Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!

Chapter 2481 - 2481 Former Classmates Watching A Good Show
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2481 Former Classmates Watching A Good Show

Tan Wei was envious of her former junior high classmate too. Who would have thought that Ye Jian, who was bullied by Sun Ying and scolded by Mrs. Ke every day, would become so successful?

In the past, Mrs. Ke even pointed at Ye Jian’s nose and scolded her, “Look at how stupid you are. You’re taking up all the resources of society! If you’re successful when you grow up, I’ll tear my head off and let you kick it like a ball!”

Ye Jian was a promising person now. She wondered how Mrs. Ke would feel if she saw Ye Jian. She would probably be… afraid.

Eight girls from Ye Jian’s junior high class came while five boys came. Among them, Zhou Liao was studying at the Southern Province University. The girls included Zhang Na and Zhang Wenjin, and they were both also in university. The rest were already out into society.

Ye Jian was able to name them accurately. Although Ye Jian remembered the incidents in her junior high life, she didn’t hate them.


However, it was a little difficult for her to forget what Xie Sifeng and He Jiamin did to her. She should maintain a certain distance from them.

She was somewhat familiar with her former high school classmates but there were also a few unfamiliar faces. After hearing from them, she knew that they were Sun Ying’s classmates.

“Hello, Ye Jian. We’re Ye… Sun Ying’s classmates. Nice to meet you.”

“We weren’t her high school classmates. We went to dance training classes together in the past.”

“We were in the same English class as her. She’s in Sun Ying’s piano class. They used to go a lot during the summer vacation.”

Although they had never seen Ye Jian before, they had more or less heard of her name from Sun Ying. They knew that Sun Ying had a cousin who lived under the roof of Sun Ying’s family but didn’t know how to be grateful. She kept making things difficult for Sun Ying too. They also knew that Sun Ying’s cousin only got into senior high because she cheated…

They had never seen Ye Jian before, but they all thought that she was a hypocrite. Sometimes, when they went out to play together, they would come up with evil ideas for Sun Ying… Thinking back, they were deceived by Sun Ying at that time.

If someone didn’t look for them, they wouldn’t have known how stupid they were in the past.

After listening to their introduction and looking at the lineup, Ye Jian was even more certain that Madam Li was worried that she would mention what happened today to the military and make things difficult for Staff Officer Du.

Hence, she wanted to make things as perfect as possible so that she would feel more comfortable.

She didn’t expect Madam Li to be able to do this. She even gathered her and Sun Ying’s former senior high and junior high classmates here. She invited the villagers of Shuikou Village as well. f𝘳𝐞𝒆we𝚋𝗻𝚘𝚟e𝑙. c𝘰𝓂

In order to shut her up, Madam Li put in a lot of effort.

The auditorium was huge. The audience seats were in the middle. There were three seats on the left and right. Ye Jian and Sun Ying’s former senior high and junior high classmates were on the left while the villagers were on the right.

The villagers had already noticed that Ye Jian had come in. However, before they came, they were reminded that they were not allowed to walk around in the court. Hence, they only looked at the group of young people talking to Ye Jian and didn’t ask her to come over.

“Those young people are really immature! We haven’t even spoken to her yet!”

“Enough, Yu Zhifan. Stop talking!” The village leader, Zhang Defu, said in a low voice. The villagers all came in the same vehicle. He said that the court asked the village to choose a few representatives to attend this court session. He also specially asked Yu Zhifan and Qiu Zhifan to choose the rest.

Ye Zhifan was a high-ranking official who came from the village. Now, he was reported as a prisoner by his wife and daughter. He became the joke of the entire Fujun Town. When the villagers saw that the court specially sent a car over, they came to the provincial city without thinking.

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