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Chapter 21: Teasing You At The Charity Ball 2

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Jiang Yiyao’s expression darkened instantly.

She addressed her as “sister” as a form of respect and to gain her favor. How did it become so awkward?instead1?

“Don’t take it to heart, I don’t mean it that way. But for women, age is of utmost concern. Try calling Gu Xin Sister Gu Xin, that girl will surely take it out on you,” Lu Manman said casually, and her smile seemed sincere.

Jiang Yiyao’s face went red, and she glanced at Wen Yun for a moment before turning back to Lu Manman. She was still as gentle as before. “I wasn’t sensible enough. I thought calling you sister was a form of respect, but I upset you instead. It’s my fault.”

“You were already out in the society when you were a teenager. It’s been so many years, you should know the difference between what’s respectful and what’s deliberate,” Lu Manman said very plainly, but it was obvious that she had something against Jiang Yiyao.

Jiang Yiyao was a distant relative of the Di Family. Her parents passed on when she was young, so she depended on the Di Family. However, the Di Family was not especially caring towards her. She started working at the Di Family firm right after she graduated from high school; she did not even have a chance to attend university. All this while, she had appeared pitiful, vulnerable and sweet—likely the type that all men would love to protect.

But in the high society, those holding a PhD and a Master’s degree were in abundance. As for a basic degree, most of them would pay for a certificate if they had to. Hence, to only have graduated from high school was a lethal Achilles’ heel for Jiang Yiyao.

At this point, Jiang Yiyao bit her lip, and tried very hard to maintain her smile.

“Yun, I’m feeling a little bored here. I’ll go take a walk in the garden.” Lu Manman ignored Jiang Yiyao.

All the sympathy she had for Jiang Yiyao earlier was just a slap to her own face now that Lu Manman thought about it.

“I’ll accompany you,” Wen Yun said thoughtfully.

“No need. You do what you have to, I won’t be long outside.”

“You really don’t need me to follow you?”

“I’m fine, you can go ahead with your stuff.” Lu Manman smiled and released Wen Yun’s hand.

She turned around and headed to the garden.

After taking a few steps, she stopped and turned around, eyeing Wen Yun and Jiang Yiyao.

Looking at this pair of people made her clench her fist subconsciously.

But at this point, Wen Yun seemed not to look at Jiang Yiyao at all. He headed to another corner and continued socializing.

As expected.

Lu Manman turned around and left, thinking about what a mockery this was.

Wen Yun was always meticulous in the way he handled matters. He could mask his expression so flawlessly.

This was why she could’ve been plotted against and cheated so thoroughly in her previous life. She had not seen it coming at all.

She’d just arrived at the garden.

A familiar male voice rang out behind her, startling her.

She turned around and glared at Mo Yuanxiu who was standing in the dark. “Do you have to be so elusive?”

“Shouldn’t it be the case since we’re having an affair?” Mo Yuanxiu chuckled with a cigarette between his teeth.

“Crazy,” Lu Manman mumbled.

“I got Ye Heng to investigate. Your fiance is as clean and innocent as he could possibly get, and he’s 100% loyal to you. Are you sure you want to break the marriage contract?” Mo Yuanxiu sounded playful and casual, but he was discussing their deal very seriously.

Lu Manman furrowed her brows, and firmly said, “That’s impossible.”

“You don’t trust me?”

“I don’t trust Wen Yun,” Lu Manman said with a hardened expression. “If you can’t get anything on Wen Yun, try investigating Jiang Yiyao.”

“You suspect the two of them?”

“Anything is possible.”

“Alright.” Mo Yuanxiu did not like beating around the bush.

“Mo Yuanxiu.” Lu Manman watched as he turned around.

Mo Yuanxiu looked back at her.

“Can’t you do something about the wounds on your neck?” Lu Manman was a little frustrated.

Mo Yuanxiu smiled. “Did I offend you? Don’t you find this rather suave?”

“Can’t you be more serious?!” Lu Manman was getting angry.

“With you, I simply can’t.”

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