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Chapter 22: White Lily at the Charity Ball 1

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“With you, I simply can’t.” Mo Yuanxiu smiled deviously, and then left.

Lu Manman frowned as she watched his back disappear.

This man always appeared so nonchalant about everything, but she actually had no idea what he was thinking and feeling deep down. Even in her previous life, she and Wen Yun had racked their brains and done all they could, but they had still been unable to drag him down in the political circle.

She sighed lightly and headed for the swing, swaying alone.

There was good weather tonight. Summer had only just arrived, so the breeze that brushed across her face was still cool.

She closed her eyes, and wanted to be alone in this silence for a while.

In this second chance at life, her goals were clear. She had no time to relax this heart which was burning with the desire for revenge.

There seemed to be something going on based on the sounds she picked up with her ear.

She turned around, a little frustrated. There was a silhouette not too far away, not of one person, but of two people intertwined.

She watched silently for two seconds before looking away, and then got off the swing.

Gu Xin had still ignored her advice.

Lu Manman got up and headed back to the lobby.

She did not wish to be with Wen Yun, or to play the sweet and loving couple in front of everyone else. She told herself that this tolerance was all temporary. Someday, she would leave him elegantly and with her head held high. She would watch how pathetic he turned out!

Lu Manman strode with her perfect smile on.

Wen Yun was just a short distance away, being the humble gentleman he’d always been.

He was such an outstanding man with a strong and powerful family behind him. And yet, he always appeared so down-to-earth and humble.

It was said that Wen Yun was the best and most impressive heir of the Wen Family in all of their family history. He was known as a ‘peerless talent’, unparalleled by any other man in Wen City!

“Ah!” A shriek sounded right before her.

Lu Manman snapped out of her daze.

Jiang Yiyao had appeared in front of her, and made physical contact with her ever so slightly. The cocktail in Jiang Yiyao’s hand spilled all over her chest. Her white gown was soaked, and her undergarments were slightly revealed…

This scene…

Lu Manman looked at her so calmly and seriously. 𝒇𝒓𝙚𝙚𝒘𝙚𝒃𝙣𝓸𝓿𝙚𝒍.𝙘𝓸𝓶

They had already attracted some attention from the people around. There were expressions of shock, but a few of them were gloating as well.

The high society could not be happier to see others make a fool of themselves.

“Sister Manman… no, Manman, it’s all my fault. I was careless and spilled my drink, please don’t take it to heart,” Jiang Yiyao hurriedly said, appearing so kind and understanding. She even seemed pitiful.

Lu Manman remained calm and silent.

Jiang Yiyao seemed a little shocked. If something like this had happened in the past, Lu Manman would usually help her out so she would feel less awkward. But this time, even after Jiang Yiyao had made the first move to apologize, Lu Manman did not react kindly. She felt as if Lu Manman had changed. The Lu Manman of the past used to think of herself as a noble and elegant woman, while she was in fact a fool.

She’d taken advantage of Lu Manman’s “idiocy” to gain more exposure in the high society. She managed to get more people to notice her, especially that particular him.

She was very smart. By putting herself down and appearing meek, she stimulated the man’s heroic mindset and the desire to protect her.

That was how she achieved her goal.

But today.

She’d evidently lost control of the situation.

“Manman, don’t feel bad about it. It’s really my fault, it’s all on me…” Jiang Yiyao went on, and made herself look even more pitiful. She was shivering slightly, making herself seem small and disadvantaged.

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