Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!

Chapter 1030 - Who Pushed Who?
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Chapter 1030: Who Pushed Who?

Mother Yao, who was worried that her daughter was hurting, froze on the spot. Her gaze started fluttering.

Why was it so serious? Did she use so much strength at that time?

She didn’t feel that she hit him so many times? She remembered that she only waved the pipe for a while. Why did it become like this... This young man was too delicate.

“Li Shuhe, if it wasn’t for the fact that we have known each other for so many years, I won’t just slap you once.” Mother Yang didn’t lose her composure after she slapped Mother Yao. The scholarly aura around her was still present. She suppressed her anger as she looked at Mother Yao’s guilty gaze. She seemed to be thinking of a way to explain her actions. Mother Yang turned and said to the policemen, “Police officers, I want to request a medical report. We will go by the law.”

What are government officials most afraid of? They were afraid of lawsuits!

A second ago, Mother Yao was still claiming that she wouldn’t take things lying down. Now, she immediately changed her tone and said, “Huiying, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I wasn’t able to think clearly at that time. I was agitated and furious so I lost my mind and did inappropriate things. I will apologize to Hengheng. I’m at fault. I shouldn’t have done that!”

Then, she immediately looked at Yang Heng and said in a guilty tone, “Hengheng, you saw what happened just now. Jingjing was standing on the edge of the roof and would fall at any moment. I was so worried that I only wanted to pull her back as soon as possible. When Jingjing got pushed, I was in shock. My mind was blank at that time. I was only thinking about Jingjing.”

“Can you forgive me this time? I didn’t hit you on purpose. I didn’t know that I was hitting you. I even hit Uncle Yao. Good child, please forgive your aunt this time. I really didn’t hit you on purpose.”

Yang Heng didn’t care about the injury on his body. Mother Yao’s apology was negligible. It wasn’t important to him.

However, when she said that ‘Jingjing got pushed’, Yang Heng’s gaze turned cold. “Aunt, let’s not talk about you hitting me. Why did you say that Jingjing was pushed? Who pushed her?”

“Who else can it be? Besides Ye Jian, who can it be?” Mother Yao was eager to change the topic so that her old neighbor wouldn’t keep dwindling on this topic. She pointed at Ye Jian and shouted, “Ye Jian, you’re so evil-hearted! You actually pushed my Jingjing down for Yang Heng’s sake!”

“How ruthless must you be at such a young age? Don’t you feel sorry for the military unit that groomed you? Don’t you feel sorry for your mom? You’re vicious! To climb higher, you even dared to kill someone! Why are you still in school? Principal Cao, I strongly advise Provincial No.1 Middle School to expel her!”

Principal Cao’s face was grim. After listening to Mother Yao, he sneered and said, “You’re absolutely right! She’s so evil at such a young age. Our school shouldn’t have a pupil like this. We can’t let there be a black sheep!”

“That’s right. Provincial No.1 Middle School has been around for a hundred years. No such thing has ever happened before. For the reputation of the school, let’s end this issue today.” Commissioner Yang spoke sternly. Then, he said to Deputy Commissioner Yao, “Old Yao, we should rush back to the school.”

“We need to know who pushed who.”

Commissioner Yang’s words held a certain power. His words were enough to cause a change in the Yao family’s expressions.

“Uncle Yang, I...” Yao Jing’s face was pale as she spoke. She forced back the panic in her heart and tried her best to look weak. “I think that I might have to stay in the hospital for observation.”

Commissioner Yang smiled and replied, “It’s alright. We just asked the doctor a moment ago. He said that you can leave now. You don’t have to stay here.”

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