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Chapter 22 – A Grey for the Booster Goddess
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Chapter 22 – A Grey for the Booster Goddess

A light-speed first blood.

Everyone in the dormitory was shocked as they watched Ye Zichen, who was relaxing completely naturally.

When they were playing LoL before, they were terribly thankful if Ye Zichen didn’t give up first blood. The fact that he actually got first blood completely shocked them.

“The Fiora on the other side is too crappy, right? Ol’ Five got first blood!”

“Is his biaodi playing or something?”

“My god...”

Ye Zichen also showed a shocked expression. Indeed, he had never met this sort of situation before.

Could what they said be true? It really was the cousin playing on the other side?

At the same time, in the voice chat for LoL.

“Goddess, what happened, how did a Master give first blood to a Gold?”

Shocked exclamations sounded out across the voice chat. They were a set elo-booster team from all over the country.

The one playing Fiora was the only female on the team. Her main account was Master on Ionia, people in the circle all called her Booster Goddess.

“I got distracted.”

The Booster Goddess answered vaguely. When she said this, she blushed a little.

Actually, she was concentrating fully when she was fighting just now, she just didn’t know how the other person dodged all her abilities.

Their manipulation of the champion could be only described as completely fluent. It didn’t seem like a Gold player at all.

“Could the other person be an elo booster as well?”

The Booster Goddess had her suspicions. But so what, as a Master player, even if she meets other elo boosters, she wasn’t afraid.

“This time I’ll play properly and destroy him.”

The Booster Goddess laughed coldly, causing the people in voice chat to instantly cheer.

These people had played together for a very long time, they understood each other’s strengths very well. The Booster Goddess was the best in terms of controls on the team.

The team had utmost confidence in her.


An ally has been slain.

The Booster Goddess was slain once again in less than three minutes of laning.

“Ye-zi, what happened. You solo-killed her again!”

“Damn, it can’t be. Could it be that Fifth bro has a talent for top...”

Everyone in the dorm raised their eyebrows. At the same time, the booster team also exploded in voice chat.

“Goddess, have you been drinking?”

“Goddess, don’t worry, wait for me to gank him!”

The Booster Goddess turned silent as she stared at the dark screen.

That shouldn’t have happened!

She was Master!

“I don’t believe it!”

Booster Goddess turned completely serious. At the same time, Kang Peng also returned from the bathroom. Right after entering the room, Ye Zichen returned Riven to him.

“Wow, not bad, Ye-zi. You killed two? The biaodi is playing on the other side, right?”


Ye Zichen was speechless, he truly had no way to stand up in the dorm when it came to LoL.

With two kills, Riven against Fiora was a huge advatange.

Kang Peng swore that he would wreck the other side...

“Big bro, what happened?”

“Even Ye-zi wrecked him, you still got killed even when you are an item ahead?”

The entire dorm mocked Kang Peng, while a round of laughter sounded out in the booster team’s voice chat.

“The Goddess is back.”

Booster Goddess also smiled a bit. Like she thought, how could she, a Master, be unable to defeat the other side.

She just had been careless early on.

After that, Booster Goddess solo-killed Kang Peng’s Riven four more times. The entire dorm groaned, while Kang Peng also got angry, as he swore while pushing his keyboard to the side.

“F*ck, the other side is definitely an elo booster.”

“How about I give it a go?” Ye Zichen got a bit excited, he clearly felt that the speed of his hands and his reaction speed had improved greatly when he was playing Riven just now

It was obvious that the Body Enhancing Pill was taking effect.

“Then give it a shot.”

Kang Peng’s mood was sullen, so he just decided to let Ye Zichen play for him.

“Goddess, what happened again?”

Within a minute of Ye Zichen playing, he directly killed Fiora.

“An accident.”

However, before a minute has passed, when the Booster Goddess had just reached the lane...

She died again.

Like this, Ye Zichen killed the Booster Goddess a few more times, then went to help mid and bot a few times.

Solo-top Riven became their dear papa.

Then the game ended.

Ye Zichen essentially carried the entire game by himself.

If you had to say it in one phrase, it would be a god carrying four trolls.

After the game ended, the amazing score showed everything, and Kang Peng got crushed by the other side.

No matter how dumb everyone was, they could guess that Ye Zichen was truly good, and the other side definitely wasn’t being piloted by a noob.

“C’mon, start another game. Ye-zi, continue playing top.”


Although the booster team lost, no one blamed the Booster Goddess, they merely thought that the goddess was not in her proper conditions.

They cheered each other up in voice chat a bit, then started another game.

“We crashed, it’s them again...”

Room 2016 and the booster team said at the same time.

“So what if we crashed, let’s wreck them...”

Ye Zichen was completely confident in his capabilities.

At the same time, the Booster Goddess also smiled when she saw Ye Zichen’s number.

This time, she was still top. She played Irelia, who was definitely a strong champion in this patch.

Ye Zichen used Pantheon. If there was no surprises, then he would definitely get wrecked.

“I must wash away the shame from the previous game!”

The Booster Goddess silently swore in her heart. She directly started off with Doran’s Blade. What surprised people was that Ye Zichen’s Pantheon did the same.

A fight between powerhouses must have a death....

Yes, the Booster Goddess was wrecked by Ye Zichen once again.

Ye Zichen carried his team to victory was again, while the Booster Goddess, who was wrecked twice, directly said in voice chat.

“I’m not playing anymore. I’m not in the proper condition, find someone else to carry.”

With that, she quit the voice chat.

As she looked at her pitiful score, she clenched her teeth and chose to add Ye Zichen as a friend.

Old Friend as sent a friend request.


Ye Zichen: What, you want to curse me?

Old Friend: Do you dare to tell me your WeChat? I feel like you hacked, I want to solo you offline.

Ye Zichen: You’re so childish? What? You want to pretend to be a mob on the internet now?

Old Friend: I’m just asking if you dare!

Ye Zichen: Nope!


After sending that, Ye Zichen directly deleted the Booster Goddess as friend and added her to the ignore list.

“What did he say to you just now?”

Kang Peng asked curiously, while Ye Zichen rolled his eyes.

“Idiot wants to solo me offline, I can tell that he’s underaged, so I just ignored him.”

“Haha, that’s pretty dumb. Play a bit more?”

“Play your ass, just what time is it? Let’s sleep.”

Ye Zichen pushed the keyboard to the side, then jumped into his bed to lie down.

While Ye Zichen did that, at the same time, in a certain girl’s dorm in Polytechnic University...

A very sweet-looking girl with a bit of baby fat sat cross-legged on a chair and looked at the account that disappeared from her friend list, as well as the conversation that she didn’t close...

“This is pissing me off, pissing me off...”

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