Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!

Chapter 3065 - 3065 A Gentleman With No Regrets
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Chapter 3065 A Gentleman With No Regrets

Xia Jinyuan’s smile deepened when his future father-in-law questioned him.

“All relationships start with impure motives. It’s the direction in my heart that matters. I know who I want and what I want. If there are no impure motives, it means that your heart is still. Uncle Fu, my impure motive is to get Ye Jian, fall in love with her, and grow old with her.

“That’s my impure motive. Everything started because of her.”

His reply was neither servile nor overbearing. His conscience was clear.

A gentleman should be good at what he did.

A gentleman was like jade. He should have a high character.

A gentleman was upright and had a clear conscience.

Mr. Fu was lost in thought as he listened to the young soldier’s reply.

It was undeniable that after listening to Xia Jinyuan’s statement and the details of his interaction with his daughter, he couldn’t say anything harsh.

The Xia family had a good upbringing. The descendants they raised were all so outstanding. It was really enviable. (f)reewebnovel

Ye Jian couldn’t sit still. She kept looking at the time and glancing out of the ward. It had been almost an hour, but he hadn’t come back. She was a little anxious.

“Don’t worry about him. Uncle is very reasonable. He won’t scold others casually. Moreover, with Xia Jinyuan’s ability, he’ll make Uncle angry, but Uncle won’t be able to vent it. Uncle will feel that his anger is gone, but for some reason, he’s still angry. He won’t be able to accept it for a while.

“When did you start dating Xia Jinyuan?” Li Jinnian suddenly asked a very important question. It was also the key to Mr. Fu’s anger.

Ye Jian’s face was a little hot from the question. She stammered for a while. Seeing that her cousin, Li Jinnian, had turned cold, she turned her head and didn’t dare to face his gaze. She stretched out three fingers guiltily. She didn’t dare to say it.

Three fingers meant three years.

Ye Jian was just in her second year of university.


Li Jinnian didn’t need to think too much to know why Mr. Fu hadn’t let Xia Jinyuan come back.

He only knew that his cousin was dating Xia Jinyuan, but he didn’t know that they started dating so early.

How old was his cousin when they started dating?

She was just in grade eleven!

His cousin was only in grade eleven. Xia Jinyuan… actually let his cousin fall in love with him at that young age!

Ye Jian, who knew that she was guilty for puppy love, turned her head carefully and glanced at Li Jinnian. Even though she only glanced at him quickly, she could see her cousin’s cold face clearly.

She seemed to have thought of something and quickly salvaged the situation. “At that time, we had just confirmed our relationship. He was busy, and I was busy too. We didn’t meet much at all. We only started dating for real when I was in grade twelve.”


That was only a year later.

Ye Jian added, “I was 18 years old by then. I was an adult.”

“When you confirmed your relationship, you were underaged.” Li Jinnian’s voice was too restrained. It was so suppressed that it seemed a little distorted. “He confirmed his relationship with a grade eleven student. I’m sure that he had bad intentions toward you!

“How old were you then? You were only 15 or 16 years old.”

Li Jinnian was shocked.

At that time, his cousin was only 15 or 16 years old. She was just a little girl. How could Xia Jinyuan like her?

In his shock, Li Jinnian’s face was as dark as Mr. Fu’s.

“If he hadn’t helped you so much, Uncle would definitely beat him up with tools!”

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