Reborn as God: The strongest system

Reborn as God: The strongest system

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    He stomped his feet and the land collapsed, looked above and the sky shattered, reached out and captured the stars in his hands.

    He possessed the body of the bullied and ostracized Esdras Varthos, who had the lowest talent among his peers and was sold to the mages tower by his sly relatives to steal his title and lands.

    Esdras used his powers to divine the fate of the world, and saw a terrifying scene, the apocalypse was about to start.

    This world was going to be destroyed in an epic battle between gods, demons and titans.

    As an ant he was fated to be a squashed under their feet.

    There were a total of eight shards scattered and hidden in the universe, his only hope was to collect them all and ascend to divinity himself before the apocalypse. He was not willing to be an ant for long.

    He already had one shard of a divine spark!

    [You have gained 10 EXP]!

    He will travel to many different kinds of worlds in the universe seeking the divine shards.

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