Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!

Chapter 1209 - Take the Exam Seriously
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Chapter 1209: Take the Exam Seriously

T6 asked humbly, “Your brother, me, is inexperienced. Give me some hints. I secretly took this set of clothes out from my cousin’s closet. I have to return it later.”

Xia Jinyuan remembered that T6 was from the Southern Province once he said that.

“I can’t help you with this. You have to ask Ye Jian. Also, why did you come to Provincial No.1 Middle School? Your purpose doesn’t seem to be simple.”

“Fifteen days of vacation. I suddenly remembered that Ye Jian is in Provincial No.1 Middle School. I was thinking of coming over to take a look and settle my marriage matters in the meantime. My family keeps rushing me. How old am I? I’m only 27 years old! Is it so hard to get a wife?” T6 had been back for three days. Other than the first day he spent with his parents, the next two days were spent going on blind dates!

Xia Jinyuan accidentally asked T6 about his troubles. Comrades were meant to go through thick and thin together. T6 didn’t mind telling all his ‘troubles’ to his comrade.

“Change your clothes before you talk to me about blind dates. Otherwise, I’ll feel like I’m talking about blind dates with a high school student. I don’t want to talk to you at all.”

“Go, go, go! Let’s go change my clothes! I need your advice urgently. Also, I truly think that the girl just now was not bad. It made my heart feel like it was being electrocuted.” T6 immediately said seriously when he saw Xia Jinyuan’s cold gaze. “To put it in simpler terms, I felt a spark.”

Xia Jinyuan raised his eyebrows. “Why didn’t you faint from electrocution? I can immediately get her to come back and give you mouth-to-mouth resuscitation!”


T6, who had been silent for a while, gave his comrade a thumbs up. “That’s a good move! You didn’t tell me just now. How could I have thought of that? Why don’t we use it tonight? I’ll pretend to faint and you pull the little girl over to give me mouth-to-mouth.”

Xia Jinyuan felt that it was getting difficult to continue the topic. When he meets someone who was more shameless than him, he would usually only have one thought: To beat him up.

However, today was the first day that he had confirmed his relationship with Little Fox. It wasn’t appropriate for him to start a massacre. He should let him off. He looked quite pitiful.

After entering the classroom, An Jiaxin didn’t know that she had “electrocuted” a Special Forces soldier. With a serious expression on her face, she spread out the exam papers and adjusted her mindset as quickly as possible. Then, she started the afternoon math exam.

The invigilator did not immediately use his penetrating gaze to inspect the examination hall. He only reminded them to take the exam well and seriously. Then, he stood by the aisle and stopped talking.

Ye Jian was the fastest student in the entire examination hall. Other students needed to stop writing from time to time to think. After she finished reading the questions, she had already calculated the answer in her heart. She just needed to write in the blank space.

The teachers from different schools knew about Ye Jian from the Provincial No.1 Middle School. Whenever they saw her identification card, they would observe her immediately.

During the exam, they would stop by Ye Jian’s table and watch her answer the questions.

Half an hour later, Ye Jian finished answering her questions. The invigilator looked at her in shock. He couldn’t accept her speed of answering questions without thinking.

Initially, he thought that she would have wrong answers. However, when he finished silently calculating the answers, he realized that there were no wrong answers at all.

Ye Jian was not anxious that the invigilator was not moving away, but Ye Ying was.

She did the questions for a while and glanced to the side from the corner of her eye. Seeing that the teacher did not leave after a long time, she was so angry that she bit her lower lip until there was a bite mark.

Ye Jian knew that someone was sizing her up. She remained calm and answered the questions one by one without giving herself any chance to be distracted.

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