Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!

Chapter 1386 - A Strong Opponent
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Chapter 1386: A Strong Opponent

As they looked at the girl standing straight in front of them and listened to her confident and calm reply, the male students in the class, who had the upper hand in physical fitness, felt nervous for some reason. A few words appeared in their minds simultaneously: A strong opponent has arrived.

The squad leader, who had switched his identity to a ‘Senior Brother’, nodded and smiled. “Not bad, you’re very confident. What we want is confidence. Also, Senior Brother wants to tell you something. Students with good stamina will be able to enjoy many benefits in the future. As long as their results are good in that month, they can arrange their own training schedule for the next month.”

Pointing at himself, his senior brother started boasting shamelessly. “Take me for example. I can arrange four months of training for myself every year. Every time I go back to the dormitory and see them exhausted while I can go to the laboratory feeling refreshed, I am so proud of myself!”

In other words, not only was the squad leader a top student, but he was also a top student in physical skills!

“In the military school, physical fitness and learning are equally important. We, the cadets, call them a ‘second life’. Sometimes, it’s even more important than studies!”

“Especially the physical fitness assessment that takes place weekly and monthly. All of you need to be mentally prepared. Many of the weaker students who studied in high school just to get into a good school couldn’t pass the physical fitness assessment so they had to sacrifice their free time that was more precious to military school students than jewelry. They used the weekend to train their physical fitness.”

“Junior Brothers and Sisters, all the best! This assessment will affect your physical fitness schedule for the next month. Those with good results can go to the library, the laboratory, or the classroom. Those with bad results can continue to enjoy sunbathing under the city’s sun.”

Victory seemed to be right in front of them. They thought that if they survived today, they would be liberated tomorrow. Who knew... that there would be days and years of physical training after that. Those who were physically weaker turned pale immediately.

“Ten minutes’ rest on the spot. When our brothers next door are done, it’ll be our class’s turn.” A sharp whistle sounded. The senior returned to being the squad leader and shouted, “Attention, at ease! Dismissed!”

The sudden increase in psychological pressure didn’t make the students smile. A few arrogant boys clenched their training clothes tightly and said indignantly, “Are you kidding me? A test every week and every month. Do we still need to study?”

“Are we here to learn or to train? Damn! What are they planning?”

“Stop talking. You’re not the only one like this. We’re all the same. It’s the same for the second-years, third-years, and fourth-years. We’re no exception!”

“Tsk, let’s not say that we have no exception. Isn’t there an exception in our class? Why is that new student an exception? F*ck! We came a month in advance just in time for when the sun is at its hottest. Good for her. She came here easily, all fair and clean.”

Another boy picked up a military canteen and drank a few mouthfuls of water. He continued unhappily, “She’s quite pretty. I’m afraid she’s from another high official’s family. She’s already making an exception from the start. I wonder how many more exceptions she will have in the future.”

“Do you want to be criticized again? Didn’t you learn your lesson last time?” The male student sitting beside him warned in a low voice. He glanced at Ye Jian, who was talking to the squad leader and lowered his voice. “If she really belongs to a high official’s family, we can’t afford to offend her.”

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