Reborn Aristocrat: Oppressing

Chapter 40
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Chapter 40: Carrying It Out (2)

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Lu Zichuan scoffed. “Big Brother, you are still materialistic after all these years. Just as expected of a businessman. But you haven’t changed. Everyone would think that all the members of the Lu Family, the top of the four families, are just materialists.”

When he said that, he offended the other three families.

First, he said that businessmen were materialistic.

Everyone from the four families made their fortune from businesses.

Second, he said that the Lu Family was the top of the four families.

Even though everyone knew that he shouldn’t have said something as boastful as that himself.

Lu Zishan stayed silent, but Lu Qinzheng frowned, and rebuked, “The Lu Family has made its fortune from its businesses. We will have to deal with money as businessmen. We’re not materialistic; don’t you need money to sustain your lifestyle?! Why do you harp on things said by people who are jealous of our success?! Furthermore, even though we have been making good progress, we are not the top of the four families. Please think before you speak.”

Lu Zichuan’s face turned red with anger.

It was the first time he was scolded since he grew up.

He only wanted to tease Lu Zishan.

Even though there were times when he went out of hand, his dad wouldn’t scold him like this.

However, even though he was scolded, he could only smilingly reply, “Yes, it’s my fault. Let me drink more alcohol later.”

“Alright. You are my sons, and I love your gifts. What matters to me isn’t the value of your gifts, but your thoughts,” Lu Qinzheng concluded.

Lu Zichuan didn’t dare to speak anymore.

Lu Zishan then spoke, “Dad, I have something to ask you and Second Brother.”

“Just speak your mind,” Lu Qinzheng replied.

Everyone knew that Lu Zishan had all the say in the Lu Family. However, Lu Zishan had respected Lu Qinzheng in everything he did. Hence, Lu Qinzheng felt honored. Especially with the gift that Lu Manman gave him yesterday. He felt that Lu Manman was great at interacting with people. Thus, he didn’t want to be too hard on the family.

“I’ve heard from Manman a few days ago that Xuanran would be graduating soon. I’ve thought about it, and felt that someone from the Lu Family should be working in the Lu Firm. Do you think that we should let Xuanran work in the company?” Lu Zishan asked nicely even though he was the president of the Lu Firm.

When Lu Qinzheng heard what he said, he was elated.


“Zishan, I’m glad that you thought of this. Xuanran isn’t young anymore, and it’s time for him to experience working. Xuanran, come here and thank your uncle,” Lu Qinzheng called out to Lu Xuanran.

Lu Xuanran came over immediately, and said, “Thank you, Uncle.”

“Work hard in the future, don’t disappoint me and your dad.”

“I will, I will do my best to learn everything,” Lu Xuanran said respectfully. He was elated as well.

Meanwhile, Lu Zichuan felt that he lost.

He had wanted to force Lu Zishan to accept Lu Xuanran to work in the company. However, since Lu Zishan had suggested it, there was nothing he could do to force Lu Zishan. Everyone would think that he was just a selfish person! Hence, he couldn’t think of what to do now.

Lu Qinzheng had never treated Lu Zishan’s family well. However, he was really nice to them today.

When Lu Manman greeted Lu Qinzheng and gave him the gift, Lu Qinzheng even said that he liked the pipe that she got for him. He even asked the servants to prepare it for his use on the spot. It made Lu Zichuan’s family jealous.

For the longest time, they have tried to ruin the relationship between Lu Zishan and Lu Qinzheng. The two parties had never gotten along all these years, but it seemed different today!

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