Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!

Chapter 1032 - What Should We Do
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Chapter 1032: What Should We Do

The police car cleared the road for them in front. The sirens were so loud it felt as though the entire city could hear them.

In the backseat, Yao Jing was extremely quiet. The tips of her fingers were trembling secretly. She didn’t dare to speak to her parents and didn’t dare to raise her head either. That was because... a policeman with a stern face was sitting opposite her. There was no smile on the policeman’s face.

“What is Ye Jian’s background? How does she know the secretary of the governor of the province, Xia Yiwei? I’m so angry! I really wanted to slap her twice when I saw how arrogant she was just now.”

In the ward, Mother Yao didn’t make any sound. She was the director of a department but as compared to Xia Yiwei, she was nothing. The difference was so huge that whenever she saw Xia Yiwei, she didn’t even have the right to speak to her!

Even her husband, Deputy Commissioner Yao, didn’t speak to her!

With Xia Yiwei around, Mother Yao didn’t dare to speak. Now, when she was facing a small policeman sitting in the police car, Mother Yao dared to open her mouth.

“Don’t talk so much. It’s easy to see that Secretary Xia came specially to support Ye Jian!” The more you speak, the more mistakes you make. Deputy Commissioner Yao was more cautious than his wife. He was afraid that if he said something wrong, the policeman sitting opposite would remember it and report to Xia Yiwei.

He didn’t know Ye Jian’s background. However, there was one thing he was sure of. She had a good relationship with Secretary Xia!

Mother Yao was frustrated. She got slapped by Mother Yang but she still had to bear with it and not retaliate. She thought that she could finally reprimand Ye Jian to vent the anger in her heart but Secretary Xia came unexpectedly and she had to continue suppressing her temper.

Now, they were in the car. Why can’t she vent?

She frowned furiously and said angrily, “I’m filled with anger and frustration now. If I keep my mouth shut, I will get sick from suppressing my emotions!” She grabbed Yao Jing’s hand as she spoke. Suddenly, she got a shock. “Jingjing, what’s wrong with you? Why are your hands so cold?”

They were ice-cold as though she was holding a block of ice. There was no warmth on her palm too.

Deputy Commissioner Yao hurriedly held his daughter’s hand. He furrowed his brows violently too. “Are you very cold? Do you need a jacket?”

Yao Jing didn’t feel that her body was cold. It was her heart.

She raised her head. Her lips trembled slightly as she asked her father softly, “Dad, I want to know... the Secretary Xia that you mentioned, is she very powerful? Is she more powerful than both of you?”

She was whispering as she was afraid that the policeman opposite them would hear her.

“Secretary Xia is the governor’s subordinate. I can’t say that she’s more powerful than us but she’s closer to the core of power. I only see the governor a few times a year but she always appears beside the governor. All the officials she meets are exceptional people.” Deputy Commissioner Yao wouldn’t hide any official matters from his daughter. Letting her know about the rules of the political world early in life was good for her growth. She would know who she couldn’t provoke and who she should treat with care.

Yao Jing felt her breathing getting messy. Her hands started shaking uncontrollably and there was panic in the depth of her eyes. “Dad, is that Secretary Xia helping Ye Jian? What should I do? What should we do?”

What should we do? Could they still claim that Ye Jian pushed her?

“Let’s talk after we get down the car.” Deputy Commissioner Yao heaved a long sigh. He exchanged glances with his wife secretly. If they wanted to solve this matter, they would need to spend much effort. They just hoped that the secretary would go easy on them as Jingjing was just a child.

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