Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!

Chapter 1034 - Solve All Trouble At Once
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Chapter 1034: Solve All Trouble At Once

Mother Yao didn’t say anything. She was speechless. With such a comparison... She always felt that her daughter was better than Ye Jian but in fact, there was nothing she could win Ye Jian in!

After some time, Mother Yao gritted her teeth. She was unwilling to accept this fact so she said stubbornly, “Our daughter is still better than her! She broke the school rules the moment she entered the school and dreamt of seducing Yang Heng so that she can change her status as a countryside girl. So what if her results are good? She has a bad character! Who will lay their eyes on her?”

“Look at Secretary Xia carefully and then look at the man that has a good relationship with Secretary Xia. Aren’t women good at understanding people’s relationships? Can’t you see anything? Can’t you see what Ye Jian’s relationship with them is?” Deputy Commissioner Yao couldn’t explain what he was feeling now. They treated Yang Heng as the best option for their son-in-law and were worried that other people would snatch him away. What happened in the end? Ye Jian might not have any thoughts at all!

Mother Yao turned around and wanted to size Xia Jinyuan up. Before she could, she got frightened by Xia Jinyuan’s gaze and turned her head back.

“Mom, Dad, can you stop talking? My head is about to burst!” Yao Jing spoke softly after keeping quiet for so long. Now, all that was left in her heart was fear. Even when her parents were accompanying her, she felt afraid.

Whenever she saw the figure of the policeman walking in front of her as well as the back views of Principal Cao and the teachers, she felt so frightened that all the cells in her body started screaming and shivering.

She was afraid of the police. She was afraid of Xia Yiwei. She was afraid of Principal Cao. She was afraid of the teachers... Now, she was afraid of everyone!

She knew clearly what she was afraid of. No one knew it better than her. She was really frightened that... they would find out that she pushed Ye Jian first and that she was the one who purposely called Ye Jian to come up. That she pretended to lose her balance and try to push Ye Jian.

No, no. She mustn’t be so frightened! She must remain calm, she must remain calm!

She mustn’t let anyone notice that she was feeling guilty and frightened! She mustn’t lose to Ye Jian! She mustn’t lose to someone she always looked down on!

Yao Jing tried to straighten her back so that she wouldn’t be on the losing end. However, she didn’t know that to Ye Jian, she wasn’t a threat anymore.

“We found a girl that has a similar background in dancing as Yao Jing. She started standing on the roof half an hour ago. Later, when you go up, you can stand in the same position as you did before and reenact the scene with the girl.”

There was a cold smile on Xia Jinyuan’s face. He said to Ye Jian calmly, “This trouble will remain as trouble if you let it stay. Let’s solve it once and for all. Don’t let these small matters make your senior high life unhappy.”

When you make a mistake, you should receive adequate punishment. If they still wanted to use ‘she’s still a child, she doesn’t know anything’ as an excuse to escape punishment, they were too naive!

This time, Ye Jian had no objections. She wouldn’t easily forgive someone who wanted her life. She wasn’t that magnanimous.

“Old Sixth always knows what he’s doing. When you didn’t allow him to settle the matter because you’re afraid it will affect his image, he was so frustrated his face was as black as the bottom of a pot.” Xia Yiwei distanced herself from Commissioner Yang and smiled gently as she teased the two of them. “He really wanted to help you so that he could perform in front of you but you didn’t give him the chance. He felt frustrated so he kept pestering me. He would loiter around my room, take out his phone, put it down, watch the television, and then turn off the television. My head hurt because he disturbed me the entire afternoon.”

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