Reborn Aristocrat: Oppressing

Chapter 30
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Chapter 30: Sow Discord 1

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In the Lu Family villa.

Lu Manman went downstairs.

He Xiuwen was practicing yoga in the yoga room, which was joint to the living room. She was not 50 yet, but she maintained herself so well that she looked just over 30 from her figure alone, and barely 40 based on her face. When she went out with Lu Manman, she was often mistaken as Lu Manman’s older sister.

At this point, He Xiuwen saw that Lu Manman was preparing to leave the house. She hurriedly called out to her. “Manman, where are you going?” f𝗿𝙚e𝙬𝗲𝑏𝒏𝑜ѵ𝑒𝗹. 𝒄𝑜𝘮

“I’m going to the Lu Family’s main household. Grandpa just called me to go over.”

“Wait.” He Xiuwen was evidently anxious about it. She quickly said, “How can you go over on your own? Wait for your dad to come back, we’ll go over together.”

Lu Manman smiled. “It’s alright, Mom. I can handle it.”

“No.” He Xiuwen got up from her yoga mat and wiped her face. “Your grandpa would likely make things difficult for you.”

“I’m not afraid.” Lu Manman was very calm.

“But I’ll be worried,” He Xiuwen said. “I’ll give your dad a call now.”

“Mom.” Lu Manman stopped her. “There’s really no need for that. Trust me.”

He Xiuwen stood there and scrutinized her daughter. “If you’re not waiting for your dad, then I’m going with you.”


“Say no more. I’ll get changed.” With that, He Xiuwen went upstairs.

Lu Manman looked at He Xiuwen’s back, and had no choice but to wait.

Back then, her parents had decided to move out of the Lu Family’s main household precisely because Lu Qinzheng had picked on her. Her parents had wanted to give her a healthy environment for her to grow up and develop in. However, they still made a trip back during special occasions and festivals, but each time they went back, He Xiuwen would worry that Lu Manman would be bullied again.

Lu Manman pursed her lips, and her eyes went cold.

The person who was bullied was Lu Manman of the past.

The present she would not allow that.

He Xiuwen showered, changed, and put on some makeup before going downstairs. She and Lu Manman left the house together.

In the car, He Xiuwen saw that Lu Manman was holding something. She asked, “What’s that?”

Lu Manman smiled. “Something useful.”

He Xiuwen wanted to probe further, but Lu Manman changed the topic.

There were things she did not want to explain in detail.

With the ongoing conversation, they arrived at the Lu Family’s main household soon enough.

The main household was located in a county with a rich history. The architectural style was more vintage, and the area had been home to many powerful households. However, many families who had experienced their downfall had moved out, and only the Lus’ main household was still standing tall and strong, taking up a huge land area.

After 30 minutes on the road, they arrived at the Lu Family’s main household.

There was a huge stone door with carvings of a coiled dragon, and before it were two lion statues which appeared domineering. Inside, a long boardwalk stretched across a lake. The lotuses were in full bloom, and the lily pads glistened in the light.

At the end of the boardwalk was an olden-style courtyard.

Right across it was the living hall where guests were hosted.

Lu Manman and He Xiuwen entered the living hall.

The living hall was furnished in European style, a stark contrast against the courtyard’s appearance. It was well-furnished and extravagant.

Lu Manman remembered that they had renovated it after her family had moved out when she was 10. It was all because Lu Xuanran had been watching an overseas television program, and had mentioned that he liked the place featured. That was all it took for Lu Qinzheng to get people to work on recreating that place.

“Didn’t I get you to come back on your own? What is He Xiuwen doing here!” A stern and unpleasant voice sounded from the couch in the middle of the living hall.

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