye Zichen smiled slightly, then very quickly turned somber.

“Alright, I understand.”


He hung up.

After the call had ended, Ye Zichen’s expression was terrifyingly dark.

“Ye-zi, what happened?”

“Ye-zi, what exactly is going on?”

Su Yiyun was very worried as he looked at Ye Zichen’s dark expression.

Ye Zichen remained silent, but his clenched fists did not relax one bit.

“Ol’ Three, take me back home.”

Ye Zichen’s home was in a small village outside of Bingcheng. Due to the development of the rural areas, the surrounding villages and areas were gradually being bought by the developers and being deconstructed.

Several tens of people surrounded a fallen building. Most of these people were villagers of the village.

Most of them held stuff like shovels and pickaxes in their hands. Opposite them, there were also ten odd men in black vests, holding sticks in their hands, standing with the developers.


Just at this moment, a voice rang out from the crowd.

The surrounding villagers and the people with the developers looked over.

“Isn’t that the child from Lil’ Ye’s family?”

Many of the villagers recognized him. At the same time, a woman walked out from beside the debris.

Although the woman dressed simply, she had an aura around her, and her smile was extremely intimate.

She was Ye Zichen’s mother, Ye Rong.

“Zichen, why did you come back?”

Ye Rong’s voice was mixed with a surprise that was hard to hide. Ye Zichen quickly ran over to her side and checked her thoroughly.

“Mom, are you alright!?”

“I’m fine, when the developers knocked down the building, mom was with your auntie.”

Ye Rong had a smile on her face, as if her mood was not affected by the forceful deconstruction of her home at all.

Ye Zichen looked at that debris and felt a sense of relief.

If his mom was truly in there at the time...

Thinking about how close danger was to his mom, Ye Zichen was unable to suppress the fires raging in his heart.

He quickly walked in front of the villagers and looked at the developers.

“Who’s in charge here?”

“I am.”

A man about thirty years old walked out from within the group.

“Do you know how dangerous forced deconstruction is? What if there was someone inside?”

“So what if there’s a person in there? I’m telling you, it would be better if someone was in there. If one died, then just treat it as us making an example of him. It’s just a life, it’s not like we can’t afford to compensate for it.”

The developer leader’s voice was full of disdain. Hearing that, all of the villagers revealed an expression of rage. Ye Zichen’s gaze also instantly turned cold.


Ye Zichen clenched his fists forcefully, then stared closely at that developer.

Say that again?”

“Brat, don’t get pretentious here. I’m telling you, if someone died from the forced deconstruction, then so be it, if he did, then he just got lucky.”


Ye Zichen threw a card onto the developer’s leader’s face.

“There’s five million in that card.”

“What do you want do?”

“What?” A cold light flashed across Ye Zichen’s eyes. “I’m buying your life.”

“Brat, you are f*cking looking for death, right?” The developer’s leader roared and shouted at the fighters behind him. “Teach him a lesson for me.”

“What, are you letting me sleep?”

At that moment, a young man with a cigarette in his mouth walked down besides the black business car.

The young man walked towards Ye Zichen with a frown. The developer’s leader immediately smiled and apologized.

“Young Master Huang, someone wants to cause trouble.”

“Who dares to cause trouble on my turf,” The young man looked up with a frown. When he saw Ye Zichen...

“Young-Young Master Ye.”

“This is your project, right?”

“Young-Young Master Ye, it’s all a misunderstanding. It really is only a misunderstanding.”

The young man in front of him was Xiao Hai’s cousin, Huang Ming. This project actually wasn’t theirs, he just came here to try and get in on it, and to see if he could get something out of it with using his cousin’s name.

“Misunderstanding?” Ye Zichen suddenly laughed. “You’re standing here, and you’re telling me it’s all a misunderstanding?”

“Young Master Huang...”

“Young Master Huang your mom, hurry up and apologize to Young Master Ye.”

Huang Ming slapped the developer’s face and yelled.

The developer leader immediately cleared up with Huang Ming’s slap. It was clear to him that even Huang Ming couldn’t afford to piss the young man in front of him off.

“Young Master Ye, it’s myself that have eyes that can’t recognize Mt. Tai...”

“Stop it, I don’t want to hear that much,” Ye Zichen pointed to the card on the ground. “This card is the card used to buy your life. Enjoy it before I find you. I will come to take it.”

“As for you...” Ye Zichen pointed towards Huang Ming. “I will deal with you, but not now!”

“Young Master Ye, this really is a misunderstanding, please let me explain,” Huang Ming begged, while his forehead and back became covered with sweat.

“Young Master Ye, Young Master Ye...”

“Zichen, you can’t really be...” Hearing that Ye Zichen said he was going to buy the developer’s life, Ye Rong felt rather afraid.

“I’m just scaring him.”

“You child...”

Ye Rong’s expression was full of blame, but not too much reproach.

Ye Zichen smiled at her, then glanced at the developer on the ground.

“These sorts of people need to be scared.”


Ye Rong shook her head with a helpless expression. Ye Zichen chuckled, then held her hand.

“Mom, since our home has been taken down, come to live near me.”

“That’s alright,” Ye Rong looked helplessly at the pile of debris. It was indeed not possible to continue living there. “But the cost of living is rather high there. We haven’t signed a contract with the developers, what if they don’t give us money after we leave?”

“He doesn’t dare to not give us the money, am I right, Young Master Huang...”

Ye Zichen glanced at Huang Ming with a cold laugh. When Huang Ming felt this gaze, he felt cold sweat drip down over his body, causing him to continuously nod.

“Yes, yes, yes, we will definitely pay the money.”

“Then thank you, Young Master Huang.”

“Young Master Huang, save me,” When Ye Zichen and Ye Rong left from the crowd, the developer’s leader, grabbed Huang Ming’s hand tightly. Huang Ming kicked him away immediately, “Save your ass, laozi is finding it hard to even save myself.”

He took out his phone tremblingly and spoke into it with a worried expression.

“Biaoge, I seem to have gotten into trouble.”

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