Reborn Aristocrat: Oppressing

Chapter 35
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Chapter 35: After A Long Discussion, Who Exactly Are You 2

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Mo Yuanxiu smiled and got off the sofa. He then slowly walked towards Lu Manman.

There was a significant difference in their height.

Mo Yuanxiu was even taller than Wen Yun. With Lu Manman’s 1.65-meter height, she was only at his chest level.

Mo Yuanxiu then looked down at her.

He suddenly lowered his head and moved towards Lu Manman. He then lifted her chin towards him using his slender fingers to force her to look at him.

The two of them then stared at each other.

Lu Manman looked into his eyes.

She couldn’t tell if it was the lights, but when she looked into his eyes at such a close distance, she realized that there was a hint of green in his eyes. It was rare to see someone with his eyes in this area. It should be…

She froze.

Lu Manman realized that Mo Yuanxiu’s lips were getting closer to hers. She could even smell a hint of cigarette and alcohol from his mouth. Wait, weren’t they supposed to have a pungent smell?

She closed her eyes uncontrollably.

One. Two. Three.

She waited for three seconds, and what she expected didn’t happen.

She opened her eyes.

Mo Yuanxiu was smiling. He seemed quite proud about what he just did as he said, “Miss Lu, what were you waiting for?”

“You’re crazy.” Lu Manman pushed Mo Yuanxiu away.

She took two steps back.

It was obvious that she was blushing.

“I was just trying to figure out what kind of person you are. Sorry to disappoint you,” Mo Yuanxiu explained slowly in his raspy voice.

Lu Manman wanted to lash out at him, but she couldn’t, and she could only glare at him in anger.

She was discussing something serious with him, yet he teased her?!

“But… I’ve heard that Lu Manman from the Lu Family in Wen City was a multitalented woman with a great personality. She was even regarded as the perfect wife by everyone in Wen City…” Mo Yuanxiu stood a short distance away from her as he nonchalantly continued, “But who’s this lady in front of me that’s great at schemes?”

Lu Manman looked at him, and coldly repeated, “Great at schemes?”

Mo Yuanxiu shrugged his shoulders and looked at her.

“Would you act this way if you lost everything because someone wanted to sabotage your life?!” Lu Manman said directly.

Mo Yuanxiu frowned.

“For example, if you wanted to fart, but you held it in because you wanted to preserve your image. Do you know what would happen in the end?” Lu Manman said slowly. “Your fart would come out of your mouth, and it would only harm yourself!”

Mo Yuanxiu’s face sunk.

“My objective is simple. I want those that want to sabotage me to lose everything they have!” Lu Manman said angrily.

“Wen Yun?”


“That’s right. His entire family as well!” Lu Manman screamed furiously.

When she recalled what he did to her in her previous life, she wanted nothing but to take revenge on him!

She wasn’t in a rush to do it, though.

She planned to let him slowly experience what she went through.

It would be like falling from heaven.

She would use him as a tribute for her unborn son in her previous life!

Mo Yuanxiu looked at Lu Manman thoughtfully.

What had happened that caused Lu Manman to harbor so much hatred for a guy?!

What had caused Lu Manman to have this change of heart?

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