Reborn Missy An Adorable Wife

Chapter 37: A New Attempt
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Chapter 37: A New Attempt

"For the time being, I'll be staying in City Y. You can come over anytime to treat me."

Rong Yu handed a business card to Gu Qingchen. "When you enter and leave Dynasty Hotel, show this business card and someone will naturally bring you here. I hope that the next time I see Ms. Gu, your title will become Doctor Gu."

Rong Yu smiled at Gu Qingchen, just like when she first met him. He returned to his humble and elegant appearance, and his smile was filled with the aura of spring.

At this moment, Gu Qingchen no longer simply thought that Rong Yu was a gentle and harmless person. Instead, she had labeled Rong Yu as dangerous.

However, she was not as afraid of him as Doctor Hua or Tang Feng. Gu Qingchen had this kind of personality in her bones. The more she fought, the braver she became. Otherwise, she would not have chosen to risk her life in the drug testing industry after taking on a huge amount of debt. She was not willing to sell her looks to earn money.

She took the business card from Rong Yu's hands and looked. There was only a dark black print on the business card. The two words "Rong Yu" were dark gold. It was very concise, but not simple.

If someone in the industry saw it, they would be amazed. The dark black print on the business card was made by a top international designer. Even the dark gold name was printed on with a special material. It was not a dye, instead, it was inlaid bit by bit after being tempered with gold powder many times.

Just this name alone cost an unknown amount of top-grade gold.

It was low-key, luxurious, and perfectly portrayed.

Gu Qingchen raised her eyes again. The light in her eyes was very dazzling, which made Rong Yu look at her in a new light. The corners of his lips curled up into a beautiful arc.

Although this name card was very light, Gu Qingchen felt that it was heavy in her hand. "Okay."

Just one word was as heavy as a thousand pounds.

After thinking for a while, Gu Qingchen still asked, "Since you asked me to be your personal physician, I want to know, what is your illness?"

Although she could ask her master when she went back, Gu Qingchen felt that it was best to ask the person concerned for the information.

"If it's your illness, for the time being, it's just that your body is a little weak. As for the cause of your illness... I'm also looking for an answer."

It was rare for Gu Qingchen to catch a trace of confusion in Rong Yu's eyes. However, in just an instant, the confusion disappeared without a trace.

Rong Yu turned to look at Gu Qingchen with a smile as if he did not care about his own body. "In the future, I'll have to trouble Ms. Gu with my body. I hope you're worth it."

Gu Qingchen paused, her ears burning. After calming down, she nodded and said, "I understand."

It had to be said that Rong Yu's words sometimes really made her fantasize. Those words seemed to have magic power and drilled into her heart.


Rong Yu called out softly, and soon the butler appeared at the door of the study. He stood there respectfully and waited for Rong Yu's instructions as if he had been standing there the whole time.

"Send Ms. Gu back."

The butler lowered his eyebrows and answered, "Yes, Young Master."

He turned to look at Gu Qingchen and said respectfully, "Ms. Gu, this way please."

Gu Qingchen did not stay any longer. She did not know anything at the moment, and she had not even learned how to do pulse diagnosis. Otherwise, she could give Rong Yu a general check-up today.

It seemed that she had to go back and study hard to find a way to treat Rong Yu as soon as possible.

After the butler sent Gu Qingchen away, he returned to the villa and saw Rong Yu sitting in the wheelchair again, basking in the sun in the backyard.

"She has been sent away."

With his back facing the butler, Rong Yu said faintly. It was not a question, but a statement.

The butler walked over and looked at his young master. He could not help but move the parasol to cover Rong Yu.

Feeling the shadow, Rong Yu smiled gently and murmured, "It seems that I can't even get the Sun now."

The butler was worried. "Young master, do you really want Ms. Gu to treat you? She is... too young. Even if she is Doctor Hua's disciple, her medical skills are definitely not as good as Doctor Hua's."

The butler could not understand what Rong Yu wanted to do. He could not help it. His young master had been like this since he was young. No one could understand what he was thinking. On the contrary, he could understand what the others were thinking.

Facing his butler, Rong Yu stopped smiling. That indifferent expression seemed to match his real personality even more.

"It doesn't matter. Grandfather thinks highly of Gu Qingchen. Even Doctor Hua thinks that Gu Qingchen's luck is very good. Although I don't believe in such illusory things as luck, my grandfather believes in it. I'll just go along with it."

The world was a farce. People were the actors of this farce.

In the past, he preferred to be detached from the world, watching from the sides and directing the show coldly. Now, he felt that if he did not enter the world, how could he be born? He had watched too many shows, so he might as well give it a try.

Whether it was playing a game or gambling, it should be a new attempt at the final stage of his life.

He had always known about his body. After so many years of struggling, he felt that his body was getting weaker and weaker year by year.

Naturally, the butler could not understand Rong Yu's thoughts. "Young Master, the technology is becoming more and more advanced, and the research institutions funded by our Rong Group have also been doing research. Believing in science is more reliable than believing in luck."

If it was someone else, perhaps the butler would still believe that they would believe in something as illusory as fate. However, his young master had never believed in such things.

It could be said that the only person that Rong Yu believed in was himself.

The butler had witnessed Rong Yu's methods. He was weak, his status was awkward, he was young, and he did not have any family influence. He was able to reach this stage because of his brain, his methods, and his decisiveness.

For a man like him who would rather control the world and make plans, to actually agree with his grandfather, Elder Yuan, to do such a ridiculous thing, was truly abnormal.

Could it be... the butler looked at Rong Yu with worry in his eyes. Could it be that the young master's body had really reached an irreparable state, to the point that he would make such an irrational move?

"It's also boring to control everything all the time."

Rong Yu lightly curved his lips and returned to his humble and gentle young master's appearance. Looking at the garden full of osmanthus flowers, his black eyes were deep and profound. His red lips opened and closed as he softly spat out three words, "Gu Qingchen."

Just as she left the Dynasty Hotel and sat in the car prepared by Butler Qin, Gu Qingchen suddenly felt a chill on her back. It was as if someone was whispering in her ear.

Gu Qingchen subconsciously looked left and right. Other than the driver, there was no one else. She also did not see any surveillance cameras. Only then did she relax.

However, that kind of real feeling really made her heart palpitate.

Perhaps, it was because she had just seen Rong Yu, a man who was as stunning as a celestial being, and her mood had yet to calm down.

Looking at the business card in her hand, Gu Qingchen kept the business card and had her own plans in her mind.

If she could really cure Rong Yu's illness, then she could become famous in one go. This was a very good opportunity.

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