Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter

Chapter 16 The Fight Between Sisters of Qingwei Garden
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After her observations last night, Mo Xuetong could tell that her father had something against her. His eyes were filled with some suspicion every time he looked at her dotingly. This confused Mo Xuetong. What had happened when her mother died for her father, who seemed to love her very much so, to abandon her?

The incident had happened at Cloud City, and Mo Xuetong doubted that she would be able to find out quickly in the capital. However, Mo Xuetong felt that it definitely had something to do with Auntie Fang.

Her mother had been weak since having her. She had been in charge of the household but in the last few years of her life, Auntie Fang had almost been wholly in charge of it. No one else but Auntie Fang could do anything, and only Auntie Fang alone could have done it without anyone in the manor finding out.

When she thought of that, her eyes grew cold. As long as Auntie Fang wanted the position as the matriarch of the Mo family, then she would definitely strike again...

The opportunity was right in front of her. From her knowledge of her past life, she knew that something was about to happen. She would just wait quietly for Auntie Fang to strike, and then, chop her hands off while she reached out...

Mo Xuetong ate breakfast that Mo Yu served. She sat down for a rest and then heard a gentle voice coming from the door.

"Third sister still hasn’t woken up?"

Mo Xuemin lifted the curtains and entered with a smile and her personal maid, Mo Jin.

"Elder sister, you’re here. Why don’t you come in? I’ve embarrassed myself in front of you. I slept late last night and the journey here had been long. I was overtired and could not fall asleep so I woke up late." Mo Xuetong held her head and smiled faintly as if she was embarrassed and apologetic for waking up late.

Mo Xuemin was surprised when she saw that Mo Xuetong had not tried to do anything and was completely different from the sharp tongue girl that she was at the entrance of the city yesterday. She sized Mo Xuetong up and then smiled and said, "Third sister, the weather is good today. Shall we take a walk in the garden? It must have been hard on you to stay in Cloud City for the past year. Since you’re in the capital now, we sisters should get closer to each other."

Get closer? Indeed, no matter in the past life or this life, she had to get closer to Mo Xuemin.

Her heart felt cold but the smile on her face grew even brighter. "Elder sister is right. I haven’t been home for the past year and could not be filial to Father. It’s been hard on you, sister."

"We are sisters, so why would you say that?" Mo Xuemin said with a smile.

"Elder sister, you really care for your relationships with your sisters. But I wonder if she appreciates it." There was a burst of arrogant laughter coming from behind them. "Elder sister, no matter how much you care for her, she might not think much of you. I heard that she refused your good will at the entrance of the city."

Mo Xueqiong appeared at the door, hiding her laugh behind a handkerchief.

This made Mo Xuemin feel even more awkward. She had arranged for a few young ladies to come to the Mo manor yesterday, but all of them sent missives today to say that they were busy. Mo Xuemin grew angry and her eyes glittered with hatred. However, a gentle smile appeared on her face the next moment as she said, "Fourth sister, those are just minor things."

"So it’s fourth sister. You came at just the right time. Take a walk with us?" Mo Xuetong asked with a smile.

"I’m not as fortunate as you to be doted on wherever I go. You’ve only just arrived and you got eldest sister to accompany you. As your younger sister, I dare not trouble you to accompany me." Mo Xueqiong gave her the stinkeye and said arrogantly.

"We are sisters, so why are we talking about that." Mo Xuetong smiled warmly, using Mo Xuemin’s words against Mo Xueqiong.

"I don’t dare to be called your sister." Mo Xueqiong did not know that Mo Xuemin had said these words earlier. She said sarcastically, "Don’t try to pretend to be close to me. No matter in the past or in the future, Eldest sister and I are not considered your true sisters."

Mo Xuemin’s face darkened.

"If we are not sisters, then is fourth sister not Father’s daughter?" Mo Xuetong blinked and asked curiously.

Mo Xueqiong paused and her eyes glowed with anger. "What do you mean, are you trying to cause trouble intentionally?"

Mo Xuetong thought that it was Mo Xueqiong who was picking a fight. There was a glint of coldness in her eyes that flashed so quickly that no one saw it. She said delicately with a smile, "It’s my fault. I’m about to go out with Eldest sister now. If you don’t want to go, then don’t block the way."

After all, good dogs don’t get underfoot!

Mo Xueqiong grew even angrier when she heard that, "What kind of attitude is that. You’re just an orphaned girl Father abandoned. How dare you speak to me like this?"

Mo Xueqiong was just the daughter of a concubine. Mo Xuetong had never understood in her past life. The girl would make sarcastic jibes at her even though Mo Xuetong had never offended her. Why did Mo Xueqiong not pick at Mo Xuemin but instead keep picking a fight with her instead? She now understood that some people would pick on the weak but fear the strong. Mo Xueqiong would not be able to show how superior she was unless she could force Mo Xuetong to be in a lower position than her.

She felt better by squishing the weak. Mo Xueqiong was a person like that.

There was a faint smile on her lips as she asked, "When have I been an orphan with father around? Fourth sister, don’t go around shaming father."

