Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!

Chapter 1031 - A Drama That’s Hard To End
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Chapter 1031: A Drama That’s Hard To End

Commissioner Yang’s smile caused Deputy Commissioner Yao’s face to turn dark. His expression turned a little sharp... Settling today’s matter right on the spot. Old Yang’s family had already started hating their family.

If not, Old Yang wouldn’t give them so much pressure.

“Old Yang, why don’t we sit down and solve this matter properly? My daughter just fell from a building...” Deputy Commissioner Yao considered his words carefully before opening his mouth. He rejected bringing his daughter to the school because she needed to rest.

However, the Yao family didn’t have a choice in this matter. They had to go even if they didn’t want to.

Ye Jian, who hadn’t said anything since she arrived, opened her mouth at this moment and said, “Deputy Commissioner Yao, just now, your wife said that I pushed Yao Jing down. This isn’t a matter that can be solved by sitting down. I almost fell while attempting to save Yao Jing. However, your family didn’t thank me. Instead, you framed me. I will not let this matter end so easily.”

She came in for five minutes. The moment she opened her mouth, she caused Yao Jing’s face to turn pale. Yao Jing raised her head and looked at Ye Jian angrily. “When the fox preaches, take care of your geese! What else can’t you do to get Yang Heng?”

“Little Fox, you won’t even kill someone for my sake so why will you do something bad for the sake of a young man you only knew for less than two months?” Xia Jinyuan smiled as he walked in. Xia Yiwei and a man with an elegant and refined aura were behind him. The man was around 35 years old.

Xia Yiwei saw Ye Jian and walked over with a smile. She said, “I knew my eyes weren’t lying to me. I saw you getting off the car with Commissioner Yang but Old Sixth didn’t believe me.”

Deputy Commissioner Yao and Commissioner Yang knew the secretary of the governor of the Southern Province. As the director of a provincial government department, Mother Yao knew her too.

They saw her walking towards Ye Jian and giving her an intimate hug. Then, they heard her continuing, “Why did you come to the hospital so late at night? In the afternoon, I told Old Sixth to go and fetch you at night so that we can have dinner together. Old Sixth said that you are having exams so you won’t be free.”

“I do have exams. However, something happened so I had to come to the hospital.” Ye Jian glanced at Xia Jinyuan secretly. Why was he at the hospital? Did he come to find her or was he accompanying Xia Yiwei?

Xia Jinyuan, who was standing beside her, smiled and replied, “We came to look for an old friend. This is an old classmate of my sister. We didn’t expect to meet you. Is the matter this afternoon not solved yet?”

When this group of people appeared in the ward, the entire atmosphere of the ward turned a little strange. Deputy Commissioner Yao and Mother Yao’s gaze kept switching from Xia Yiwei’s face to Xia Jinyuan’s face. Vigilance appeared in their expressions. They felt tense.

The couple was flabbergasted that Ye Jian knew the secretary of the governor of the province!

On the other hand, Commissioner Yang smiled and spoke to Xia Yiwei politely. At the same time, he mentioned what happened today. “We are all shocked. She wanted to save someone but now, they are saying that she wanted to kill someone.”

“This is not a small matter. Saving someone became killing the person. We need to investigate this properly. Ye Jian, I will accompany you. You need to have an adult beside you.” Xia Yiwei didn’t look at Deputy Commissioner Yao and his wife’s expressions. She held Ye Jian’s hand and smiled. “Don’t be afraid. The one that saved people won’t kill anyone. The person who wanted to kill someone won’t remain safe either.”

The Yao family didn’t have a choice. They had to go to school!

When Yao Jing left the hospital, Ye Jian saw that she bit her lips until blood almost came out.

What was unacceptable for Mother Yao was the fact that her family had to sit in the police car!

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