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Chapter 2: Life’s Dead End 2

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Consistently?” Lu Manman smiled and then chuckled softly. freeweb novel.com

She had been hoping and trying to get pregnant for the past seven years, but what she got in return was such a cruel truth.

It was quite a joke indeed.

“I don’t love you, Lu Manman. I married you only because of the Lu Family’s assets. Now that I’ve gotten hold of them, you’re useless,” Wen Yun said it so casually and easily.

“I’m useless…” Lu Manman repeated those words as her heart went cold.

“You should count yourself lucky that I gave you seven years of a blissful life. For seven years, I tried so hard to act like a good husband. I tried so hard to gain your trust… Don’t you think that you aren’t actually worse off at all?” Wen Yun said it matter-of-factly.

“So you’re saying that I should thank you?” Lu Manman asked him. Her eyes went red, but she did not break down.

Wen Yun smiled. “But of course. But Lu Manman, I really admire your calmness. You’ve been faced with such a situation, and you’re still so composed. What a pity, I was hoping to see you lose your mind and go hysterical. But I guess this is your parents’ credit. Then again, given how well brought up and held together they are, I wonder if news of the Lu Family’s bankruptcy overnight would shock your parents to death.”

“You’re too brutal!” Lu Manman held her abdomen as she spat.

“You call this brutal? This is just natural selection.”

“So you consider yourself an animal,” Lu Manman said through clenched teeth. “An evil beast.”

“No, you’re wrong, my Manman. You’ve forgotten; I once reminded you in bed that I was a lion, a lion that bit people. But you were too silly!” Wen Yun laughed deviously.

The words that were said in bed through gentle ear nibbling had now turned into cold hard truths now.

It hurt so much she was practically numb.

Scenes of the past played through her head like a film. It ate into her soul and mocked her blindness!

“Does it hurt to end up in this state?” Wen Yun asked her.

“What do you think?” Lu Manman looked at him.

“Too bad, I won’t give you a chance to take revenge.” Wen Yun laughed like a lunatic.

Lu Manman looked at him. She’d loved this man so much and so deeply that she had given up all that she had just for his future.

The truth made her realize how silly she was.

“Yun.” The coquettish woman in bed suddenly hugged Wen Yun from behind.

She placed a hand on his body and caressed him suggestively.

“How long more are you going to talk to her, I miss you already…” That gentle and flirtatious voice, and that endearing look.

Lu Manman watched it unfold before her.

She saw the marks on Wen Yun’s body.

She remembered him saying something before. He had said, “Manman, for some reason, my body seems to only react to you.”

Although she didn’t really believe that, it was so good to hear him say it back then.

But now.

She looked at how much Wen Yun seemed to enjoy it. She turned around and left.

Behind her, she could hear the woman’s sweet voice and the man’s passionate panting.

Lu Manman wouldn’t lose her temper at others or make a scene. She would just leave silently.

Step by step, she made her way down the stairs with strength.

Her abdomen seemed to be hurting.

She felt a warm flow down her legs.

She did not turn back, so she did not see the red stains she left on the white carpet.

She walked out of the villa.

It was so cold out there, but she did not feel it at all.

She stood at the entrance.

A car she was familiar with drove towards her.

The car did not seem to be slowing down, and in fact, was picking up speed…

All of a sudden…


The sound of the car hitting her resounded.

But in the warm bedroom on the third floor, the sound could barely be heard. The passionate movement on the huge bed went on and seemed to reach its peak, following the loud crash…

At this point.

Life’s dead end.

Or was it life’s strange path.

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