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Chapter 10 – The Peach of Immortality shows its effects
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Chapter 10 – The Peach of Immortality shows its effects

“Lil’ Ye, just now, you went to...”

Xiao Hai’s expression was filled with anticipation. Ye Zichen handed the peach over with a shrug.

“There aren’t anymore of the Great Recovery Pill, please take this peach.”


Everyone in the room pretty much drew a blank as to why he came back with just a peach. Huang Ming even swore.

“Brat, what do you mean by this?! We came to ask for a Great Recovery Pill, and now you’re trying to fool us with a crappy peach?”

Crappy peach?

Ye Zichen’s expression immediately turned ugly. Huang Ming had been causing trouble from the start. Even a person with very good temper would get angry.

“How’s it your business when I’m speaking to your biaoge?”

“Say that again?”

Huang Ming angrily stood up from the sofa. Nobody had dared to speak to him like that while he was in Bingcheng.

“Huang Ming!”

Xiao Hai also became upset, they had come here to ask for someone else to do things for them. Was this the attitude they were supposed to have?!

All of a sudden, he started regretting it, he really shouldn’t have brought Huang Ming over.

“Hai-ge, I think I’ll take my leave first. If you don’t want that peach, then just throw it away.”

Ye Zichen turned around and left. Seeing that, Su Yiyun also followed behind him.

That brat, Huang Ming, was far too cocky, so he didn’t much like him either.

“Lil’ Hai, I’ll leave as well.”

Commissioner Liu smiled coldly and left with Officer Zhang in tow, in an instant only Xiao Hai and Huang Ming were left.

“Biaoge, that brat didn’t view you properly at all. He’s purely messing with us.”

“Shut up!”

Xiao Hai was mad.

The situation wouldn’t be like this if it wasn’t for Huang Ming!

Xiao Hai hesitated for a few moments after looking at the peach on the tea table, then decided to bring it back anyway.

“Ye-zi, what exactly are you doing? Why do I feel like I don’t really get you?”

Su Yiyun asked with curiosity written all over his face on the way back.

“I’m just merely a poor student!”

“Pfft, you really are shameless. I’ll believe it if you had said you’re a poor student before, you actually dare to say you’re poor now?”

Su Yiyun twitched his mouth. Ye Zichen already had a card with five million inside. If he was still calling himself poor, then what about other people?

“Don’t say anything back at the dorm.”

Commissioner Liu’s situation was too shocking. If the people at the dorm found out, then they would definitely spread it with their big mouths.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely stay silent. What’s more, you also know that I don’t live at the dorm.”

“That’s good.”

Back at the school, Ye Zichen felt the way the students at school looked at him was a bit weird.

The finger pointing of everyone around him caused him to feel rather uneasy, so he could only walk even quicker to get back to the dorm.

“Su Yan, look, isn’t that the guy that smashed people with underworld money!”

Two girls stood at a distance not far away from Ye Zichen and looked him over.

“Mhmm, it really is.”

Su Yan, the school beauty of Polytechnic University.

She was at a height which caused people to look up to her for she was thrice blessed, family background, her academic achievement and her appearance. She was the dream girl for countless men at Polytechnic University.

“When the news came out on the school forums, I had thought that he was a rich second-generation.”

“What, you like rich second-generations?”

Su Yan smiled playfully, while the girl beside her pouted.

“Pfft, I don’t like those rich second-generations.”

“Then that’s it!”

“But I feel like this person is mean, just how unlucky it was for the person who was smacked with underworld money!”

“Really? I feel like that guy’s rather interesting,” Su Yan smiled towards Ye Zichen’s back, then pulled on the girl beside her. “Keke, let’s go back.”

“Interesting? Why don’t I feel that?!”

Keke also looked towards Ye Zichen one last time before leaving with Su Yan.

“Ol’ Five, you are a celebrity in school now.”

Zhang Rui played with his phone as he laid on his bed. Ye Zichen also understood why the students looked at him so oddly.

The underworld money situation had been found out.

His candy coating of being a fake rich second-generation was discovered, so he naturally caught the attention of others.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but to twitch his mouth at the comments underneath the new thread.

A rich second-generation was found to be pretending to be poor was definitely something that people loved, but since it was the opposite was what people felt disgusted with.

Ye Zichen naturally did not care about all of this. He was the one who knew best about his current strength, and the most important thing right now was to satisfy the Monkey King.

“Great Sage!”

“Hurry and send it over to Old Sun!”

Great Sage Sun replied instantaneously once again.

Ye Zichen actually felt a little proud when faced with this kind of reply speed, it seemed like his position with Great Sage Sun was rather high.

“Alright, little deity will send it over to Great Sage now.”

Ye Zichen scanned a bottle of Wahaha Calcium Milk, causing a huge red packet to instantly appear on the screen.

“Why is there only one?”

The Monkey King replied with three angry emojis behind the message.

“Great Sage, this sort of treasure can only be gotten by chance. This little deity only had one left, originally I had wanted to keep it for myself to enjoy...”

“Stop pretending with Old Sun. Do you believe that Old Sun would not call out you in the group?”

He is threatening me!

The corner of Ye Zichen’s mouth raised in a smirk.

“Then go ahead say it, Great Sage. What this little deity said is all truth. If Great Sage doesn’t believe it, then that can’t be helped. However, if you point this little deity out, then there will not only be Great Sage that is asking this little deity for private red packets!”

“Never mind, I, Old Sun, will let you go this time!”

“Thank you, Great Sage!”


Your intimacy level with the Monkey King increased by 10, 60 more is needed to reached Trusted.

Ye Zichen smiled as he looked at the intimacy level on the screen.

He understood the logic of rare goods will bring about a large profit.

He had only just gotten in contact with the Monkey King’s interest in Wahaha. That’s why he wanted to limit it, to make the Wahaha really rare. Only then, would it pique the Monkey King’s interest and cause the Monkey King not to feel like he was taking a loss.

After lurking in the group for so long, he noticed that there was just a few people that actively chatted in the group every day, and they usually chatted about topics that Ye Zichen didn’t understand.

Seeing that the people in the group had stopped handing out red packets, Ye Zichen threw his phone towards the side of his pillow and laid on the bed, while thinking about that peach.

I wonder what that peach actually tastes like!

Meanwhile, back at the Xiao family home.

Xiao Hai had brought Ye Zichen’s peach back, but he couldn’t get his grandpa to eat it immediately.

Ignoring the fact that his grandpa was so ill that he couldn’t even open his mouth, he could only use liquids to maintain his metabolism; he needed a medical team to check the peach over first to see what effects it really did have.

When the door to the mansion opened, Xiao Hai ushered the medical team in. Yet, when he arrived in the living room, he found that the peach was already gone...

“Lil’ Hai, you came back.”

A young mistress walked down from the second floor. Xiao Hai didn’t dare to speak when he saw her.

If he was judging only through the voice, it should be his mother, Cui Xuefang.

“Lil’ Hai, what are you spacing out for?”


Xiao Hai opened and shut his mouth like a carp, causing Cui Xuefang to reach out her hand to touch his forehead.

“Silly child, why are you acting like this?”


“Mom, do you know what changes have happened to you?”

“What changes happened to me?”

Cui Xuefang rolled her eyes at Xiao Hai, but when ahe glanced over at the living room’s mirror and saw her own face, she was instantly stupefied.

Then, she quickly walked over to the mirror.


“Mom, did you eat the peach that was on the tea table?”



Xiao Hai slapped his thigh and screamed into his phone, which he had taken out from his pocket.

“Huang Ming, immediately go and apologize to Ye Zichen. If he doesn’t forgive you, then just wait to till he does!”

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