Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!

Chapter 1035 - Are You Here To Perform A Joke
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Chapter 1035: Are You Here To Perform A Joke

In the car, Xia Yiwei directly admitted that she was here to help Ye Jian. Now, she was teasing Xia Jinyuan. It could be seen that she really had a good relationship with Xia Jinyuan.

Ye Jian smiled and glanced at Xia Jinyuan. There was a hint of gentleness in her voice as she replied, “I always thought that I could settle the affairs in school so I felt that I didn’t need to trouble him.”

“Your matter is my matter. I have never found it troublesome. Also, if there’s a faster, better, and more stable way of solving this issue, why take the longer path?” Xia Jinyuan was really afraid that Ye Jian would still reject him now so he said with a stern expression on his handsome face, “You shouldn’t waste your time on Yao Jing. Fight a quick battle to prevent her from creating trouble in the future.”

“Because of her personal affair, she pretended she wanted to commit suicide during an exam. She even forced another student to apologize to her and wanted to push you down a building. Provincial No.1 Middle School is a hundred-year-old elite school. They will never allow such a student to continue staying here! Little Fox, we must make use of this chance and stop her from retaliating.”

He didn’t pause for a second and finished the entire speech in one breath. Ye Jian couldn’t help but smile.

Was he really afraid that she would reject him? Wasn’t he afraid of suffocating if he spoke everything in one breath?

“I understand. That’s why I went to the hospital. Principal Cao had already said that this was your arrangement and agreed with it. If I really wanted to reject you and didn’t want your help, I would have rejected you when Principal Cao spoke.”

Xia Jinyuan coughed awkwardly when his thoughts got exposed. “Your principal... I clearly told him to not tell you about it in case you reject me. I didn’t expect him to betray me instantly.”

Principal Cao would never bear with this for the sake of the school’s reputation as well as to prevent other people from getting influenced and doing the same thing.

Principal Cao was the first person to walk into the teaching building. He turned and looked at Yao Jing who was behind him. Then, he looked at Ye Jian who was walking at the back. His grip on the railings of the stairs tightened. He glanced at Yao Jing coldly before raising his feet to climb the stairs.

The wind on the roof was a little strong. When it blew on your neck, it felt a little cold.

Normally, the roof was pitch black. Today, it was lit brightly. The entire roof was lit up as though it was in the afternoon.

The moment Yao Jing came up, she noticed that all the teachers present in the afternoon had come. When she saw a girl with a similar physique as her standing at the same spot she was standing in the morning, her heart skipped a beat. The nervousness she tried so hard to suppress got stronger.

What is the school doing?

“Yao Jing, come and see if the girl is standing at the same spot you were standing in the morning.” A stern policeman opened his mouth and pointed to the roof. He looked sharply at the student that was attempting to hide behind her parents and continued in a deep voice, “Look properly!”

Deputy Commissioner Yao and his wife didn’t understand what was happening. But, their instincts told them that what was going to happen was bad for their child.

“The child was frightened. How can she remember everything clearly? There’s no need to be so pushy. Be easy on her,” Mother Yao said in an impatient tone. She hugged Yao Jing tightly in her arms. This place gave her bad memories. When she stood on the roof again, she still felt a lingering fear.

Xia Yiwei opened her mouth and said calmly, “A child? Director Li, is that a child you’re hugging? How old is the child? Three years old? Six years old? I don’t think so. She should at least be fifteen years old.”

“Is a fifteen-year-old still a child? Director Li, if I remember correctly, the World Health Organization classifies anyone that is thirteen years old and above as a teenager. Director Li, you’re not hugging a child. You’re hugging a teenager.”

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