Reborn Girl's New Life

Chapter 821 - Gu Cheng’s Love
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Chapter 821 Gu Cheng’s Love

“She was infected with the virus?”

Mei Qi felt a little surprised.

It was because he had never heard of this before.

He had never heard of any part of this matter.

Song Yunxuan turned to look at Mei Qi, “Are you surprised?”

“Why did it become like this?”

Mei Qi asked Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan raised her head. She seemed to recall something, so there was a smile and compassion between her eyebrows.

“Because Gu Cheng had many enemies.”

People with many enemies were very worried about the safety of their families. Their enemies might not be able to find them directly.

However, it was really simple for their enemies to cause trouble to their families.

“You know that any disease can kill a pregnant woman and threaten the child in her belly. At that time, Gu Cheng loved his wife very much and hoped that the child could be born.”

“How about Qi Yan?”

“Qi Yan definitely didn’t want this child. However, she was smart and knew to follow the situation amidst difficulties. She couldn’t change Gu Cheng’s mind, so she chose to obey.”

“But she didn’t survive.”

“Yes.” Song Yunxuan lowered her eyes, “The child was born after the normal period of gestation. She was only infected with the common flu virus, but it eventually caused her heart failure and lung failure. She did not die in childbirth. She died of physical failure after the child was born.”

“Gu Cheng failed to save her.”


Song Yunxuan took a breath, but she was not very sad.

Even if she was Gu Changge, in her memory, she had never seen her living mother.

She only vaguely remembered that her mother was a weak point of her father, which could not be mentioned.

It was a past event that others could not easily mention.

Gu Cheng should love Qi Yan very much.

Otherwise, at that time, he would not marry this woman who was four years older than him and whose family background was not worthy of him.

“Obviously, Gu Cheng could have a better choice.” Mei Qi sighed.

Before Gu Cheng’s wife died, no illicit love affair about him was exposed.

However, after his wife died, the women were by his side one by one.

Therefore, in the end, they fought with his eldest daughter. Those women were cleaned up by his eldest daughter.

“Gu Cheng loved Qi Yan very much.”

“Of course.” Song Yunxuan didn’t deny it.

It was because Gu Cheng wouldn’t have given Gu Changge everything about the Gu Family if he hadn’t loved Qi Yan.

If he hadn’t loved Qi Yan, he would not have indulged and doted on Gu Changge.

Gu Changge had been a devil since her childhood.

She became a cruel demon because of the persecution of her life and environment. She was cruel to others.

However, now she thought that Gu Cheng’s love for Gu Changle was no more than that for Gu Changge, although he kept Gu Changle.

“However, we have already asked Yang Yang. In fact, Gu Changle is older than Gu Changge. She was born much earlier than Gu Changge.”

“Do you want to ask if Gu Cheng had sex with other women before he had sex with Qi Yan?”

Mei Qi pursed his lips.

“Gu Cheng liked Qi Yan, but she didn’t like him. Therefore, many women took advantage of this to be with him.”

Mei Qi understood Song Yunxuan’s meaning very well.

With such a social status, Gu Cheng should be scrambled by women.

However, he still couldn’t get the woman he wanted. Therefore, he was prone to have a need for other women when he was drunk or depressed.

And Gu Cheng was dissolute.

It was normal for him to have sex with other women.

“How long did Yang Yang stay with Gu Cheng?”

“I don’t know. However, it should be very long. After all, Gu Cheng didn’t kill her.”

As soon as Song Yunxuan finished speaking, Mei Qi said, “Manager Song, do you think that Gu Cheng didn’t kill Yang Yang because he wanted to restrain Gu Changle?”

Mei Qi’s words made Song Yunxuan suddenly realize.

She turned her head to look at Mei Qi.

Mei Qi continued, “Gu Changle was taken back to the Gu Family as an adopted daughter. She has been frail and sick since she was a child. No one told Gu Changle of her real family background. This shows that Gu Cheng never thought of revealing Gu Changle’s true identity. He just wanted Gu Changle to stay in the Gu Family and to be a lady with no real power.”

“When Gu Changge was still alive, Gu Changle was indeed a young lady without real power. However, Gu Cheng must have expected that Gu Changle and Yang Yang would be reunited one day as long as Yang Yang was still alive.”

“However, at that time, Gu Cheng did not expect Gu Changge to die young. Think about it. If Gu Changge were still alive, she would investigate Gu Changle’s true identity after she grows up. Then, she would find Yang Yang. If Gu Changge discovered that Gu Changle had done something wrong, Gu Changge, who was superior to Gu Changle, could use the safety of her biological mother to restrain Gu Changle and prevent Gu Changle from having thoughts that she shouldn’t have.”

