Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!

Chapter 1210 - Let You Be Smug for Now
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Chapter 1210: Let You Be Smug for Now

Because the invigilator blocked Ye Ying’s line of sight, she couldn’t see Ye Jian’s speed of answering. She didn’t see that Ye Jian had already started working on the questions in section C and D.

After the invigilator left, she glanced over and saw Ye Jian stopping her pen to think about the last two problems. Ye Ying sneered in disdain.

Didn’t they say that she was quick at answering questions? Didn’t they always hear the students from Provincial No.1 Middle School saying that Ye Jian handed in her papers in advance?

It must be a bluff!

How could that speed be considered fast? What a joke!

Ye Ying had always been conceited. Moreover, she was doing well in Provincial No.2 Middle School. Every time she took the exam, she would solve the questions very quickly. This made her even more unwilling to believe that Ye Jian could solve the questions faster than everyone else.

“I’ll let you be smug for now, wretched girl!” Ye Ying muttered softly. A vicious look flashed across her eyes. She didn’t look at Ye Jian anymore and quickly resumed answering the questions. If she wanted to frame someone, she had to finish it herself!

Ye Ying believed that she would be able to win Ye Jian with her outstanding grades!

Ye Ying was not stupid. It was just that she would become a little crazy whenever she encountered Ye Jian. It became easy for her to make wrong judgments and wrong choices.

But this time, even Ye Zhifan agreed to this. Ye Zhifan was also betting on Ye Ying’s future because of the jade pendant.

If she lost the bet, with Ye Ying’s intelligence, it would not be a problem for her to get into university after repeating a year. If she won the bet, he would make sure that Ye Jian would never be able to get the jade pendant back. He would also make sure that she would never be able to make a comeback.

This was a gamble on life. Ye Zhifan was not only betting on Ye Ying’s future but also his own.

He knew that the reason why he was promoted from a village official to a provincial government official was because of the jade pendant in his hand. Between his daughter getting into university and his career, Ye Zhifan chose his own career.

As long as his career was successful and his daughter was able to get into university, it would not be a problem at all! It would just waste a year.

Ye Zhifan didn’t have much hope that Ye Ying would stop Ye Jian from taking the university entrance examination. He had never won when he went against her. Now, there was Hou Zi behind Ye Jian. Additionally, he couldn’t confirm if his aunt’s family had come to look for her. He also needed to pay attention to his image as an official. He had to be careful when dealing with Ye Jian.

Letting his daughter make a move was the best choice.

Whether he could win or not depended on fate. Ye Zhifan, who was standing outside the school, took a sip of cold water and stared at the school with a malicious gaze.

Ye Jian, don’t blame me for being ruthless. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for being too outstanding and threatening our entire family. We can only be happy if you are gone!

The crickets were still calling out tirelessly. The parents were fanning themselves with large fans and trying to ease the worries in their hearts. “I don’t know if this year’s Mathematics examination is difficult. Last year’s Mathematics examination was too difficult. A colleague of mine said that a few students fainted in the classroom.”

“What a sin. All three years of hard work went down the drain. It was all in vain.”

“That’s right. Nothing must happen this year. We don’t want any children to pass out from nervousness. The parents will be upset and the children won’t be able to accept it when they wake up.”

“That’s right. An army of thousands crossing a single-plank bridge, all hoping to get into a university. Sigh, nothing must happen.”

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