Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!

Chapter 1043
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Chapter 1043: Untitled

Luo Ran always felt that his family was rich. With money, there was nothing he couldn’t solve. However, what happened that night taught him a lesson. Many people were wealthier than his family in the Southern Province. There were even more people that were wealthy and powerful. He provoked someone richer and more powerful than his family. If the person wanted his life, he could do it with a snap of his fingers.

He was the boss of the underground world of the Southern Province, Third Master Hou. The Luo family was nothing in his eyes.

The students in the classroom whispered among each other. Luo Ran could faintly hear the name ‘Yao Jing’ appearing in their conversations occasionally. Even the students that had good results were softly discussing Yao Jing. They were all guessing what Yao Jing did. She shouted for help and then talked about the police. Then, she mentioned Ye Jian... Luo Ran glanced at them from the corner of his eyes. Up until the end of the evening study session, he didn’t participate in their conversation.

He didn’t dare to participate. As long as it was something to do with Ye Jian, he would move as far away as possible... A girl who knew how to play with knives, a girl who said that she would kill someone and really dared to kill a person, a girl who had the ability to kill a person and had the support of a powerful figure in the underground world... This was a girl that he couldn’t provoke! His family couldn’t provoke her either.

Luo Ran’s classmates didn’t notice his silence. When the school bell rang, the students in the class gathered in small groups and left the classroom happily. No matter which grades the students were in, they had one common topic today. Yao Jing, who wanted to commit suicide in the morning, was said to be taken away by the police!

“Those frightening screams were so anger-pacifying!” An Jiaxin was someone who only wanted to know the ending and didn’t care about the process. Once the school bell rang, she hugged Ye Jian’s shoulder and laughed until her facial muscles started cramping up. After she finished laughing, she cleared her throat and pretended to be serious. She said in a low voice, “That is a little impolite. Am I taking too much pleasure in other people’s misfortune?”

Ye Jian didn’t deny it.

She wasn’t just taking too much pleasure. She laughed so much that her feet were almost floating.

“You can just smile in your heart. You should keep a low-profile outside.” Ye Jian smiled and said calmly. She walked on the cobblestone path where lights and shadows scattered on it. Ye Jian’s expression seemed a little cold. Yao Jing would have been taken away by the police sooner or later. If they caught her now, she wouldn’t have the chance to harm other people in the future.

An Jiaxin never asked Ye Jian what happened this morning or this evening. In the past, she was an extremely curious person. Now, under the influence of Ye Jian and Zhang Bin’s constant reminders, she wasn’t as rash as when she was in junior high anymore. Her curiosity wasn’t so strong either.

Although she really wanted to know what happened, if Ye Jian didn’t tell her, she wouldn’t specifically ask.

She knew the results already so the process wasn’t so important anymore.

Ye Jian didn’t know how to start explaining what happened to Yao Jing. Also, Yao Jing’s issue had already spread throughout the entire school. As one of the parties involved, she didn’t have the habit of discussing the issue behind other people’s backs.

Everyone knew what happened. There was no need for her to explain the reason and the process in detail. After some time, people would know the truth.

Yang Heng had the same attitude as Ye Jian. He didn’t like to talk behind other people’s backs too. No matter what his classmates asked him, he just smiled at them. He used his smile to reject their questions. After a few times, no one asked him anymore.

Since the parties involved didn’t say anything, no one was able to get any information.

Wang Dandan didn’t have a good time either. Her classmates surrounded her and wanted to understand what happened in the morning. Why did Yao Jing want to commit suicide and why was Ye Jian involved? They didn’t understand why Yao Jing got taken away by the police in the end.

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