“Gu Changle will not care about the safety of her biological mother.”

Song Yunxuan smiled.

Mei Qi said, “Now, Gu Changle can get wealth and love easily. Therefore, she is unwilling to admit her biological mother. If she did not have all of this, she would feel that her biological mother is a very important relative.”

Song Yunxuan lowered her eyes because of Mei Qi’s words.

He was right.

When people’s spiritual life was blank and impoverished, they would regard all the factors that made them happy as important things.

However, if they had more choices, the precious things would become worthless waste.

That was how Gu Changle treated her mother, Yang Yang, now.

“It’s time for us to return home.”

Song Yunxuan sighed slightly, but she did smile.

Regardless of Gu Changle’s attitude towards Yang Yang,

Her mother would become Gu Changle’s Achilles heel.

Did Gu Changle want a perfect engagement ceremony?

As the older sister, Gu Changge would definitely not disappoint her little sister.

Song Yunxuan squinted. Her curved lips also showed her good mood. She was looking forward to the day that Gu Changle got engaged.

It was the night before Gu Changle’s engagement.

Gu Changle dreamed again. In the middle of the night, she bounced off the bed and panted loudly in horror.

Beside her, after hearing her movements, Shao Tianze turned on the lamp and asked her with concern, “Are you okay?”

Gu Changle shook her head. She desperately wanted to get rid of the scary things in her mind.

Seeing Gu Changle shaking her head frantically, Shao Tianze knew she must have had a nightmare.

Shao Tianze sighed lightly. Then, he took out the facial tissues from the bedside table and gently wiped the sweat on Gu Changle’s forehead. He comforted, “Did you have a nightmare again?”


During the recent period, Gu Changle had been having nightmares.

However, there were only small fragments flashing in dreams before.

Tonight was different. She dreamed of Yang Yang being killed and Miaomiao falling into a pool of flesh and blood. She dreamed that Ding Tong was pointing a gun at her head. She dreamed of Gu Changge pulling the scalpel out of the heart, inserting it into her chest, cutting her chest open, and taking out her heart.

“Scary…” Gu Changle didn’t want to recall the pictures in her dreams. She threw herself into Shao Tianze’s arms.

Shao Tianze stretched out his hands gently and hugged her, “Don’t be afraid. Nightmares are all fake. Everything that happens inside is also fake.”

“But I’m so scared. Is Gu Changge really dead? Last time, what the Taoist priest said…”

“She must be dead.”

“However, there is no news of Song Yunxuan’s death.”

Gu Changle creased her brow.

“News of her death has come out.” Shao Tianze said.

“When? I haven’t heard of it.”

Gu Changle left Shao Tianze’s arms and looked at him puzzled.

Shao Tianze said, “I asked a servant of the Song Family today. She said Song Yunxuan had died a few days ago. Mei Qi is already packing things up, ready to leave. The Song Family is ready to hand it over to Song Yunying.”

These words made Gu Changle feel at ease. However, she was still puzzled, “Since Song Yunxuan is dead, why hasn’t the news of her death been made public?”

Although news of the death came out, it was not made public. The Song Family’s servant passed the news secretly.

“Her death will cause chaos.” Shao Tianze explained, “The Song Family is in charge of Song Yunxuan alone. If the news of her death is made public and she is confirmed dead, the companies previously annexed by the Song Family and the Song Family’s enemies will carve up the Song Family at this time.”

“It’s so miserable. Song Yunxuan, like my stupid sister, spent her life trying to grow her family business. But when they died, those things would belong to other people.”

Gu Changle leaned softly in Shao Tianze’s arms again, as if she had had no bones. She said, “Do you think Gu Changge is a fool?”


Shao Tianze lowered his eyes and responded.

Ostensibly, he admitted that Gu Changge was indeed a fool, but the expression in his eyes was obscured, which was not seen clearly by Gu Changle.

“I have such a silly sister, so you can stay with me forever.”

Thinking of this, Gu Changle felt that she was in a better mood.

She gently kissed Shao Tianze’s chin and grabbed the collar of Shao Tianze’s pajamas with her fingers.

Her hint was very obvious.

However, Shao Tianze grabbed her hand and said, “It’s late now. Tomorrow is our engagement ceremony. Sleep now.”

Gu Changle was stunned because of being rejected.

She wanted to say something, but Shao Tianze had already lain down and covered the quilt.

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