"You..." Mo Xueqiong was furious. However, she could not say anything.

She felt that she had been scolded by Mo Huawen for no reason yesterday and was here to pick a bone with Mo Xuetong.

She grew even angrier when she saw Mo Xuetong’s beautiful face. Why did the cowardly and weak Mo Xuetong got doted more on by their father than her? She had never considered why Mo Xuetong had to accept her bullying. After all, Mo Xuetong was the legal daughter of the Mo family.

"Fourth sister, third sister had just arrived. How can you be so impolite?" Mo Xuemin who had not spoken rebuked Mo Xueqiong with a smile.

"Eldest sister, how dare I be impolite. Didn’t I come early in the morning to greet her? Furthermore, she would have slept in until noon if we had not come. You’re a young lady from a prominent family, how could you behave like that?" Mo Xuemin’s rebuke had made Mo Xuetong even angrier. She wrung her handkerchief and complained.

She indeed had no one to teach her manners. What inappropriate behavior!

"Ah, if I knew third sister wanted to rest, I would have come later." Mo Xuemin pretended not to have heard what Mo Xueqiong said. She replied with a smile in a harmonious tone, looking guilty.

Mo Xuetong’s dark and lively eyes flashed with coldness. It flashed so quickly that one could not catch it. Then, she said with composure, "Father said that I have just arrived and would be tired. He intentionally let me sleep in. Has Fourth sister ever received such treatment from Father? Oh, I almost forgot, Fourth sister was just scolded by Father last night! But that’s alright. As long as Fourth sister learns the rules in the future, Father will also give you such special dispense."

She had always been the one to pick a bone with Mo Xuetong, and not the other way around. Mo Xueqong was stunned and was so angry she was about to explode. She suddenly raised her neck and pointed her fingers and spoke insolently, "Mo Xuetong, do you really think Father is really doting on you? He left you behind at Cloud City for so many years. If he really missed you, he’d have sent for you long ago. You must have done something that displeased him for him to leave you there."

"Fourth sister, how could you say that?" Mo Xuemin’s eyes glowed and she spoke sharply at Mo Xueqiong. She frowned and looked at Mo Xueqiong, her expression filled with displeasure.

"Eldest sister..." Mo Xueqiong looked at Mo Xuemin in a recalcitrant manner. "Eldest sister, I was just reminding her to wake up earlier, but she made use of her status in the family to scold me. She’s already so impolite just after getting here. What are we to do in the future?"

"Alright, alright. Third sister did not mean it. She’s not really trying to scold you. We still have to spend much time together in the future. How can you get angry at such a small matter? We are sisters and we have to get along well to have a harmonious family." Mo Xuemin nodded with a smile.

"Alright, I can forgive her. But she has to apologize to me officially with a gift!" Mo Xueqiong thought that she had got the goods on Mo Xuetong and glared at her viciously.


"Alright, don’t be angry at Third sister. I just received some flowers yesterday that’s very fashionable nowadays. Fourth sister, come and pick a few. Give me face and let the matter pass, alright?" Mo Xuemin smiled and apologized on behalf of Mo Xuetong’s unknown sin. She always pretended to be gentle and generous but was always trying to make it look like Mo Xuetong was in the wrong.

With just a few words, Mo Xuetong would be known for picking fights, being proud and bullying her sisters just after she moved into the manor. Meanwhile, she would be known to be the generous and gentle First miss who would be the impartial judge between her sisters.

In her last life, Mo Xuemin had given her poison and caused her to fall into despair. It was this warm and gentle eldest sister.

She felt a shiver go down her spine and a flash of icy cold darkness appeared in her eyes. It then disappeared in her beautiful, moving eyes. She caught sight of a figure in teal at the corner of her eyes. Her calm expression immediately turned into one of a person being wronged. Her eyes grew red and cloudy with tears. There was a trace of sadness in her eyes. She bit her lips and her voice was soft, seeming as if she was very sad.

"Father would naturally dote on me. He fostered me out at Cloud City because my health was bad and not because I’ve done anything wrong. Eldest sister, Fourth sister, don’t always use this matter to blame me."

"Look, eldest sister, she’s still trying to quibble. Mo Xuetong, if you haven’t done anything wrong, would Father abandon you at Cloud City? You’ve been there for more than a year, and usually, I only hear Father praising Eldest sister. I’ve never heard him mention you. If your maternal grandparents had not asked you to return to the capital, Father would not even think of you if you get old and die in Cloud City!" Mo Xueqiong saw that Mo Xuetong was still as easy to bully as before and immediately sharpened her claws.

Mo Xuemin who had been standing across Mo Xuetong felt ominous. She was about to comfort Mo Xuetong when she suddenly heard an angry bellow. "What is this, how can a younger sister speak like this to her older sister? Auntie Qing, what have you been teaching your child? This young lady of the house is so impolite!"

The three of them turned around in shock.

They realized then that Mo Huawen was standing at the door to their left. He glared at them angrily, his mouth tightly pursed. He looked at Mo Xuemin and his voice was as cold as ice. He looked sharp and stern.

Mo Xuemin and Mo Xueqiong paled.

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