Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!

Chapter 1033 - Worse Than Ye Jian In All Aspects
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Chapter 1033: Worse Than Ye Jian In All Aspects

That was right, this was what Deputy Commissioner Yao thought. He thought that Yao Jing was still a child so when she makes mistakes, adults should forgive her.

This was what he thought naturally but he didn’t understand that Yao Jing kept challenging other people’s bottom line! He also didn’t know that to other people, Yao Jing wasn’t a child anymore!

Was there a seventeen-year-old child? No! There was only a seventeen-year-old teenager!

Yao Jing was afraid. This time, she was really frightened.

Especially after she heard her parents saying that Xia Yiwei wasn’t someone they could offend. Her mood fell to rock bottom. She didn’t want to go back to school at all. She wanted to jump down the car directly and run away.

The sharp gaze of the policeman opposite landed on her occasionally. Throughout the journey, Yao Jing didn’t have the courage to run away.

At night, Provincial No.1 Middle School was brightly lit up. In the morning, there were exams but at night, the night self-study sessions continued as per normal. The lamps of the school cast long shadows of the trees on the ground. The shadows overlapped one another and the lights kept flickering. Even the human shadows looked blurry.

Ye Jian walked beside Xia Yiwei the entire time. Xia Jinyuan was on her right. The three of them walked together so even Commissioner Yang had to walk behind them. He was on Xia Yiwei’s right.

Commissioner Yang and Xia Yiwei were still quite familiar with each other so they were able to smile and have a conversation as they walked. On the other hand, Deputy Commissioner Yao couldn’t find a chance to cut in even if he wanted to.

But, at this moment, he didn’t have the mood to talk to Xia Yiwei either. The moment he got down the car, he kept reminding Yao Jing, “No matter what they say later, you just need to apologize. If they ask you why you ran to the roof, say that you quarreled with Yang Heng. You felt sad so you wanted to have some fresh air.”

“You must never say that you wanted to commit suicide! Don’t say anything about Ye Jian pushing you either!”

Mother Yao was so angry she gritted her teeth. “She really is our daughter’s nemesis! Yang Heng too! He always speaks up for Ye Jian. Doesn’t he know how to protect Jingjing? That girl is like a devil. Yang Heng got bewitched by her!”

“Maybe we are wrong. Ye Jian and Yang Heng... their relationship might not be what we think.” A handsome and elegant face appeared in his mind. Deputy Commissioner Yao turned his head and looked behind him as his brain worked furiously. He saw the tall and straight figure who had been standing beside Ye Jian all this while. He seemed to be protecting her like a mountain that couldn’t be moved.

The moment he appeared, he didn’t look at anyone. The only person he had in his eyes was Ye Jian. Even when Old Yang spoke to him, he just acknowledged Old Yang casually. The arrogance in his expression was stronger than Secretary Xia’s.

Mother Yao snorted in disdain when she heard this. “She’s just a girl that came from the countryside. When she sees Yang Heng, she’s like a fly that saw meat. How can she bear to let him go?”

“Don’t always say that she’s a girl from the countryside. Do you sense any countryside aura on her? Also, look at her portfolio. How is she worse than Jingjing? She is stronger than Jingjing in all aspects!”

“She didn’t go through grade ten. When she took her exam again, her overall score was one of the tops in the entire province. She entered Provincial No.1 Middle School and jumped directly to grade eleven! In junior high, she represented the country and went to Australia for a competition. She even came back with a gold medal!”

“What about Jingjing? What does Jingjing have? Is she better than Ye Jian in her studies? Did she represent the country and go overseas for competition? Is she able to speak fluent English?” Deputy Commissioner Yao seemed to have been enlightened by God. His entire mind became clear instantly.

He looked at Xia Yiwei and then looked at Major Xia who was standing beside Ye Jian. Deputy Commissioner Yao understood the truth before his wife did.

The truth was: His daughter was worse than Ye Jian in all aspects!

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