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Chapter 18 – Buying a useless piece of rock
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Chapter 18 – Buying a useless piece of rock

“Expert Liu, didn’t you say that this ore would definitely give out jade?”

As Ye Zichen looked at the grey and white face that had been cut, Ye Zichen revealed a mocking smile.

“No one will know what the result will be until the very end.”

Elder Liu replied forcefully. Meanwhile, Director Bai had also started the second cut.

It was still showing a grey and white face without a single hint of green.

“He lost, definitely lost.”

“Cut again!”

It was still a grey and white face.

“Cut again!”

During the second cut, the many experienced people already knew that he had definitely lost the bet on this ore.

However, Director Bai didn’t believe it, he couldn’t believe that such a promising ore was actually a piece of useless rock.

After six cuts, the huge ore fell into pieces.

Only at this moment did Director Bai looked at the pieces on the floor with a dark expression without saying anything.

“Director Bai is truly bold, actually spending several tens of millions to buy a useless piece of rock. He definitely is a prime example for our industry.”

When Xiao Yumei saw that the rock really didn’t give out any jade, she did not forget to verbally attack Director Bai, that one who had been opposing her everywhere, who was being shocked about Ye Zichen’s ability.

“Heh, Xiao Yumei, don’t be so full of yourself. I did lose when gambling on this stone, but I can afford it. But you? If you don’t manage to buy good jade, then your jewelry chain can sit and wait for its closure.”

Director Bai snorted, then left from the crowd. Due to his words, Xiao Yumei’s originally good mood was ruined.

True, if she doesn’t manage to buy some good rocks, then...

“Expert Liu, why did the rock not give out any jade?”

Ye Zichen didn’t know why, but he just didn’t like the look of this expert, so walked in front of him and mocked him a little when the rock had been completely cut...

“Stone gambling relies on luck, by the appearance of that rock, it should gave given out jade, but who could have known that it was just on the surface and that it tricked everyone.”

“Don’t find so many excuses if you just aren’t educated enough. Why did this rock not trick me?” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth. “Just now I said that the rock would not give out jade, I wonder who it was that retorted against me so angrily!”

“Young man, this old man had been in the circle for ten-odd years, I’ve seen more ores than the number of grains of rice you have eaten. You only got it right once, don’t be so cocky.”

Elder Liu replied with the tone of a senior teaching a junior a lesson. Ye Zichen shrugged, then looked around at the different ores.

A piece of black and square ore caught Ye Zichen’s eye. This rock wasn’t small and was at least a hundred kilograms.

However, it had no patterns and did not show any greenness. It had clearly become a useless rock in the eyes of everyone.

“What does Elder Liu think about this rock?”

“A mere piece of useless rock.”

Elder Liu replied with a careless glance.

“Director Xiao,” Ye Zichen waved towards Xiao Yumei.

“Zichen, I didn’t manage to thank you yet. It was fortunate that you told me not to buy that piece of rock, otherwise, I really would have lost everything.”

“Director Xiao is too courteous.”

“Stop calling me Director Xiao. It seems like I’m a bit older than you. If you don’t mind, then call me Mei-jie.”

Ye Zichen truly had helped her out a lot, she only had a bit more than forty million in liquid assets, if she bought and lost the bet on that rock, she might have already committed suicide.


Ye Zichen wasn’t a fool, other people couldn’t even begin to wish for such a beautiful older sister.

“Ha, look and see if there is any ores you like here. Older sister will buy one for you.”

“Sis, buy this one.”

Ye Zichen pointed at that square and black rock.

“This one?” Xiao Yumei frowned. Although she didn’t know how to select rocks, she did understand some of the basics.

This rock was clearly an useless piece of rock. If they bought it, they would definitely lose on it.

“That rock is clearly an useless piece of rock. How about sis helping you pick another one? Don’t worry, sis will pay for you,” Xiao Yumei said in goodwill. Ye Zichen helped her out many times, and had refused money in return, so she wanted to repay him through other means.

“No need, it looking promising doesn’t mean that it will give out jade. Wasn’t the one just now a good lesson?”

The moment Ye Zichen said that, Director Bai and Elder Liu, who were not far away clearly tensed up.

Xiao Yumei also nodded with a smile. Since Ye Zichen wanted to buy this one, then she’d buy it.

“I’ll take this piece of rock.”

Xiao Yumei handed the card over. When Elder Liu saw that, he couldn’t help but shake his head.

“It would be weird the company doesn’t go bankrupted when you don’t use money in the right places.”

“Elder Liu, watch your tongue,” Xiao Yumei said coldly. She didn’t have time to deal with this old man yet.

His random picking nearly caused her to lose everything. However, she didn’t cause trouble for him, she never would have thought that he would say these sort of depressing things in front of her again.

Director Bai, who had lost a lot of money just now from stone gambling, also laughed coldly.

“Director Xiao, the jewelry stores couldn’t have given you too much pressure, causing you to go mad, right? You are actually buying a piece of useless rock?”

“Director Bai, right?” Ye Zichen glanced at Director Bai and said. “Director Bai was quite right in the head just now, you used several tens of millions to buy a useless piece of rock. Truly bold!”

“Say that again?”

Since Ye Zichen mentioned his sore spot, Director Bai nearly coughed up blood due to his anger.

He raised his finger and pointed at Ye Zichen’s nose, but then he heard a cold laugh beside him.

“If you don’t want your finger to leave your hand, then take your hand back.”

“Young-Young Master Su!”

The person that spoke up for Ye Zichen just now was of course Su Yiyun. When Director Bai saw him, it was like a mouse seeing a cat, since his entire forehead was quickly covered in sweat.

“My bro can buy whatever he wants to buy, how is it any of your business? You think you have a good judgement after using several tens of millions to buy a piece of useless rock? I’m telling you, even if my bro bets wrongly, I can afford the loss!”

“Young Master Su is right!”

“F*ck off!”

Su Yiyun chased Director Bai away. Seeing that, Xiao Yumei was still in shock as she looked at Su Yiyun, who was walking towards them, and said.

“Young Master Su.”

“Director Xiao!”

Su Yiyun’s attitude towards Xiao Yumei was also very friendly due to Ye Zichen.

“I didn’t think that Zichen was actually Young Master Su’s friend, it seems like older sister was stupid, I actually wanted to help you buy an ore. You could easily buy the ore yourself.”

Xiao Yumei took a step back, but Ye Zichen shook his head.


“Mei-jie, I’m just a poor student. I definitely cannot afford such a large piece of ore. You buy it for me.”

A strange look flashed across Su Yiyun’s eyes. He did understand Ye Zichen.

Although Ye Zichen liked to con people, he definitely wouldn’t do it to people he was familiar with.

What’s more, he had at least five million in his card, this unpromising looking rock was at most four thousand per kilogram, he could easily afford it.

Yet, Ye Zichen chose to get Xiao Yumei to buy this rock. Could it be that this rock would give out jade?

“Alright, then older sister will buy it for you.”

Xiao Yumei did not hesitate and directly bought the ore for Ye Zichen.

“I think that you deliberately came to con Director Xiao’s money.”

Elder Liu said darkly once again. Ye Zichen merely smiled in reply and called the stonecutter over.

“Cut the rock!”

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