Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!

Chapter 1211 - Ridiculous Scheme
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Chapter 1211: Ridiculous Scheme

Ye Zhifan heard the unceasing chatter of the parents. He looked up at the sun. His Yingying had good psychological quality. He didn’t have to worry about her passing out. He just didn’t know if she would succeed.

Passing a slip of paper during the university entrance examination, sigh, the most inferior method was very likely to result in both sides suffering heavy losses, and neither of them would be able to take the following examination.

Ever since Ye Ying said that she wanted to frame Ye Jian by sending a note, Ye Zhifan didn’t have much hope. Instead, he hoped that his daughter would be smart enough to hurt her.

He will always have a way to let his daughter study for another year and resume her university entrance examination.

Time ticked by, and the sun was no longer directly shining on the school building. The examination hall seemed much cooler.

Ye Jian was really excited about solving the problems. The more excited she was, the more focused she became.

Her brain was like a high-speed computer that answered all the questions on the test paper. As she wrote, her lips actually curled up, revealing a smile that none of the candidates had.

The invigilator standing at the side felt a little uneasy. It was the first time in three years that he had seen somebody smiling while doing their university entrance examination.

Finally, the invigilator stopped staring at Ye Jian from time to time. A student like her wouldn’t cheat because there was no need for her to.

Ye Ying, who was paying attention, saw this and a vicious look flashed across her sinister eyes. Then, she smiled faintly. Next, she would definitely make Ye Jian be kicked out of the classroom by the invigilator so that she would not be able to take the university entrance examination again!

As for how to do it... Ye Ying, who had a sinister smile on her face, flipped her test paper from the section A and section B page to the section C and section D page. She skipped the first half of the test and started doing the equations on section C that required analysis.

The ceiling fan spun quickly and sent a hint of coolness to the examinees who were perspiring from solving the questions. There seemed to be something in the air that was beginning to ferment. It seemed to make the atmosphere in the entire examination hall become tenser and tenser. There was even a sense of gloominess.

After completing a calculation on section C, Ye Ying had a weird smile on her face as she wrote on the draft paper. Wretched girl, I want to see how you can turn the tables!

The 1999 university entrance examination hadn’t reached the stage where she would use electronic wireless devices to cheat. Ye Ying’s methods were also the most commonly used, most dangerous, and most unintelligent... She just threw a small note.

The paper was filled with answers to multiple-choice questions and true-false questions. There was also a calculation question from section C. The plan was to throw the paper slip under Ye Jian’s desk when the invigilator was not around.

After she finished writing the answers, Ye Ying suddenly moved her seat. The wooden chair’s leg rubbed against the ground. The invigilator standing diagonally behind Ye Jian glanced at her sharply.

In the process of creating the sound, Ye Ying completed a series of actions at lightning speed. Her chest moved slightly towards the desk. Her left hand, which was holding the note tightly, used her right hand as a cover. The note in her left hand drew an arc in the air and bounced towards Ye Jian’s desk.

Ye Jian had been watching Ye Ying from the corner of her eyes. The moment the note left Ye Ying’s hand, the smile in Ye Jian’s eyes was as if it was laced with poison. It was chilling.

The sound made by tables and chairs was loud in the quiet examination room. When the invigilator looked over, Ye Ying’s expression changed. Her eyes were filled with panic.

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