Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!

Chapter 1207 - I Want Her to Lose Everything
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Chapter 1207: I Want Her to Lose Everything

Now that he had the chance to make all her efforts go to waste, and even disqualify her from the university entrance examination, Ye Zhifan would not give up so easily. Ye Ying will take action in the afternoon.

Ye Jian, who was lying on the bed, closed her eyes in contemplation. Ye Zhifan, who was sitting by the hotel bed, quietly listened to his daughter.

“Dad, I want to take a gamble. If I lose, I’ll admit it! But I still have a 50% chance of winning. Dad, I want to try.” After finishing her lunch, Ye Ying didn’t even care about taking a rest. She gritted her teeth and looked sinister. “As long as there’s a chance, I want to try. I won’t let her step on my head again.”

“Dad, I’ve always remembered how she kicked me out of Provincial No.1 Middle School!”

Sun Dongqing sat at the side. She looked at her husband and daughter. After a while, she couldn’t help but say fiercely, “You have to teach that wretched girl a lesson. Otherwise, she will think that my Ye Ying is easy to bully.”

If her husband hadn’t said that he didn’t want her to go to Provincial No.1 Middle School to look for trouble as that would affect his reputation in the government, she would have long gone there to look for trouble!

“Go and clean up. Don’t cause trouble.” Ye Zhifan didn’t agree immediately. This was a big matter. He couldn’t afford to have any mishaps when it concerned his daughter’s future. He reprimanded his wife and said to Ye Ying, “Yingying, although the risk is 50%, Ye Jian’s ability is beyond my expectations. Yingying, I can say that you don’t have the 50% chance.”

Suddenly, Ye Ying raised her voice and said sharply, “Dad, are you saying that I’m inferior to Ye Jian? Even you think that I’m inferior to her?”

“Who said that? Who said that my Yingying is not as good as that wretched girl?” Sun Dongqing, who was clearing the table, jumped up and pointed at Ye Zhifan’s nose. She started scolding him, “Ye Zhifan, let me tell you. Don’t compare my Yingying with that wretched girl. My Yingying is a future top student of National Science University and National Arts University! Her form teacher said that as long as she performs normally, it won’t be a problem for her to enter top schools!”

“What school can that wretched girl get into? I think she should thank the heavens even if she becomes a third-rate undergraduate!”

Ye Ying got even angrier. If Ye Jian could only get into a third-rate undergraduate course, would she have to play tricks during the university entrance examination?

“Mom, can you not interrupt? I’m talking to Dad. Can you go back to your room and rest?” Ye Ying’s voice was filled with anger. “Dad, I don’t care how much chance I have, I must try.”

“If it really fails, I’ll just repeat a year! If it succeeds, you should think of a way to escalate the matter and let the Education Bureau make an example of her. Ye Jian will be banned from taking university entrance exams forever!”

“You have to think about the jade pendant in our hands. If the person behind the jade knows that Ye Jian is better than me, will he abandon our family and support Ye Jian?”

Ye Zhifan didn’t say anything else but this sentence scratched his heart.

Footsteps could be heard coming from the corridor of the hotel. It was the parents who were accompanying their children to the school to begin the afternoon examination.

Ye Zhifan listened to the footsteps and the parents’ advice for their children. When the surroundings became so quiet that only Ye Ying’s anxious breathing could be heard, he said, “Be careful.”

When the sun was at its hottest in the afternoon, Ye Jian stood at the school gate and looked at a “boy” who was wearing the uniform of Provincial No.1 Middle School that kept following them. She retracted her gaze and smiled at Xia Jinyuan who sent her over. “Go back and wait. You don’t have to stand under the sun. I’ll come out on time in about an hour. Go back and rest first.”

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