Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!

Chapter 1019 - Ye Jian, Die!
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Chapter 1019: Ye Jian, Die!

“Ye Jian!”


Because of Yao Jing’s sudden fall, the entire roof was filled with shrill screams. The teachers rushed forward simultaneously. Yang Heng, who was the closest to them, pounced on Ye Jian and tried to grab her ankle.

Yao Jing knew how to hook her feet on the reinforcing bar. Ye Jian knew this too.

When Yao Jing swung her arms, Ye Jian had already started making preparations. She was waiting for Yao Jing to take this step.

Does she want to jump?

Sure. She dilly-dallied for so long but didn’t jump. What was the meaning of this? Why not send Yao Jing off instead? She could let her have a taste of what it was like to commit suicide.

Yao Jing gave a distorted and ruthless smile when she pushed Ye Jian. She whispered, “Ye Jian, die!” She exerted force on her waist and pushed Ye Jian. Ye Jian didn’t move. Yao Jing pushed her again. Ye Jian still didn’t move.

At this moment, Yao Jing got anxious.

“Yao Jing, I have no interest in jumping. I think that you should be the one going down.”

The cold voice floated into Yao Jing’s ears. It was thin and cold. Her expression changed instantly. There was fear on her face as well as in her eyes.

It was a fear that came from the depth of her heart. Her pupils contracted abruptly and she glared at Ye Jian in astonishment.

Yao Jing pounced on Ye Jian with her entire body. Ye Jian grabbed Yao Jing’s arm instinctively and pressed her fingers forcefully on the muscles and bones on Yao Jing’s elbow using a special technique. Yao Jing was in so much pain the strength on her feet was gone. She wasn’t able to hook onto the reinforcing bar anymore.

“Ahhh...” Yao Jing fell and gave a blood-curdling scream. She fell off the roof backward.

After Yao Jing fell. Ye Jian didn’t allow herself to stand on the roof unscathed. Instead, she also ‘fell’.



After Yao Jing fell, her parents were the ones who were screaming the most frantically. The anguished cries of Mother Yao and Father Yao slashed through the air.

Yang Heng didn’t manage to grab Ye Jian’s ankle. Everything happened too quickly. Even though he rushed over instantly, he didn’t catch Ye Jian.

“Ye Jian!”

Mrs. Tong and Principal Cao shouted Ye Jian’s name simultaneously. They were both anxious and panic-stricken. Mrs. Tong’s tears started flowing out too. She staggered as she rushed towards the edge of the roof.

The teachers all ran over. Deputy Commissioner Yao and his wife were at the front. They dashed to the edge of the roof at their fastest speed in this lifetime and looked down with a distraught expression.

Yao Jing fell but Ye Jian didn’t.

“Don’t release your hand, Ye Jian!”

Yang Heng didn’t know how Ye Jian managed to grab the reinforcing bar. He didn’t catch her ankle but he noticed that in the instant she fell, she grabbed the reinforcing bar with her right hand instantly.

Ye Jian knew how she would fall and how she could grab the reinforcing bar.

She didn’t fall backward directly like Yao Jing. Instead, she slid down. Other people only saw Ye Jian slipping because she got pushed by Yao Jing. She dropped down with her feet below her.

At the crucial moment, she grabbed the reinforcing bar with her right hand and held onto it tightly. Her entire wrist was pressed against the edge of the roof. It felt as though her bones would break at any moment and she would fall along with Yao Jing.

“Give me your left hand, hurry!” Yang Heng grabbed Ye Jian’s hands tightly. His handsome and fair face turned red because he used too much strength.

He was around 1.76m in height so he was still able to hold onto Ye Jian with his long arms. But, he was only able to hold onto her. He didn’t have the strength to pull her up.

Ye Jian didn’t make any sounds as she dangled in mid-air. She wasn’t afraid at all. Even if she wanted to scream... she couldn’t.

Ye Jian heard what Yang Heng said but she couldn’t see his expression. She replied, “I’m alright. I can hang on for a while.”

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